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Foxton is a small province of Demoria that sits in the eastern shadow of the Platinum Hills. Though small, it is quite prosperous due to the large amount of mining in the hills just to the west, which bring a great deal of mineral wealth to the province and to its provincial capital, Foxtown. The province has a population of around 27-30,000 people all told. Most are human, but there is a large Hobbit population as well, and a scattering of Elves and Dwarves.

The capital is a medium-sized town with a population of a little over 3000 people. The main town is defended by a stone wall that completely encircles it. There are, of course, residents that don’t live within the walls — farmers, herdsmen, charcoal burners, woodsmen, and other types who live nearby but not within the town itself are still counted in its population.

The nearest large city is Godonsa, but since that is on the opposite side of the hills it’s actually easier and quicker to travel to Warford. There is a small artery of the Demorian Road that leads from Foxtown to Warford. It normally takes about ten to fourteen days, give or take, to reach Warford along the road. There are no roads between Foxtown and Godonsa, although people keep talking (as they’ve been talking for decades) about building one.

The other claim to fame Foxton has is its proximity to Crow’s Head Mountain, a major pilgrimage site. There is a trail (not quite a road) leading from Foxtown up into the hills to the temple there, and pilgrims from all over the country (and indeed, the world) pass through Foxtown in their journey to the burial place of history’s greatest hero and saint. The Baron of Foxton has the responsibility of protecting the path and the pilgrims on it; however, he does not have any direct control over Crow’s Head Mountain or its temple; they lie outside his influence and responsibility.

Ancient History of Foxton
Professionals in Foxtown

Map of Foxton
The Castle Grayhaven
Map of Castle Grayhaven
Crow’s Head Mountain

The Baron of Foxton
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Law and Order
The Demorian Civil Rights Code
Draconian Organization
Ranks (Social and Military) in Demoria
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The Undead

Villains (in alphabetical order)
- Balor (banished)
- Baronet Percy Lelander
- Big Pete (deceased)
- Brallian Wrathchilde
- Curry and Burglesmith (deceased)
- Decker Grey
- Duke Raoul of Kidbod
- Flynn the Revenant (deceased)
- Leth “Encephilitus Lethargicus” (banished)
- Nathaniel Hawthorne (deceased)
- Nobbin the Bandit
- Ward Chaumer, Billy Dale, and Natalie Sharp

How Magic Works
Magical Healing in Temoris

Game Notes
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