The Chronicles of Foxton

Niahm and Isobelle: Infirmary Visit

27 Coolwater, 960 RM, Gray Haven
Lady Hawthorne entered the infirmary the following morning to see how Niamh and Damien were recovering. Niamh was sitting up in bed. Some color had returned to her face, but there were still dark circles under her eyes. When she saw Isobelle, her eyes dropped to her hands folded in her lap. “Thank you.” She said in a soft voice. “I know you felt uncomfortable deceiving us, but I’m grateful you did.” For a moment it seemed as if there was more she wanted to say, but instead she just pursed her lips together and continued looking at her hands.

Isobelle took a chair and sat next to Niamh, “I don’t regret it. But I’m not happy I had to abuse our trust to fix the situation.” She said, her voice tired. “I’m afraid that at least some of the blame for this mess lies with me.” She sighed, “Well, I feel it does at least.” She looked at Niamh’s face, “How are you? Really?”

Niamh thought for a few moments, still refusing to look at her friend. “I feel as if something has been ripped out of me leaving me feeling weak. Unsettled that I didn’t, couldn’t see what was happening and not really wanting to stop it. It was so … exhilarating.” She shook her head, “I’m surprised I wasn’t suspended again, not that I would have cared if I was.” She finally looked at Isobelle and smiled a little, “I don’t see how any of this could be your fault though.”

A look of concern appears on Isobelle’s face, it is gone in a moment, “I shouldn’t have left the group in the fight with the wolves for one. I feel some responsibility for Nathaniel’s appearance here, whether I’m to blame or not. And without his presence we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” She tried to give a reassuring smile, “As for suspensions, I don’t believe you would be so nonchalant about it to not care. You were under influences outside your control. I would hope you would defend yourself from undue accusations.”

“You were the only one who could have stop Nathaniel. I was just hoping to be able to enchant your blades before you engaged him.” Her smiled widened a little, “Although, it seems you found your own strength to defeat him.” She shrugged, “Foxton is one of the few places in Demoria a werewolf pack could function; and I doubt he could have known you were here until they saw us on the Pilgrim’s Trail.” Her face fell again and she sighed. “How much of my actions were the curse, or was it just an outlet for something already there? That’s what scares me, losing control so easily. How do I justify that to Caption Waggoner and Lieutenant Tower?”

“We would be fools to assume we don’t all have base desires.” Isobelle’s voice was quiet, “The curse strips our humanity away. Believe me when I say there is no act you performed that is worse than what I’ve already seen the curse do.” Her eyes were very distant for a moment, “Don’t worry about Captain Waggoner, I’ll make sure he understands.” She gave a reassuring smile, “As for Tower, well, he’s a petty little coward and I wouldn’t worry overly much about anything he has to say. You’re an asset to the Draconians, they need more people with your courage.”

Niamh actually laughed, “You forgot pompous and arrogant. But don’t tell him I said that, he still outranks me.” She slumped back into the bed, her energy suddenly gone. “It just seems that every time I seem to make some headway, I fall backwards. Sometimes I wonder why I keep trying.” She closed her eyes, her face relaxing, “Perhaps we need to just let this all go and move on. I think Baron du Clef is right, it’s going to be a long year.”

“We keep trying because it’s worth it. It’s who we are.” Isobelle stood up, “It’s going to be a very long year I suspect. You should get some rest, I have duties to attend. Let me know if you need anything.”



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