The Chronicles of Foxton

Session 29: Flynn’s Final Rest

11 Lightening to 17 Lightening, 960 RM
11 Lightening, 960 RM
Storm clouds had rolled in over night and the rain had already started to fall when Captain Hawthorne and Wythri left Gray Haven for the village of Golden. They arrived in Golden at mid-afternoon, drenched from the constant down pour. They stopped at Father Ethelred’s house to warm up and to learn what the state of affairs was in the village.

Father Ethelred reported that the village was carrying on as best as could be expected. Rich and Penn were still in the village, their parents never letting the boys out of their sight. Mayor Golden was performing his duties, but without the previous gusto he had exhibited before. Captain Hawthorne told Father Ethelred that she would be taking the two boys and Darla Golden to Gray Haven. When Father Ethelred asked if the Burleys would be protected also, Captain Hawthorne said she would look into that also.

Captain Hawthorne and Wythri then stopped at Mayor Golden’s house. The mayor agreed to allow Darla to travel to Gray Haven, but not without be accompanied by the maid. Captain Hawthorn promised to protect the girl as if she were her own daughter.

The two women then went to the Miller’s house. There, Rich apologized for Flynn’s death and agreed to submit to any punishment that would be appropriate. Captain Hawthorne told the Millers that she would be taking Rich to Gray Haven for protection and asked Rich to be at the stables at dawn. The same scene was just about repeated at the Smith’s house with Penn and his parents.

Captain Hawthorne and Wythri then braved the rain again to visit the Burleys. They found the couple in the field attempting to plow, but having a hard time with all the rain and the mud. When Farmer Burley saw Captain Hawthorne, he stomped over to her, cursing the whole way. He yelled at her to get off, and stay off his land. Captain Hawthorne just ignored him and went to speak with Mrs Burley. Isobelle told Mrs Burley, that she would make sure Flynn would find peace. Mrs Burley was still as timid as ever, but told Isobelle that Flynn had told her he would never hurt her. Knowing there was nothing else they could do, the two women returned to Father Ethelred’s house to dry off for the night.

12 Lightening, 960 RM
At dawn, the two boys arrived at the stables accompanied by their fathers. The two boys were instructed to behave themselves and do as Captain Hawthorne commanded. A short time later, Darla and her family arrived at the stables and the group started the trip to Gray Haven. The rain had not stopped from the previous day.

They arrived at Gray Haven just before dark. They were greeted by Mrs Walker, who took the children and Wythri into the kitchen for dry clothes, and warm food. Darla was confused as to why she and Marion, her maid, had been brought to Gray Haven; her father had not told her anything about what was happening. The two boys suddenly found that their food had their undivided attention. Wythri quickly tried to figure out what to say to the girl.

Captain Hawthorne found the Baron in his office next to the fire. The Baron invited Isobelle to sit next him and asked her if she had a plan. Isobelle explained that she did not think Darla had been told anything about what was happening and she would take the girl to Hawthorne Manor until the new moon. She also thought that the spirit would be drawn to the boys and she hoped the chapel would protect them while she destroyed the spirit. The Baron explained that some spirits existed in the ghost realm, which can touch this world, but not necessarily the other way around. He hoped that Wythri would be able to cast a spell that would be able to enchant a weapon so that the weapon could affect the spirit world. He would also like to talk with Wythri before the coming conflict to prepare the elf. Isobelle gratefully accepted the Baron’s help.

Captain Hawthorne returned to the kitchen and told Wythri that the Baron would like to speak with her. She then made sure that Mrs Walker had a place for the boys to stay and left with Darla and Marion for Hawthorne Manor. Once at Hawthorne Manor, Isobelle told Darla what had happened to Flynn and the other boys and explained why the girl had been taken from Golden. Darla told Isobelle that she had had several drams about Flynn. In her dreams, Flynn had returned home, having found his fortune, and they were walking in fields of golden barely. She never remembered how that dreams ended, just that she always woke up crying.

13 Lightening to 14 Lightening, 960 RM
Rich and Penn were kept busy working around Gray Haven while Captain Hawthorne kept an eye on Darla.

Wythri and the Baron talked and worked out a strategy for dealing with the spirit.

Captain Hawthorne enlisted the help of Quion, Gunn, Niamh, and Featherlight in dealing with the spirit. She also talked with Sergeant Thomas so he could be prepared for what would happen.

The rain continued.

14 Lightening, 960 RM, dusk, Gray Haven
Niamh arrived at Gray Haven just before dusk. The storm had slowly been building in intensity all day and as darkness descended, the full force of the storm was unleashed. Captain Hawthorne escorted the four children to the chapel and made sure they were settled as comfortably as possible. Wythri confided in Captain Hawthorne that she was a wild mage and that she was unsure if she would be able to keep her magic under control during the fight with the spirit. Captain Hawthorne reassured Wythri that she had every confidence in the young elf.

Baron du Clef and Featherlight took up positions on the balcony overlooking the courtyard. Wythri, Captain Hawthorne, Niamh, and Quion stood guard in front of the chapel while Gunn watched the back of the church. Wythri felt a cold magic current building in the area. Everyone in Gray Haven, both inside and outside was on edge.

Just before midnight, a guard informed Captain Hawthorne that there had been a knocking at the gate, but then had stopped. They could see no one outside the castle walls. Captain Hawthorne told the guard to open the gates if the knocking continued. As the guard left, there was a commotion in the chapel. Captain Hawthorne and Niamh entered to find the children terrified and Penn choking. Niamh examined the boy and told him there was nothing attacking him, he was just panicking and he needed to calm down and breathe because everything was going to be fine. Isobelle also talked to the boy and managed to calm him down. As Niamh exited the chapel, one of the guards told her that the torches at the gate had turned blue.

Outside, there was a bright flash of lighting and a loud clap of thunder. While the courtyard was illuminated, Quion saw a figure standing in the rain. The figured vanished with the fading light. Quion released a spell he had prepared earlier, in hopes that it would slow the spirit down.

A supernatural howl filled the castle, causing almost everyone to freeze in dread. Exiting the chapel, Captain Hawthorne drew her blades and challenged the spirit. Wythri cast the spell the Baron had taught that enabled Captain Hawthorne, Niamh, and Gunn’s weapons to glow with magical power. Baron du Clef also enchanted several of Featherlight’s arrows. Naimh placed a warblessing on Captain Hawthorne who charged the spirit, but missed her target. Gunn leapt into position to prevent the spirit from leaving. Featherlight let loose one of her arrows, hitting the spirit which caused it to stumble and disappear.

The spirit reappeared in front of the chapel. It touched Wythri, causing her to scream out in pain. Quion cast a ghost wall in front of Wythri to protect the elf. Captain Hawthorne attacked the spirit again, but her swing went wild. Wythri stood up and saw that the spirit had two forms, one was the boy Flynn and the other, surrounding the boy, was a dark shape of pure hate, rage, and anger. “Flynn, this is not what you are, I’ve seen what you are. This is not what Darla would love.” Wythri shouted to be heard over the storm. The spirit hesitated. Featherlight aimed another arrow, but did not release it. The Baron cast a spell that caused the spirit to become visible. Gunn cast a warblessing on Niamh, but she held her attack waiting to see what the spirit would do. Quion beseeched Flynn to let his pain go and pass on peacefully. Featherlight let loose her arrow, not realizing what Wythri and Quion were attempting to do. Her arrow hit true, causing the spirit to attack.

The spirit lashed out at Captain Hawthorne, who blocked the attack. Niamh cast a destroy undead on the spirit. Captain Hawthorne called on the power of Durom to smite evil and drove her sword into the boy’s heart. The spirit gasped, stepped back, and turned into smoke that blow away in the wind. The storm started to subside.

Niamh tended to Wythri who was drained by the spirit’s attack. Captain Hawthorne checked on the children in the chapel. They had started to calm down, but wanted to know what had happened. When Darla realized the full impact of what had happened, she started yelling and hitting the two boys. Isobelle pulled the girl off the boys and took them into the castle.

Quion found Cici and attempted to comfort her by explaining what had happened.

17 Lighting, 960 RM
Darla continued to be mad at the two boys, but Wythri talked to her, reminding her that it was Flynn’s anger that caused all the terrible things to happen. Wythri and Captain Hawthorn took the girls back to Golden and explained what had happened. The village was still on edge when they arrived, fearful the children had been harmed. They assured everyone the two boys were safe, they were still in Gray Haven, waiting to hear what their punishment would be. They learned that Farmer Burley had been found dead on the 15th. He had slipped and drowned in his well. Mrs Burley had so complete lost touch with reality, she had not noticed. Captain Hawthorne made sure Farmer Burley was buried properly and that Mrs. Burley was placed in the care of the church in Foxtown.

Penn and Rich approached Niamh and told her that they were ready to take responsibility for what had happened. Niamh took them to the Baron, who scheduled a trial to be held in the next few days.



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