The Chronicles of Foxton

Wallace Gunn: Wolf Hunt

In his wanderings around the Baron’s lands, Wallace Gunn has spoken to several villagers who fear that hungry wolves from the hills are coming down to eat their livestock. It’s lambing season, so there are lots of tender morsels in the fields right now for the predators to carry off.

Part of his duty as the Baron’s Forester is to keep critters like this out of farmers’ fields, so the job of catching, killing, or otherwise discouraging the wolves from taking livestock in large numbers falls to Mister Gunn.

His first stop is a small village near the hills, to the west of Foxtown. The peasants there tell him that the wolves are growing increasingly bold, taking not just the little lambs, but full-grown sheep as well. The villagers fear that it won’t be long before they start taking cattle, dogs, even a child.

When Gunn examines the fields and pastures around the village, he does indeed find wolf tracks — looks to him like a sizable pack of mature animals.



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