The Chronicles of Foxton

Session 36: The New Captain

End Of Reaping
Lady Hawthorne has been off working with the young giant Patl, running him to the Foxton Gate and back to Grey Haven. Patl is very eager to please Hawthorne. The younger giants are picking up reading and writing, but Patl has trouble so Hawthorne takes that up also.

Damian gets a letter from Natalie Sharp, through Madam Risha. Natalie tells Damien that Candiwyn Connely had disappeared. Duke Raoul had several ships in port, many men in town, and on campus. Rumor says duke Raoul had kidnapped Candiwyn, but Natalie had seen the dean talking with Raoul’s men and the dean was not happy so she thinks Raoul also does not know where Candiwyn is. Billy and Ward had not been seen. The Council Of Nine were gathering and rumor states they will be electing a new member.

Damien shares the information with Hawthorne. Isobelle and James have a conversation about giants, bees, and the Baron.

3 Shadows
All the Draconians are called into Headquarters that late afternoon, for an emergency meeting. Captain Waggoner leaves his office followed by a hobbit in an officer’s uniform. Waggoner calls the unit to attention and introduces the new captain, Cornelius Stormwatcher, an old friend. Cornelius has a great respect for Waggoner and considers himself just a place keeper until Waggoner sorts his business out. Cornelius has been in the Draconians for thirty years and started in the espionage corps. Lieutenant Tower and Lieutenant Niamh enter the captain’s office to meet Captain Stormwatcher. Niamh briefed the captain on the town and recent events, and introduced him to Captain Hawthorne the next morning.

After Gunn returns from his trip with Wythri, the Baron lets him know the poacher is still active. The area the poacher has been active is to the west of town, close to the road. A recent kill revealed a broken moonshine jug, an arrow head that pointed to a local poacher and moonshine runner, named Chavez. Gunn set up watch around the poachers hut. Gunn watched Chavez, but the worst he found was a deer kill, that wasn’t mutilated.

Wythri has a few weeks to do research on the Black Elf city before her kin arrives. She and Eldamoth found information on an artifact called a Chaos Cannon. Eldamoth also expressed concern about the elves being possessed. Wythri reports to the Baron, she believes that her kin are not planning anything nefarious. She and the Baron believe that probably know about the city, but not about the phantoms. She suggests they tell the elves about the phantoms. The Baron’s main concern was also the phantoms, this is the third instance of undead in the Barony this year, after Flynn and the ghouls in the sewers.

A meeting is called at dinner with the senior staff. Item One – Wythri explains about the elves and phantoms. The priority became finding the source of the undead instances. Quion and Wythri would do research on how to detect necromancy and ghost realm. Hawthorne would talk to the priests.

Damien returned to his home to find his traps disarmed and his old master waiting for him. His mentor told him about a job regarding a Kidbod noble arriving. Damien told his master that he had been ordered to protect the noble. His master reminded Damien that there was a lot of money to be had. His master was disappointed that Damien would have to work against him.

Quion received word that his aunt and niece (the family of Cici’s assassin) had boarded a ship flying the flag of Kidbod, and left with most of their possessions and wealth. Quion did research looking into the elven city and water sources. He also talked to Cici about staying as the apprentice of a clerk or a Quaesitor. Cici chooses to stay with Quion.

The next day Quion asked Hawthorne to teach Cici how to fight.

Stormwatcher plays the part of a trainee while on patrol, while learning the city. He also turned the desk away from the door and put up a pine board with pictures and string attaching each other with Nobbin in the center.

Isobelle takes James to dinner in the town.

Several Weeks Pass
Quion learns that there is a legend that when the undead arrived there was a series of terrible tidal waves that killed hundreds of people and those people rose from the dead. It was learned that the waves were caused by an island rising from the sea. This island is called Hel after the goddess of the undead.



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