The Chronicles of Foxton

Niahm: Police Report from Golden

To: Baron Mathieu of Foxton; Captain Waggoner, Foxton Draconian unit
From: Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, Epoptic Corp, Foxton Draconian unit
Subject: Murder in the village of Golden
Date: 15 Planting, 950 RM

Background: Baron Mathieu of Foxton does not wish a repeat of last years’ troubles. When he was informed of the murder in the village of Golden, he assembled a team to investigate the murder. The team was comprised of the Lady Hawthorne, captain of the Baron’s guards; myself; Quion Rake, a clerk and mage in the employ of the Baron; Damien Wrathchild, a mysterious man in the employ of the Baron; Wythri Majaera, an elf who is an apprentice to a wizard; and Iokua, a wild child living with the head of the Baron’s kitchen.

Golden is a small village 10 klicks to the southwest of Foxton off the main road, just below the foothills. The population is about 300 to 350 souls. It use to have some mining, but is now mostly farmland. Being off the main road, the village saw little bandit activity last year.

Victim: Alfie, age 17, the son of the grocer, also named Alfie. Alfie the elder is also a member of the town council. Alfie the younger has two other brothers, Barry and Cal, and two sisters, Abby and Allie. Alfie the younger was a popular boy, very athletic, and well liked. He was seeing Darla, mayor Abbot Golden’s daughter. He was friends with Rich, the miller’s son; Stew, the mayor’s son; Jar and Jeb, twin sons of Jeffery who owns the stables; and Pen, the blacksmith’s son.

Alfie the younger, was found murdered shortly after dawn in the woods just outside the village of Golden. Two boys, presumably skipping school to go fishing, found the body. They showed the body to the priest, who had an acolyte tell the Reeve. The Reeve, Edward Newcastle, sent his son, Dale, to the Baron.

The body was found outside the village just inside the woods. Master Rake, Master Wrathchild, Wythri, and Iokua investigated the murder site and the body. The obvious cause of death was strangulation. Three sets of unidentified footprints were found around the body. Two sets were later identified as belonging to Newcastle and his son. One set of prints looked like it was carrying something. The body was missing the right shoe. No prints were found to match Alfie the younger. It was reported that while investigating the area where the body was found, the area suddenly grew silent and cold. It was concluded that the boy was not killed at this location. Master Wrathchild and Iokua were unable to track were the body had been brought from.

The body of Alfie the younger was examined by myself and Master Rake. The body showed that the boy had been savagely beaten by fists and then choked. Bits of homespun cloth were found under the boy’s fingernails. The cloth was of poor quality, old, and well worn and rotten. The boy still had a small pocketknife and a few copper pieces in his pocket. This ruled out robbery as a motive. It is assumed that Alfie the younger possibly knew his attacker(s) as he fight back, but not with his weapon.

Wythri found Alfie the younger’s other shoe at a place called Druid’s Rock. Druid’s Rock is on the other side of the town from where the body was found. Druid’s Rock is a place where the young people hang out.

The Murder Site: Master Wrathchild, Wythri, Iokua, and myself went to Druid’s Rock to investigate this site. At Druid’s Rock, there were signs of a brutal fight between two people. There was blood on the ground and a tooth. My examination of the tooth lead me to believe that it more than likely belonged to Alfie the younger. No other traces were found, but this is believed to be the site of the murder. Of note, Wythri saw a brief stream of smoke coming from the woods. The direction was marked and will be investigated in the morning.

Interviews: Captain Hawthorn and Master Rake interviewed Darla, the mayor’s daughter. Darla is a 15 year old girl who was seeing Alfie the younger. Alfie the younger was thought to have left his house yesterday evening to visit her, but Darla states she did not see him last night, although she had hoped to. Darla also stated that she use to date a boy named Flynn, but he had left the village late last fall. Flynn had big plans and left the village to seek his fortune, after which he would have sent for Darla, but Darla has not heard from him since he left. Alfie the younger started acting differently after Flynn left. Shortly after Flynn left, Darla and Alfie the younger started dating. Flynn is the son of a farmer, Burley. Flynn was not liked by Mayor Golden.

Captain Hawthorn and Master Rake then went to interview Burley. Burley’s farm is on the outskirts of the village and not well taken care of. Burley is not too happy that his son left before helping with the harvest. Master Rake spoke with Flynn’s mother, who told him she has seen her son, who she thinks is dead. Master Rake does not believe that the mother is a reliable witness.

This evening at Druid’s Rock, we interviewed Alfie the younger’s friends: Rich, the miller’s son; Stew, the mayor’s son; Jar and Jeb, twin sons of Jeffery who owns the stables; and Pen, the blacksmith’s son. Most of the boys only saw Alfie the younger during the day while he was working at the grocers. Stu saw Alfie the younger yesterday also, told him they would hanging out at Druid’s Rock that night. But because it was so cold, they went to the stables instead, assuming Alfie the younger would figure out where they were. They stayed at the stables for a couple of hours, but Alfie the younger did not join them. The boys thought Alfie the younger was seeing Darla. When asked about Flynn, the boys thought he was a punk, not in this or any other group. Flynn liked school, and wanted to go to college. Stu was not happy the Darla was “seeing” Flynn. Flynn left town shortly after a big fight with Alfie the younger over Darla. Of note, Iokua also reported the area growing silent and cold just before the rest of the team arrived to question the boys. Apparently he had followed them from the town.

Suspects: Flynn. He is the only one in town to have had a known conflict with Alfie the younger. However, according to his description, he would not be able to inflect the physical damage exhibited on the body. Also, he has not been seen in the village since late last fall. Of note, he was still attending school before he left the village. Most boys his age would have left school to be apprenticed. His father also does not seem like the type to encourage scholarly endeavors. The village priest should be able to elaborate on Flynn’s academic career.

Other questions: Where is the smoke coming from that Wythri saw. What is causing the unexplained drop in temperature and sudden silence? Who murdered Alfie the younger and why?

To: Baron Mathieu of Foxton; Captain Waggoner, Foxton Draconian unit
From: Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, Epoptic Corp, Foxton Draconian unit
Subject: Murder in the village of Golden, conclusion
Date: 17 Planting, 950 RM

The following morning, the team set out to Druid’s Rock to find Iokua. Iokua had been asked by Lady Hawthorne to watch the mayor’s house, and he did not return to the common house for breakfast.

We caught up with Iokua at Druid’s Rock and Master Wrathchild and Iokua followed a trail up into the foothills. The rest of the team followed behind to allow the two trackers to stealthily follow the trail. The path lead us to an old shack in a clearing by an old mine. There was a small stream of smoke coming from the chimney. The shack was old and in disrepair. The windows were boarded up.

Master Wrathchild and Iokua stealthily circled the shack and started to approach it from the back. A dog started barking when they got close to the building. Lady Hawthorne approached the shack unarmed, and was struck with crossbow bolt from the window. Master Wrathchild circled around the shack and killed the dog when the dog exited the shack and attacked him. Iokua had climbed to the rickety roof and shot down into the shack. I moved forward to Lady Hawthorne and commanded the person inside to surrender, but the man refused. Lady Hawthorne then drew her swords and closed the distance to the shack. The man ran out of the shack, swinging a large mace at Master Wrathchild, hitting him in the chest. I recognized him as Big Pete, one of Nobbin’s gang. Lady Hawthorne demanded Big Pete’s surrender, but he refused. A combination of fighting skill from Lady Hawthorne, Iokua, and myself, with the magical assistance from Master Rake and Wythri took Big Pete down in short order. Lady Hawthorne and Master Wrathchild were both injured in the fight. I was able to stabilize Big Pete, keeping him from dying, as well as tend to Lady Hawthorne and Master Wrathchild’s wounds.

Master Rake examined the inside of the shack and determined that Big Pete had been living there for several months, had stolen some supplies from the village, and Big Pete also had a wanted poster of himself. An examination of Big Pete by Lady Hawthorne and Master Rake, showed that Big Pete’s hands were heavily calloused, his shoes could match the prints found by the body of Alfie the younger, and the cloth found under Alfie the younger’s nails could also match Big Pete’s clothing.

Wythri cast a spell that allowed the team to carry Big Pete back to the village of Golden. Once back in the common room, I continued to tend to Big Pete, trying to bring him back to consciousness for questioning. Meanwhile Lady Hawthorne, Master Rake, and Master Wrathchild questioned Priest Ethelred about the boy Flynn.

Priest Ethelred confirmed that Flynn was no match for Alfie the younger. He also confirmed that Flynn was the smartest boy in the village, and he had encouraged Flynn to apply to the University at Godonsa. Priest Ethelred also confirmed that Flynn left suddenly, without speaking to him. Priest Ethelred felt that Flynn left because Flynn wanted to get away from the village.

Lady Hawthorne decided to take Big Pete to Grey Haven to be held and to be questioned in front of Baron Mathieu. She left the guards she had taken with her at the village of Golden. The this morning, Big Pete was questioned. Big Pete did not directly confess to killing Alfie the younger. He did state that he had encountered the boy on his way to the village to get supplies. Big Pete also stated he moved the body to keep it from being found too soon, and confirmed that the body was not left in a barn. This testimony was adequate for Baron Mathieu, and Big Pete was taken to Foxton for trial.

I am personally not convinced that Big Pete killed Alfie the younger, although it is possible. There are still some unanswered questions: what caused the silence and drop in temperature reported by Master Rake, Master Wrathchild, Wythri, and Iokua? Why did Alfie the younger not draw his knife when attacked? Why would Big Pete strangle Alfie the younger instead of killing him with his mace?

Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, Epoptic Corp, Foxton Draconian unit



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