The Chronicles of Foxton

Session 45 – Into The Mines

24 Shadows
The mine has one entrance, and three shafts. Little D became sick soon after they sunk shaft three. Private Green finds the mine was operating within all laws, and good practices. Quion finds a black clay substance on the top of the tailings, a substance he’s never seen before, neither has Private Green. Quion takes a sample of the bitter smelling substance in a glass jar.

Damien goes down about twenty feet to the first tunnel, he finds no immediate signs of the undead, though the tunnel goes further than her can see. He does inspect the ground and finds some black ichor, possibly from the ghoul that was shot in the stomach. Before Hawthorne goes down Wythri casts a Farspeaking spell so all of them can communicate. Gunn follows after, Wythri next, and Green last. Husher stays up top with Quoin and Cici. The ceiling is only about five and a half feet, and very narrow. Quion gives the group two shrinking potions, Damien and Hawthorne take them to make moving in the tunnel easier.

After a short period there’s a branch to the right, Damien checks where the blood trail goes and finds it goes off in both directions. Hawthorne sends Damien down the right to check how far that one goes. Damien sneaks along the tunnel and finds it widens out into a natural cavern. As he stands in the entrance he feels water dripping on him, after a moment he realizes it’s not water. He jumps back and looks up, finding the remains of a mule shoved up into the crevice. He finds nothing else.

They continue forward down the main tunnel. They come under an air shaft going straight up. There is a slight moaning sound from the tunnel, and asks Green if that’s normal for an air tunnel, and verifies if it’s windy at the surface of Quion. They keep going. It splits to the right again, Damien inspects the tunnel, fading into the shadows. As he goes forward he steps on a board, which cracks, which causes the ceiling to shift, he is caught partially under the collapse. As Wythri runs to help Damien she hits another boards that collapses, hitting her in the back with a rock as she dives forward. Private green gets hit in the shoulder as she tries to avoid the rocks, Gunn simply stops short and doesn’t get hit..

A ghoul attempts to sneak up on Hawthorne, but she hears it coming and successfully parries its attack. Private Green recovers from being stunned, while Gunn casts Hostile Foxfire, causing the ghoul to glow. As Hawthorne prepares to make her second attack the second ghoul leaps out at her, she successfully parry’s that blow at the last second. Meanwhile Wythri starts dig out Damien.

Rock, who is glowing, goes after Gunn, biting him in the arm. Eddie continues to go after Hawthorne, but misses. Gunn attempts to Rebuke Undead, causing the ghoul that is attacking him to pause. Hawthorne strikes with her sword at Eddie, invoking Durom to bless her blade, the sword itself doesn’t seem to do a lot, but the holy effect of her Smite Evil causing a lot damage. Wythri casts a Teleport spell on her and Damien to get them out of the caved in area. Gunn strikes out with an entangle spell to hold Rock fast. Eddie gets Hawthorne in the stomach. Rock gets out of Gunn’s roots. Damien rushes out and strikes at Rock, hitting him in a vital point. Gunn casts Greenwood Blessings on Damien. Hawthorne recovers from the attack. Wythri casts Fae Glamour, which creates exact copies of Hawthorne around Eddie. Rock goes after Damien, striking him in a vital area in return. Eddie ignores the illusion and strikes Hawthorne in the chest, but to no effect. Green attempts to attack the one on Damien, but misses. Gunn cast Barkskin on himself.

Hawthorne strikes out and hits Eddie in the leg, staggering him backwards, again calling upon Durom’s aid to smite the evil undead. Wythri casts a fire spell on the ghoul, blowing it back several feet. Eddie stands up and goes after Hawthorne, missing. Rock also misses Damien. Damien stabs Rock in the face, dropping it to the ground, apparently dead. Green makes sure Rock is dead. Gunn lashes out at Eddie with his spear, aiming for the top half of him, just missing him.

Hawthorne drops the lantern to the ground and draws her second blade, and strikes, cutting off Eddie’s hand with her holy strike. Wythri draws forth her magic and creates a wall behind Eddie so he can’t run. Eddie turns back and lashes out at Hawthorne, missing her. Damien goes after Eddie, slicing off his head.

Gunn checks everyone’s wounds and tends to them, casting some healing magic. They get the bodies back up the shaft.

They go further to inspect the final shaft, the possible source of the sickness. Their tools are in the area, and more of the black clay. They lower a lantern down the final shaft. The shaft has icy air coming out of it, colder than any other air in the area, and the pungent smell as well.

Quion investigates the corpses while the others are down investigating the final shaft. He assumes that the miners would be covered in the black clay. He burns the bodies and then joins them in the hole. Quion investigates the tunnel to get a personal look, with Cici. Wythri casts a spell to see the bottom of the shaft.

The shaft goes down thirty-five or forty feet. Water is dripping out of the walls. She doesn’t find much else of interest, water is starting to fill up the bottom again. They close the mine by covering it with boards from the shed.

They start to return home, the weather continues to be bad as they follow the watershed down as best they can. They arrive home on 29 Shadows.



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