The Chronicles of Foxton

Niahm: Nocturne

Niamh Interlude 1
Niamh left the tavern in a slightly better mood then when she had entered. The support she had received from her fellow Draconians’ had lifted her spirits, but she still had a bitter taste in her mouth from Captain Waggnor’s tongue-lashing. She understood all to well that the captain needed to vent. After all, he had spent four days on a wild goose chase and returned with nothing to show for his time. She had let two captives die in custody, and there was the loss of property with the fire that had belong to the creature Leth. She knew neither were actually her fault, and that there was nothing she could have done to prevent any of those incidents from happening. Still, she was tired of being the whipping horse for the unit. On the bright side, she could certainly use the time off; she need time to heal from the injuries she received two days ago. She wished she could travel to Crow’s Head Mountain to visit the graves of her mother and grandmother, but she was in no shape to make that difficult journey.

She arrived at her home, Derry Dale, and unlocked the door. She changed out of her uniform and brushed out her hair, noticing that her bed had been made while she was gone. She usually didn’t take the time to make her bed as she usually returned late at night and didn’t want to spend the energy unmaking the bed. She cast a cantrip to detect any magic in the area, but nothing glowed to indicate thaumaturgy was in use. Moving to the kitchen she noticed that her dishes from the morning had be washed and put away. Again, there was no evidence that magic had been used. Although she didn’t mind the help with the daily chores, it disturbed her that someone, or something, was in her house when she was not present or asleep. Maybe she would have the time to solve this mystery. She started the fire in the hearth and gathered ingredients to make bread. All her anger and frustration was worked out kneading the dough. While the bread was rising, she gathered the ingredients to make her grandmother’s Kalonese Stew. After she had that simmering, she returned to the bread and finished making the dough into two loaves. While the stew was simmering and the bread was baking, she turned her attention to her garden. It had been almost a week since she was able to spend any amount of time tending to her herbs and vegetables.

She spent most of the time while she was waiting for the bread to bake weeding. Nothing in her garden was anywhere close to being harvested, but she needed to keep any unwanted plants from gaining any ground and taking over from the plants she wanted. When the bread was done, she took the loaves out of the hearth to cool and pulled the pot of stew away from the fire. While the bread was cooling, she gathered dried herbs hanging from her ceiling to make a tea for Eldamoth. She combined herbs to calm his cough and help him sleep to make a tea for him. She also put together several items for herself to help her heal her bruises and burns. She then spooned the stew into two small pots and added that to a loaf of bread and the tea in a large basket. She made sure she locked the door when she left for the Sage Eldamoth’s shop.

“We’re closed!” Wythri shouted from inside the shop, but Niamh knocked again until she heard the elf approaching to open the door.

“We’re closed.” the young Elf said again, sounding even more irritated.

Niamh smiled, “Good, because this is a social call, not business.”

The Elf stared at the young woman in front of her for a moment before recognition set in. “Lieutenant Niamh? Ah, I’m sorry – I didn’t recognize you out of your uniform.”

Niamh shrugged, “I’m off duty. I thought you and Eldamoth could use some supper. May I come in? This basket is getting very heavy.”

Niamh followed a hesitant Wythri into the shop and back toward the kitchen. Setting the basket down on a stool, Niamh started pulling out the food, “This is my grandmother’s recipe for stew.” She set the two pots on the table and pulled out the still warm bread and set that on the table also. She then handed Wythri the tea. “This should help calm Eldamoth’s cough and help him sleep.”

Wythri looked a little embarrassed as she said, “I apologize for my brusque manner. Master Eldamoth desperately needs his rest and it seems like everyone needs to stop in today. We’ve been lucky to get even an hour’s quiet.”

Niahm gave the smaller woman an understanding smile. “Then I shall not disturb you any longer.”

Wythri shook her head and smiled back – forcibly it seemed to Niamh. “But thank you for the food. It’ll be nice not to have to interrupt my research to prepare dinner. I’ll see that Master Eldamoth drinks plenty of the tea.”

Niahm nodded and gathered up her basket. “I hope you have a quiet evening then and enjoy the meal. I’ll see myself out.” Niamh left the two to their dinner and returned to her own house. She hoped she would enjoy a quiet evening herself. Despite the fact she had been suspended from duty, she was still going to attend Big Pete’s execution in the morning.



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