The Chronicles of Foxton

Murder in Golden Village

A brutal murder to start the game off...

Baron Mathieu of Foxton has assembled a small group to investigate a murder in the village of Golden. The team is comprised of Lady Hawthorne, captain of the Baron’s guards; Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, a Draconian of the Epoptic corp; Quion Rake, a mage kicked out of the university; Damien Wrathchild, a mysterious man in the employ of the Baron; Wythri Majaera, an elf who is a mage’s apprentice; and Iokua, a wild child living with the head of the Baron’s kitchen.

Alfie, age 17, was found murdered shortly after dawn in the woods just outside the village of Golden. Two boys, skipping school, found the body. They showed the body to the priest, who had an acolyte tell the Reeve. The Reeve, Edward Newcastle, sent his son, Dale, to the Baron.

Golden is a small village off the main road, it used to have some mining, but is now mostly farmland. Golden’s mayor is Abbot. He has a son Stew and a daughter Darla. Alfie is the son of the grocer, also named Alfie. Alfie Sr. is also a member of the town council. He has two other sons, Barry and Cal, and two daughters, Abby and Allie.

Alfie was a popular boy, very athletic and well liked. He was seeing Darla, the mayor’s daughter. He was friends with Rich, the miller’s son; Stew, the mayor’s son; Jer and Jeb, twin sons of Jeffery who owns the stables; and Pen, the blacksmith’s son. They are all the same age.

The body was found outside the village just inside the woods. The obvious cause of death was strangulation. Three sets of footprints found around the body. Two sets belong to Newcastle and his son. One set of prints looks like it was carrying something lead to foothills. The body was missing the right shoe. No prints from Alfie.

Alfie was savagely beaten by fists and then choked. Bits of cloth under the fingernails; homespun cloth poor quality, old, and well worn (rotten). Still had a small pocket knife and a few copper pieces in his pocket. Possibly knew his attacker(s) as he fought back but not with a weapon.

Wythri found the other shoe at a place called Druid’s Rock. Druid’s Rock is on the other side of the town from where the body was found. Druid’s Rock is a place where the young people hang out.

Darla use to date a boy named Flynn. Flynn had big plans, he left town to seek his fortune. Alfie started acting different after Flynn left. Darla and Alfie started dating. Flynn is the son of a farmer, Burley. Flynn left late last fall.

At Druid’s Rock, there was a big fight between two people. Blood on the ground and a tooth. Tooth more than likely belongs to Alfie.

Burley’s place in not well taken care of, on the edge of town. Burley not too happy that his son left before helping with the harvest. Wife is out of her mind, thinks she has seen her son, who she thinks is dead.

Everything got very quiet while first examining the body and then again at Druid’s Rock before the investigators arrive to talk to the boys. Most of the boys only saw Alfie during the day while he was working at the grocers. Stew saw Alfie yesterday, told him they were hanging out ad the stables. They stayed at the stable for a couple of hours. The boys thought Alfie was seeing Darla. Boys thought was Flynn was a punk, not in this or any other group. Flynn liked school, wanted to go to college. Stew was not happy the Darla was “seeing” Flynn. Flynn left town shortly after a big fight with Alfie over Darla. Stew does not want to be mayor because nothing changes.

Before retiring to the common house for the evening, Lady Hawthorne asked Iokua to follow Stew home and watch the Mayor’s house.

Session 2: The Murder in Golden Village
Most of the team spent a quiet night in the common house, except for Quion waking from a bad dream. Iokua spent the night outside the mayor’s house and then headed to Druid’s Rock. The rest of the team joined him there.

Tracking the smoke from the previous day, the team went up into the foothills and found a shack and an old mine.

Damien and Iokua stealthily circled the shake and started to approach, when a dog started barking. Approaching the shack, the unarmed Lady Hawthorne was hit by a crossbow bolt. Damien circled the shack to the door. Wythri threw a rainbow at the house, attempting to blind those inside. Iokua climbed to the roof and looked into the shack and saw a large man with a dog, he readied his bow. The dog raced out the door toward Damien. Damien struck the dog with the pommel of his dagger in the stomach, knocking the wind out of the dog. Niamh moved forward to Lady Hawthorne and yelled at the man to come out of the shack, with no effect. Quion moved away from Wythri. Iokua fired his bow, hitting the guy in his leg. Lady Hawthorne drew her swords and closed to the shack. The guy ran out of the shack, swinging a mace at Damien hitting Damien in the chest, dropping Damien. The man is a big guy, tall and wide, with a small head, wearing a scalemail shirt, carrying a large mace, cauliflower ears, and lots of scars. Naimh recognized him as Big Pete, one of Nobbin’s boys (Nobbin being a notorious bandit and one of Foxton’s most wanted). Damien recovered from being knocked down. Wythri moved forward and cast a spell on Lady Hawthorne and Niamh increasing their speed. The dog attempted to bite Damien, but was still dazed and so missed. Niamh used her new speed to attempt to tackle Big Pete, but missed. Quion took a potion that turned him invisible and moved up to the combat. Iokua fired his bow again and hit Big Pete in the chest, but hit Big Pete’s armor so did little damage. Lady Hawthorne also used her new speed to move behind Big Pete. Lady Hawthorne demanded Big Pete’s surrender, but when he refused, she swept his legs out from under him. Big Pete climbed back to his feet and swung his mace at Lady Hawthorne, hitting her in the thigh. Damien climbed to his feet and stabbed the dog in the chest knocking the dog unconscious. Wythri cast another spell and attacked Big Pete’s mind, causing him to think of fuzzy bunnies. Niamh took the opportunity of the distraction to knock Big Pete of his feet with her spear. Quion threw a ball of twine at Big Pete, entangling him. Iokua continued across the roof and shot his bow at the dog, hitting the dog in the leg. Lady Hawthorne attempted to take Big Pete’s mace away from him, but Big Pete was too strong. Big Pete causally broke out of the twine and climbed to his feet. He then swung his mace at Niamh, but missed. Damien stabbed the dog in the stomach, knocking the dog out again. Wythri moved closer again, and cast another spell, causing a multi-color blast of energy at Big Pete, but missing. Iokua shoot his bow at Big Pete, hitting him in the shoulder, but not doing much damage. Naimh tried to knock Big Pete down again, but missed. Quion threw another ball of twine at Big Pete, getting a much stronger rope around him. Iokua shot his bow at Big Pete, hitting him in the chest, actually causing damage though his amour. Lady Hawthorne, attempted to slice and sweep Big Pete, but missed. Big Pete flexed his muscles and strained but did not manage to escape his ropes. Damien attacked the dog again, finally killing it. Wythri moved closer again and cast another spell, attacking Big Pete’s mind with fluffy bunnies again, but missed. Niamh tried to terrify Big Pete with a spell, but failed to cast her spell. Quion drank a potion and breathed fire on Big Pete, causing more damage, and burning the ropes around Big Pete. Iokua shot another arrow at Big Pete, hitting him in the arm, causing more damage. Lady Hawthorn attempted to strike and sweep again, and hit Big Pete! She hit him in the stomach and in the thigh, knocking him down again. Big Pete misses hitting Lady Hawthorne as he fell down.

Niamh stabilized Big Pete’s wounds so he would not die. She then tended to Lady Hawthorne’s wounded leg. Quion investigated the hut, which showed Big Pete had hid there for several months. Wythri kept watch outside the hut, but did not see anything. An examination of Big Pete, showed that his hands were heavily calloused, his shoes could match the prints found by the body of Alfie the younger, and the cloth found under Alfie the younger’s nails could also matches Big Pete’s clothing. Niamh also tended to Damien’s wounds. Wythri cast a spell that allowed them to carry Big Pete back to the village. The people of the village gathered around the team, wanting to know if they had captured Alfie the younger’s killer. In the common house, Niamh continued to tend Pete, hoping to bring him back to consciousness for questioning.

Lady Hawthorne, Quion, and Damien talked to the priest, Ethelred. Priest Ethelred confirmed that Flynn was no physical match for Alfie the younger. Priest Ethelred also confirmed that Flynn was the smartest boy in the village. Priest Ethelred also confirmed that Burley was a hard man to live with and did not appreciate Flynn’s talents. Priest Ethelred talked to Flynn about attending the university at Godonsa. Flynn left suddenly without getting a letter of recommendation from the priest.

The team procured a cart, and took Big Pete to the Grey Haven. Pete was taken to a cell and a priest from Foxton was called to heal him. Lady Hawthorne returned to her manor for the evening. Damien returned to his house. Niamh, Quion, and Wythri returned to Foxton. Quion spent the night in looking in the town record for any indication that Flynn had passed through, with no luck.

The next morning, at Grey Haven, Big Pete was questioned in front of the Baron. Big Pete did not directly answer if he had killed Alfie the younger. Big Pete stated he was hiding in the shack for the winter, going into town occasionally to steal stuff. Big Pete stated he met Alfie the younger outside village on his way to get supplies. Big Pete was unable to answer why he did not rob Alfie the younger. The Baron was satisfied with the questioning and considered the case closed, Big Pete was taken to Foxton to await trial. The Baron was pleased with the work of the team. Quion spoke with Lady Hawthorne and Damien, asking them why they were in the service of the Baron and what would happen next.

Lady Hawthorne returned to village of Golden to collect her men and suggest a few witnesses attend Big Pete’s trial.

After an interview with the Baron, Wythri returned to her home to find her master missing. Lady Hawthorne happened by at that moment and agreed to help Wythri. Niamh was left in charge of the Draconian station while Captain Waggoner took three squads into the foothills. He had gotten a lead as to where Nobbin and his gang where hiding and planned on getting the jump on them. Quion arrives at the station, asking for the records on Nobbin’s activities, which Niamh allows him to read.



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