The Chronicles of Foxton

Session 30: Don’t Mess with the Bard

6 Lightening to 18 Lightening, 960 RM
6 Lightening to 14 Lightening, 960 RM
The Deadly Seven left Foxtown the morning of 6 Lightening, heading toward Hill Rose. Following the map Quion had given them, they headed deeper into the woods. They had purchased a goat to use as bait and several potions from Wythri.

The weather started turning bad on 10 Lightening and they had not found any signs of any unusual creatures. The evening of 14 Lightening, a storm broke loose. The monster hunters found shelter and pitched their tents for the evening.

The first watch was uneventful, even though Benedikt and Randall were not paying full attention. Tatiana and Brictius took over the next watch. The goat and mule became more agitated as the night wore on, but the two elves could not tell if it was due to the storm or something else. During a flash of lighting, Brictius caught a glimpse of a large creature rising up out of the woods.

Tatiana descended from the tree she was in and attacked the creature, but missed hitting it with her axes. The monster crashed through Brandwyn’s tent severely injuring the bard on its way to scooping up the goat. Brictius charged the creature, hitting it in the shoulder.

Tatiana did a running attack at the creature, but missed. The creature charged Brictius, destroying Randell and Benedikt’s tents, and struck Brictius in the shoulder. The commotion in the camp failed to waken Errol, but the rest of the team was roused from their slumber. Brictius ran toward the clearing, trying to draw the creature out into the open.

Tatiana did another running attack at the creature, but missed again. The creature charged Brictius, but slipped in the mud missing the gray elf. Tatiana did another running attack at the creature, but also slipped in the mud and missed. Keinan shot the creature in the head, but did little damage. Brictius swept his spear under the monster’s legs knocking it down. Randall moved up to the monster, “accidentally” pulling Errol’s tent down. Brandwyn, although injured, started chanting a song of fighting to aid her companions. Benedikt moved to Brandwyn, kicking Errol awake on the way, and healed the bard’s wounds. Errol, finally awake, assessed the situation.

The creature stood up and hit Randall in the chest. Tatiana moved toward the creature and hit it in the foot. She also threw two more axes at it, hitting it in the arms and vitals. Keinan shot the creature in the head again, still doing little damage. The monster swung at Brictius and Randall, missing Brictius but hitting Randall in the head doing little damage. Brictius knocked down the creature again. Randall hit the creature in the head. Brandwyn continued changing. Errol used a spell to illuminate the area so everyone could see. The creature was a large owlbear with two sets of tentacles instead of forearms. Benedikt moved over to the creature, hitting it in the chest, but not doing much damage. Brictius and Randall started to feel the effects of the creature’s poison.

Tatiana ran pasted the creature again, hitting it in the foot. The monster stood up and took a swing at Randall who dodged the blow. Keinan shot the creature in the vitals, doing more damage there. Brictius knocked the creature down again. Brandwyn moved closer to the fight, still chanting, the creature found her song funny and started to laugh uncontrollably. Errol shot his magic shards at the creature, drawing blood. Benedikt cast a warblessing on Randall.

Tatiana dumped a flask of lamp oil on the creature. The monster continued to laugh. Keinan hit the creature in the vitals again. Brictius hit the creature in the chest. Brandwyn continued her chanting. Benedikt drank his potion of Fire Breath he had bought from Wythri and caught the monster on fire, killing it.

Benedikt was able to slow the progress of the poison effecting Brictius and Randall using some herbs he had until the effects of the poison faded. He was also able to save the goat, which the group adopted and named it Lucky George.

15 Lightening to 16 Lighting, 960 RM
The group spent the next couple of days back tracking to the creatures den. Keinan determined that the den had not been established for very long, less than a season. While Brandwyn composed a report to the Baron, Benedikt and Randall stood watch over the area and Keinan, Tatiana, and Brictius searched the area for any signs of more creatures. Tatiana found a glass tube buried in the mud and Randall recognized it as a syringe belonging to Dr Rothbury. Brandwyn finished her report and sent it by pigeon back to Gray Haven. The group then made a quick march back to Foxtown.

18 Lightening, 960 RM
Returning to Foxtown, the Deadly Seven requested an audience with the Baron. They presented the skull of the creature and the syringe to Quion for study. Captain Hawthorne dismissed the monster hunters until Quion could complete his report. Quion requested Wythri assist him with the analysis, which the elf reluctantly agreed to.

The examination of the skull revealed it to have belonged to a particularly large owlbear, but not outside the norm. The analysis of the syringe showed it to have contained a sedative. Quion requested a sample of blood from the goat to analyze the poison from the creature.

Captain Hawthorne talked to the Deadly Seven and was quite disappointed that they asked for payment for the sample. After some “gentle” persuasion, the group reluctantly agreed.

Examination of the blood showed the poison to be very potent and caused death by completely paralyzing the victim. This type of poison was similar to that found in some types of snakes around the Sylvan Gulf, specifically around Brills and Korma. After hearing this, Captain Hawthorne went to speak to the Baron. Several ideas were discussed as to why the syringe would be found near the den, the most logical one being if the creature did indeed have trolls blood, then it would need to be constantly sedated to be moved. The next course of action would be to visit the good doctor and learn what he had been doing.



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