The Chronicles of Foxton

More Questions, Less Answers

Session 20:
25 Birdsong, 960 RM, Foxtown
Quion went to the Temple of Durom to talk to the Circle of Iron as requested by the Baron. When he arrived, the priest told him the monster hunters had returned to the Rain Haven Inn. Quion learned that Rain Icewater was the member of the Circle of Iron that was killed. Examining the body, Quion observed that she had been decapitated and had suffered numerous stinger wounds. She also had a mark on her shoulder that was probably some type of guild symbol.

Quion then traveled to the Rain Haven Inn which was a cheap inn just outside the Glooms. The remaining five members of the Circle of Iron were gathered around a “bar” debating if they should recruit another member. The five consisted of a tall woman from the northern lands, a hooded man, a human tracker called Lars, a dwarven holy man called Aenglebauld, and an elf called “J.”

When Quion introduced himself, the monster hunters nearly jumped down his throat, upset that Rain had been killed because the Baron had provided them with inaccurate information. Quion calmly explained that they had been provided with the most accurate information that was available at the time, but the group did not believe him. Quion’s request for information on what had happened so that this information might be made available for others meet with the response that “the creepy doctor” had said the same thing.

Reluctantly, the group told Quion that they had been in the woods tracking the creature when the smaller ones dropped from the trees. A few landed on Rain and the others were too busy fighting off their own creatures to help her. They did manage to kill four or five, but by the time they reached Rain, she was dead. The creatures did not seem to be coordinating their attacks, but on reflections, the creatures seemed to be specifically attacking Rain. Quion also overheard two of the group saying that “the creepy doctor” had also taken an interest in Rain and the fact that she was once a member of the Doomsingers. Quion requested to examine Rain’s personal effects, and under careful scrutiny, was allowed to see the deceased Doomsinger’s possessions. There did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary amongst the belongings. After the funeral, the Circle of Iron planned to return to the woods and exterminate all of the smaller creatures they could find.

Meanwhile, Master Gunn went to the Huntsman’s Inn to see if the Deadly Seven could be recruited to help hunt down the werewolves. The Deadly Seven were not at the inn, but in the tavern next door. Master Gunn spoke only with Errol and Brandwyn because the mission was to be kept on the QT. Errol and Brandwyn told Master Gunn they would speak to the others and give him an answer the next day. Master Gunn then left Foxtown to seek out other hunters in the nearby villages.

The Deadly Seven discussed taking the new job, but Titiana pointed out that they had not been paid for the last job. The group split up, Errol and Randall went to speak with the Sage Eldamoth to get more information on werewolves, while the rest of the team went to Grey Haven to speak with Master Rake about their payment. Brandwyn, Brictius, Benedikt, and Keinan found Quion in his office and Brandwyn politely demanded their payment which came in the form of a chest full of silver bars stamped with the Foxton seal. Brandwyn calculated they each would receive about 885 silvers apiece! Quion also related what was known about the werewolves.

To: Baron Mathieu du Clef of Foxton; Lady Isobelle Hawthorne, captain of the Baron’s Guard, and Master Quion Rake
From: Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, Epoptic Corp, Foxtown Draconian Unit
26 Birdsong, 960 RM
Subject: Investigation in Golden Village

Wythri Majaera and I arrived in Golden Village just before dark on 25 Birdsong. The village has become a very somber place since the death of Stew Golden. It is if a pallor of gloom has settled over the entire area. We met Father Elthelred on our way into the village and he invited us to join him for the evening meal. During the meal, Father Elthelred told us that the whole village is in a state of mourning due to the two deaths. Parents are hesitant to let their children out of their sight, Darla Golden had not left her room since the funeral, and Mayor Golden is in such a state of shock that he can barely walk a straight line. The four remaining friends of Alfie and Stew; Jar, Jeb, Pen, and Rich have started acting out and causing trouble. It is doubtful anyone from Golden will attend the Festival except to conduct business. I inquired as to the last time Father Elthelred had seen the boy Flynn, but he could not remember an exact date other than it was last fall. He did relate a dream he had on the evening of 15 Birdsong, the night Stew Golden died. Father Elthelred dreamed that he was wet and very cold, he heard Flynn’s voice tell him not to be afraid, but Father Elthelred was very afraid. When he woke, the fire had gone out of his stove and the storm was raging outside.

This morning, Father Elthelred took us to Stew Golden’s grave so we could pay our respects. We then headed into the village to speak with Darla Golden and the four boys. As we entered the village there was a commotion at the stables. The four boys had “borrowed” horses under the owner’s protests and were riding out of the village. Mistress Majaera was able to calm the horses into stopping and we took the four boys into the church to question them. Regrettably, the four boys were very defiant and uncooperative. Mistress Majaera suggested the boys be released and she would follow them to see where they went, this sounded reasonable so I agreed.

I then went to speak with Darla Golden, however the Mayor’s house was darkened and the maid informed me that the family was not taking visitors. As I did not wish to impose myself on the family, so I merely relayed my condolences. I then went to the Burley farm to try to speak with Flynn’s mother. I found the woman drawing water from the well and pouring it over the ground. The whole yard had been soaked. I overheard her saying that he now lives in water and that she must make this his new home. When I tried to speak to her, she screamed and ran into the house. Farmer Burley approached and “asked” me to leave.

Mistress Majaera returned to the village a few hours later and reported that she had followed the boys to Big Pete’s shack. They had apparently had made a pact at some point not to talk about Flynn and wondered if there were such things as ghosts. Mistress Majaera frightened them and they returned to the village.

I am afraid that this trip did not yield anything substantial. However, the boys comment seems to suggest that they do know something had happened to Flynn. I believe that Father Elthelred’s dream and Flynn’s mother’s comments suggest that he was either downed or that his body was hidden in water. Alfie the younger’s body was found by two boys who were planning on going fishing. Perhaps Alfie’s body was placed in that spot as a clue as there does not seem to be any reason for the body to have been moved from Druid’s Rock to the opposite side of the village.

Mistress Majaera suggested that perhaps the boys should be questioned individually. I certainly did not hear the suggestion that Master Wrathchild be employed for such an endeavor.

Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, Epoptic Corp, Foxtown Draconian Unit

26 Birdsong, 960 RM, Hawthorne Manor
At breakfast, Sir James inquired of Lady Hawthorne her impression of Baron du Clef as some nobles had questions as to the new baron’s loyalties. Baron du Clef had spent many decades out of Demoria and Sir James wanted to be reassured that the Hawthorne interests in Foxton were secure. Lady Hawthorne gave her word that the baron was loyal to Demoria and that Sir James had nothing to worry about as she would look after the Hawthorne lands.



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