The Chronicles of Foxton

Against the Giants: Epilogue

As the heroes are heading back to Foxton, their mission successful and several young Giants in tow, a rather subdued Bri gives her version of what happened here…

Balor, disguised as the old man, tricked her here with tales of her grandmother and of the Lute of Doss. When she arrived in the valley, she found a small hut, like the type used by a shepherd. The old man invited her in and although she didn’t entirely trust him, she saw no reason to refuse his hospitality. After dinner, when she was feeling warm and sleepy, he began to spin a yarn about the War against the Giants. He played softly on a lute as he sang. It was a great story, a very famous story, one she’d heard many times before, and she found herself joining in. She felt like she was drifting into a dream.

She didn’t know what was happening at the time, but Balor was spinning a story about the past, and using her abilities as a Filidh and the power of the Lute to recreate that past, to pull it out of the past and make it part of the present. All of what the heroes encountered was just a dream, an echo, a memory of an old time and place, but even a dream can become real when it’s infused with that much magic and that much belief.

Every night, he played the Lute and re-told the tale. When she refused to cooperate, he tortured her. She tried to resist, but his own power combined with the Lute made it impossible. But she had the last laugh on him.

What the Formorian didn’t realize is that the past is already set; bringing the past into the present only guaranteed the same thing would happen again. Nonsra was destroyed by a group of heroes and so too would Balor be. Even the power of the Lute couldn’t change that. And so it happened — not exactly the way it did thirty years ago, but close enough.



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