The Chronicles of Foxton

Session 28: What is it with the tentacles?

26 Coolwater to 6 Lightening, 960 RM
26 Coolwater, 960 RM, evening, Gray Haven
Late in the evening, Master Gunn and Mistress Featherlight returned to Gray Haven with the Circle of Iron and the contents of the cart. Captain Hawthorne was summoned. After hearing (and smelling) what was in the cart, she sent for Quion and Baron du Clef. Quion quickly arrived and began questioning the monster hunters. Caption Hawthorne was informed that the Baron was not in Gray Haven and no one had seen him leave. Captain Hawthorne suggested that the Circle of Iron return to Foxtown for a much deserved rest (and cleaning) and a full report could be made in the morning along with their payment. The Circle of Iron demanded a receipt, which Quion provided and the group made a hasty retreat. Quion made notes on the creature: a very large bear with two sets of tentacles instead of forearms. Captain Hawthorne had Master Gunn and Mistress Featherlight remove the carcass from the castle and burn it in a nearby field. Before leaving for Hawthorn Manor, she asked the guards to inform her when the Baron returned.

Around midnight, Meghan woke Captain Hawthorne to let her know the guards had reported Baron du Clef had returned to Gray Haven, apparently in a good mood.

27 Coolwater, 960 RM, Gray Haven
The last day of the trials for Court Mage started with Baron du Clef speaking with each of the candidates privately in his office. The wizards from Cli were called in first, followed by Rhonda Joslyn, and finally Sage Eldamoth. Afterwards, the Baron called in Captain Hawthorne, Quion, and Wythri. He explained to them that the judging for his court mage was based on several factors, but mostly on the candidate’s knowledge of the barony and it’s people; and they must keep the welfare and best interests of the barony in mind at all times. Two of the wizards from Cli he believed were spies, and the other wanted a place to do research. Mistress Joslyn was well trained, but considered this position a way to move on to better things. Eldamoth would have been perfect, but he could not pass any of the physical tests, although in his younger years he probably could have.

“Since you have rejected all the applicants,” Captain Hawthorne asked, “what is the next step?”

The Baron smiled, “I’m glad you asked,” he looked over at Wythri, “I am pleased to announce that Mistress Majaera has accepted the position (after a bit of convincing) and she and Sage Eldamoth will be moving into Gray Haven shortly.” He paused, “Now I have to go inform Mayor Hobbs. Wythri will officially begin her duties on the first. Now, what’s this I hear of a new monster in my woods?”

Captain Hawthorne and Quion described the creature and the limited report they had received from the Circle of Iron. The monster hunters were summoned and quickly arrived. “D”, the hooded man thought to be a mage, reported that they had not seen any signs of more monsters. He also reported that this creature might have had trolls blood as it continued to heal its wounds while they were fighting it. The creature also disliked fire. The Baron offered to continue paying them if they would search the woods and kill anything they found that was unnatural. The group agreed and accepted payment to resupply themselves. The Deadly Seven were also summoned and offered the same job, which they also accepted. The Baron reminded both groups that any infighting would result in any further payments being forfeited.

Niamh and Damien were feeling much better by late morning and the healers cleared them to return to Foxtown, which both did with great haste.

Wythri returned to Eldamoth’s shop to find the old sage very excited that she had accepted the Baron’s offer. He told her that during his talk with the Baron, he had told the Baron that he had thought she would be excellent for the job. He even started packing in preparation for the move to Gray Haven.

28 Coolwater, 960 RM, Draconian Headquarters
Niamh arrived at Draconian Headquarters before her shift started. She wanted a chance to speak with Captain Waggoner before she officially reported for duty. He was in his office working on reports when she knocked on the door. Entering, she apologized for her recent conduct. To her surprise, the captain dismissed her apology stating that he understood her to be under a curse and not in control of herself. Niamh asked if there was anything troubling the captain, as he had also seemed distracted lately. He informed Niamh that he would be leaving on pilgrimage to Crow’s Head Mountain in the morning. In his absence, Lieutenant Tower would in charge of the morning shift, Niamh would be moved to the afternoon shift, and Sargent Will would be placed in charge of the night shift.

1 Lightening, 960 RM
Baron du Clef called a meeting with his task force. The first item of business was welcoming Wythri in her new position as court mage.

The second item of business was the monsters and monster hunters. The big question was where the monsters were coming from. Master Gunn gave a summary of the Circle of Iron’s findings. Quion was instructed to provide both groups of monster hunters maps and pigeons so they could record where and what they found. They would also be asked to report in at least once a week. Wythri would ask Eldamoth to research what types of creatures were in the area so the monster hunters would know what to look for. Captain Hawthorne would send runners to the surrounding villages to inquire what news, if any, they had. Mistress Featherlight was assigned to keep an eye on Dr. Rothbury’s estate. The monster hunters would also be asked to keep an eye out of any ruins or current inhabitants with magical abilities.

The third item of business was Nobbin. It was decided that since there had been no sighting of him since the fight with the werewolves, he had obviously gone into hiding. There would be nothing to do until he made himself known again.

The forth item of business was the revenant in Golden. Quion had been unable to determine if the spirit was physical or incorporeal. Captain Hawthorn planned to return to Golden on the 10th to make sure the two remaining boys and Darla would be on holy ground between the 14th and 16th. Wythri agreed to accompany her.

The fifth item of business was the giants. Captain Hawthorn would leave after the business in Golden was finished. There was also a question as to the whereabouts of the taleweaver Bri. Damien would look for the missing Kalonese bard.

In closing, Quion still wished to do a survey of the Barony. The Engineers from Warford should be arriving later in the month. The Baron had a few projects in mind for them when they arrived, including a gatehouse at the Foxton Gate, a shrine at the massacre site on the Pilgrims Trail, and watchtowers into the hills and along the Pilgrims Trail. Niamh also report that Captain Waggoner had left on pilgrimage for Crow’s Head Mountain that morning. Wythri reported that Master Crown had bought Master Eldamoth’s shop.

2 Lightening to 5 Lightening, 960 RM
Over the next several days the monster hunters resupplied themselves and received their instructions as well as the maps and pigeons from Quion.

Allen Ethel and Ryan Casey, the two wizards from Cli whom the Baron suspected of being spies, left the barony after spending a few days in town complaining about the trials.

Wythri and Eldamoth finished moving into Gray Haven. Wythri was dong a final walk through of the shop when there was a knock on the door. Morris Adams, the third wizard from Cli, was there. He was interested in opening a shop in Foxtown, but wanted to know what the profitability and time constraints would be. Wythri spent some time with him answering his questions.

6 Lightening, 960 RM
Lieutenant O’Derry was on duty at Draconian Headquarters when a squad of five Draconians arrived. They were the combat engineers from Warford that Quion had requested. They introduced themselves as Lieutenant Rupert March, Sergeant Rance Stewart, Corpsman Andrew Cooper, Corpsman Cyril Gibson, and Corpsman Cordilia Foxglove. Lieutenant O’Derry offered to escort them to Gray Haven, which they accepted.

Captain Hawthorne was on duty at Gray Haven and met the engineers as they entered. Cici bounded up the stairs of Quion’s tower to inform her master, without pausing for breath, that new soldiers had arrived. Lieutenant O’Derry introduced the engineers to Captain Hawthorne and Quion. While Lady Hawthorne went to look for the Baron, Quion showed the new arrivals to their quarters and briefly explained the types of projects that had been planned.

Captain Hawthorne found the Baron in his greenhouse and informed him of the engineer’s arrival. The Baron greeted the Draconians and invited them to dinner. He also warned them about the possibility of encountering bandits, undead, werewolves, and giants. Lieutenant March was surprised at the last bit as he had heard that the Giant Wars had been over for many years.

Damien had spent several days looking for Bri, but did not find her. He did learn that she had left a few days ago heading toward the hills. She had been boasting that she was going to deal with the giants, as she had done so in the past. When Damien reported this to the Baron and Captain Hawthorne, the Baron decided that it would be safest to have the engineers start on some of the other projects before sending them into the hills where the giants might be agitated. Captain Hawthorne informed Quion of the change in plans.

During the dinner, Quion briefed the engineers on the plans for the gate, message towers, and the cemetery. He explained that the survey had been delayed due to the possibility of the giants being riled up and until Captain Hawthorne to further assess the situation; they would have to focus on the other projects. The purpose of the survey was to better map out the lay of the land to assist in finding bandits, investigate the upsurge in undead activity, and facilitate the improvements needed for the Barony.



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