The Chronicles of Foxton

A Funny Thing Happened on the Pilgrimage

Session 16
17 Birdsong, 960 RM, The Pilgrim Trail
Rich refused to go any closer to the ravine, so Bri stayed with him at the trail. Wythri stayed at the top of the ravine and focused on the state of the flow in the area, but felt nothing unusual. Damien scouted around the area, but the rain had washed any tracks that had been here away two nights ago. He understood why this was a very good place for an ambush. Master Gunn and Quion went down into the ravine to examine the bodies and move them out of the ravine. Wythri summoned silver Elvin-shaped automatons to help bring the bodies up.

Quion’s examination of the bodies reveled that they had been dead for approximately a week. Either swords or arrows had killed them all. Some of the bodies looked as if they had been mauled by animals, but it could not be determined if that had happened before or after death. There were no holy symbols or anything of value on the bodies. Judging by the quality of clothing, all the pilgrims had been commoners. All of the evidence did not lead Quion to any plausible motive except psychopathy.

As the sun started to set, Quion used an earthmover spell to dig a shallow grave to bury the bodies in. Watches were set for the night with Quion and Bri taking first watch. Not long after the camp settled down, a pack of wolves surrounded the camp, but they faded away by the next watch. Damien and Rich took the second watch, which was peaceful. Rich remained depressed and quiet as he had the entire day. Halfway through the watch, he asked Damien if there was forgiveness for him. Damien, not being a religious person, couldn’t answer the question, but here would be a good place to start. Rich agreed that he should change his ways. Wythri and Master Gunn had the last watch; a wolf howling in the distance was the disturbance.

18 Birdsong, 960 RM, The Pilgrims Trail
The next morning, Quion suggested that the group find the trail the bandits used arrive at the ambush site. He left a Wizard’s Mark by the trail, hoping Lady Hawthorne and Niamh would see it. Rich led the way down the ravine.

Rich moved through the woods with practiced ease. He told the group that the campsite was about half a day’s walk away. The bandits move around frequently to avoid the Draconian patrols, which was surprisingly easy. Nobbin had a way of staying one step ahead of the Draconians. While Master Gunn, Bri, and Damien did not seem to have any trouble keeping up with Rich, Quion and Wythri struggled, not use to being in the wilds outside the city.

Just after mid-day, the group arrived at the camp. Master Gunn approved of the site, it was away from the road and there was a stream nearby.

While on their way back from Crow’s Head Mountain, Lady Hawthorne spotted Quion’s mark and she and Niamh followed the sign.

At the campsite, Wythri analyzed the flow in the area, but did not sense anything unusual. As Damien and Master Gunn began scouting around the campsite, four large wolves appearing out of the woods approached them. Wythri, Quion, and Bri noticed that the animal and bird sounds suddenly did not seem quite right. Suddenly arrows flew into the campsite from the woods and the wolves attacked Damien and Master Gunn. The arrows missed Wythri and Quion, but hit Rich in the chest, dropping him.

Master Gunn and Damien fought against the wolves that attacked them. Damien was able to injure his two wolves badly enough to cause them to retreat. Master Gunn determined that he would not be able to talk these wolves down, so fought defensively.

Wythri teleported herself and the injured man to the far side of the clearing, trying to remove Rich from harm. The attackers in the woods continued to fire arrows at the group, missing everyone but poor Rich. Bri moved up to protect Quion, who drank an invisibility potion and moved out of the range of the arrows.

Wythri, upset that Rich had been hurt again, called for help and fired off a bolt of lightning at one of the attackers, killing him. Bri advanced on the remaining thugs, hoping to draw their fire. Master Gunn used his Stag’s Leap to move to Wythri and Rich’s aid.

After Wythri’s lightning bolt killed one of the thugs, the rest of the attackers and wolves fled the area. Damien followed them to learn where they were going.

While Quion examined the dead thug, Master Gunn did his best to heal Rich, but the man was badly hurt and needed more experienced help. Wythri, Master Gunn, and Bri took Rich and headed back through the wood towards the trail, hoping to find someone to help the injured man. Quion waited for Damien to return. When Damien returned, he did not look pleased and informed Quion that at least some of the attackers were werewolves. Quion used his magic to speed his and Damien’s trip back to the others.

A short time later, Lady Hawthorne and Niamh encountered Wythri, Master Gunn, Bri, and the injured Rich. While Lady Hawthorne received the report of what happened, Niamh did what she could for the injured man. However, the arrow that was imbedded in his stomach was too deep for her to remove. She told the others that unless Rich received attention from a hospital, he would die. Quion and Damien joined the group and made their report to Lady Hawthorne. Since the temple at Crow’s Head Mountain had the closest hospital, the group headed there, arriving after dark. Lady Hawthorne summoned a priest to help Rich and the injured man was taken into the hospital. Quion gave Lady Hawthorne the full report of what had been discovered and suggested the trail be closed until the bandit and werewolf threat was contained.

19 Birdsong, 960 RM
Late in the morning, the priest attending Rich informed the group that they had done all they could for the man, his fate was in the gods’ hands now. Lady Hawthorne sent Damien, Master Gunn, and Bri back to Foxtown to report to the Baron and Captain Waggoner, as they could move the quickest and quietest. Niamh gave Damien a report for him to give to Captain Waggoner on her behalf.

Lady Hawthorne sat with Rich until he regained consciousness, and spoke with the man. She encouraged him to confess his sins. The injured man drifted in and of consciousness. Niamh talked with Quion, learning that he was still having nightmares.

20 Birdsong, 960 RM
Lady Hawthorne sent Quion, Niamh, and Wythri back to Foxtown, stating she would stay with Rich, who died later that day.

21 Birdsong, 960 RM
Lady Hawthorne departed Crow’s Head Mountain, after saying a prayer for Rich’s soul.

22 Birdsong, 960 RM
Damien, Master Gunn, and Bri arrived at Gray Haven. Baron du Clef was on one of the towers watching the guards go through their drills; there were several new recruits. Damien and Master Gunn made their report and the Baron let them know that a few more groups of monster hunters had arrived.

23 Birdsong, 960 RM
Quion, Niamh, and Wythri arrived in Foxtown. Quion reported to the Baron, Niamh reported to Captain Waggoner, and Wythri went shopping for new clothes (as the ones she was wearing were destroyed in the woods). Damien asked the blacksmith at Gray Haven to make him a silver dagger.

24 Birdsong, 960 RM
Lady Hawthorne returned and reported to the Baron.



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