The Chronicles of Foxton

Session 43 - The Death and Rebirth of "Little D" Wade

17 Shadows
2-3 in the morning, bitterly cold out, we find the Regulars out on patrol. The High Quarter, James and Niamh here shouting, and rush scene. The Church, Father Crispin and several accolytes are standing out in the cold. One of the accolytes reports hearing someone out in the grave yard, and saw someone out there. Niamh and James go to investigate, the yard is dark, still, cold, with a slight mist rising off the ground. As they patrol the grave yard they don’t find anything, until… at the back near a copse of trees, James trips over a dug grave. James is pretty sure that someone dug themselves out of the grave, the name on the stake is ‘Little D Wade’. Candor and Will arrive on the scene and do a permiter check. When they reach the area outside where Niamh and James are they find blood on the fence.

Suddenly something jumps out of a tree and attacks Niamh as she examines the name-stake. The thing shrieks loudly as it chomps into Niamh’s chest. Will rushes over and attempts to grapple with the creature over Niamh. The creature continues to attack Niamh, knocking her out as it gnaws on her. Candor casts a Blur Spell on Will. Niamh recovers a little from the attack. James rushes over and smashes the creature on the back, hard, causing it to vomit blood and meat.

Uri and Tunnelmouse start to arrive on the scene at the Church. Will pulls out a truncheon and smashes the creature in the thighs. Niamh gets her truncheon in place so it’s next attack bites down on her weapon. Candor drops her Blur Spell from Will and casts a Might Spell on James. James, with his new found strength, over reaches his strike and breaks his truncheon on a nearby headstone, his arm numb from the shock.

Uri and Tunnelmouse run through the graveyard to the scene of the figtht. Will continues to hit the creature, getting it in the stomach. Niamh casts a Destroy Undead spell upon, burning some of it away. The Creature changes tactics and goes for James, catching him the vital area, drawing blood. Candor casts a Wizard Arrow at the creature, catching in the vitals in return, casuing severe damage. Uri continues to run through the gravetard with Tunnelmouse in his backpack. James recovers from the attack.

Tunnelmouse hops down and attacks the creature, but misses. Will attemps to trip the creature to knock it to the ground, but misses as well. James attempts to get out of the way of the creature, but isn’t fast enough and gets bitten in the thigh. James falls unconcious and is bleeding. Candor casts another Wizard Arrow at the Creature, catching it in the stomach. Niamh casts another Destroy Undead spell and catches it in the heart, the creature falls back into the grave.

Candor uses her First Aid skills on James to stop the bleeding, but is unable to take care of Niamh’s wound. Uri returns with Father Crispin. Niamh casts a Sunshine Spell so the group can see the area better. The priests bring out a stretcher to take James into the hospital.

Little D Wade died a few weeks ago, he was brought down from the hills, suffering from a malady that was untreatable. A terrible cough, fever, nightmares, yellow eyes. He was brought down by his brother Eddie and partner Rock. They mine Barley Rock Mine.

The team argued over who was going to deliver the body to Grey Haven and who was going to notify Hawthorne.

The guard at the gate stops the three police officers. Candor takes over explaining the problem to the guard from Uri and Tunnelmouse. Candor leaves Uri and Tunnelmouse to guard the body in the gatehouse while she accompanies the guards inside. One of the Guards goes to wake Quion. Candor explains the situation to Quion. Quion examines the body, Candor assists, Cici is also woken up to assist. Uri and Tunnelmouse are dismissed. Candor is warned by Quion that the infection of undeath can be spread through grievous wounds, and that they should keep an eye on James and Niamh.

Master Gunn is called in by Quion to track the blood that was found on the fence outside the graveyard. He takes a few hounds to help him track the hours old trail.

Seargent Will goes to tell Lady Hawthorne of the incident. She dismisses him with thanks, and waits for Quion’s report.

18 Shadows
Hawthorne goes to get information from Quoin’s investigation.

Gunn goes to track the blood, some priests are cleansing the area when he arrives. The blood goes through the high quarter, and loses the trail as it enters the silver quarter. He informs the police of where the trail ends.

Candor stays with James the first day of his recovery, he will be staying in the hospital a few days for observation. Quion arrives to talk to the priests. Quion investigates the grave site while the priests are cleansing the area. He finds, in the gress under a tree, more blood that did not belong to the fight. He hypothosises that someone else was in the area that was bleeding out. He thinks the ghoul had grabbed another person and killed and eaten them. Either the ghoul disposed of the body or it got away as the Draconians interrupted it. He looks around for a hidden corpse.

Hawthorne talks to the Baron and informs him of the undead incident, and talks to him about the winter.

Niamh talks to Captain Stormwatcher about the problem. He requests that they get some of the Baron’s Guard to help them. Starting with the High Quarter, moving onto the Silver Quarter.

19 Shadows
The group heads up into the hills, the weather starts to turn bad as snow comes in.

Meanwhile the Draconians patrol the streets. Candor and Tunnelmouse are in the Silver Quarter and respond to a scream. They find a maid, Betty Mae, in the street in shock. She points to a house, the one formerly owned by Wythri and Eldamoth. Tunnelmouse goes inside while Candor questions her. Inside he finds blood everywhere, Candor takes Betty across the street to calm her down. The house belongs to Master Adams, a sage from Cli.

They go inside to investigate further. The blood is dried, not fresh. They find no one inside.

Questioning the neighbors they find out the Sage is not home very often. He’s been known to disappear for days, but when he’s home he takes customers as expected. Tunnelmouse goes to find the ledger. He finds a secret compartment under the floor, there’s a small cash box and a couple of books. There is one untitled book that has a lock on it, the other two are personal journals. Candor looks through the journals while Tunnelmouse opens the locked book. The journals are filled with page after page of pictures of the Baron’s Gate, surrounded by alchemical runes. The runes are from the school of Imbuement. It is cyphered, so she can’t read it all. The entire locked book is in cypher, there are a few maps of the hills, and some magical notes.

Niamh arrives and checks the room out. She determines that someone was hit with an upward strike to splatter the blood, and then dragged out the door. Candor checks for magic and finds residuals of dark magic around the attack. They leave an officer behind to guard in case the sage returns. Candor returns with the reports to headquarters. They do find that his horse is still there, and hasn’t been fed in a day or two. The last time someone saw him was two or more days ago.

20 Shadows
James returns to work that evening. In the morning Niamh takes the book to Grey Haven for Eldamoth to investigate them. She runs into the Baron, and let’s him know what happened the night before.



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