The Chronicles of Foxton

Damien: The Freedom of Natalie Sharp

Then door slammed shut behind her as she entered the dark room. Natalie settled onto the bunk in her holding cell, with only her trial to look forward to. Sitting in silence she wondering where her life went so wrong. Why had it all come down to this.

“Ms. Sharp.” A voice came through the wooden door of the cell. There was something vaguely familiar about the voice but she couldn’t place it.

“Ms. Sharp.” The voice called again.

“Yes.” She tentatively responded.

“I have a proposition for you. One that would be in your best interest.” The man’s voice whispered.

Mustering her courage she tried to hide the fear in her voice. “I’m listening.”

“I need you for an important mission. You will be my eyes and ears in Cli. Your mission is simple. Let me know who perpetrated this crime against Rake. Agree to do this for me and I will get you out of here. No trial. No sentence.”

Her mind reeled with the prospect of getting out of this whole mess.

“All I have to do is find out anything about who was responsible for Quion’s death?”

“Yes. It is that simple.” The voice said soothingly. “Of course, if you fail me, I will have to finish what I should have done when I caught you.”

The sudden realization of who she was talking to sent a cold shiver down her spine. She felt like crying all over again.

“I won’t fail.” She said through a sob.

“There is a horse out back with supplies.”

The door whined gently as it slowly opened a few inches. Looking out the door Natalie saw no one around. The back door of the holding area was also ajar.



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