Who's Who in Foxton

Grey Haven
-Baron Mathieu Du Clef
Appearances: Sessions 1-2, 4, 6-7, 9-14, 16, 18-19, 21, 23-29, 31-32; Quion 5, 9; Whythri 7

-Mrs. Walker
Appearances: Session 6, 29
head cook, fusses over the Baron constantly taking over the kitchen

-Jono Walker
Appearances: Wythri 4
Mrs. Walker’s nehpew, stable boy, joined the militia

-Featherlight Yewstrong
Appearances: Session 10, 21-23, 26-29, 31
Mistress of the hunt (green elf)

Appearances: Session 14, 19, 23; Niamh 1

Appearances: Quion 1
Serving girl

Appearances: Session 1-2
A wild boy occasionally found in the castle, cared after by Mrs. Walker.

-Quion Rake
Appearances: Sessions 1-2, 4-10, 12-16, 19-21, 23-30, 32-34; Quion 1-10
Baron’s head clerk and scribe

Appearances: Session 7-8, 15, 19, 24, 28-29; Quion 4, 6-8
Quion’s apprentice, an orphan described as “a towheaded, twelve-year-old with ink-stained fingers, huge eyes the color of cornflowers” by Quion.

-Wallace Gunn
Appearances: Session 4-6, 8-10, 12-16, 19-23, 25-28, 31-34; Hawthorne 2;
A druid and Baron’s forrester

Friend of Cici’s, one of the children in Grey Haven

Friend of Cici’s, one of the children in Grey Haven

Friend Of Cici’s, one of the children in Grey Haven

Friend of Cici’s, one of the children in Grey Haven

The Baron’s Guard
-Lady Isobelle Hawthorne
Appearances: Session 1-2, 4-7, 9, 12-16, 19-34; Hawthorne 1-6; Hawthorne O’Derry 1-2;
Captain of the guard, Paladin of the Trinity.

-Sergeant Thomas of the Gate
Appearances: Hawthorne 5; Session 23-24, 29
Sergeant at arms

-Corporal Marcus Turner
Appearances: Hawthorne 2;
A tall man with broad shoulders, and a balding head.

-Private Craig Davies
Appearances: Hawthorne 2;

-Private Mary Green
Appearances: Hawthorne 2;

-Private Alan Husher
Appearances: Hawthorne 2;

-Private Vesper Kirsch
Appearances: Session 23

-Private Gervaise Lothaire
Appearances: Session 23

-Private Thomas Write
Appearances: Hawthorne 2;

-Private Timmothy

Hawthorne Manor House
Head housekeeper, wife of August

Appearances: Session 7
Head groundskeeper, husband of Laurel

Appearances: Hawthorne 6
stable boy, part time. Hobbs is seventeen, and hires himself out to tend animals and stables around Foxtown and Gray Haven Village. His parents are both farmers around the town, he has three brothers. Hobbs is a little shorter than most his age, but wider and well muscled from tending animals constantly. He keeps his brown hair short, but dishevled, and has light brown eyes.

Appearances: Session 28; Hawthorne 6
serving girl, maid

-Sir James Hawthorne
Appearances: Sessions 19-21, 23-24
Lady Hawthorne’s brother-in-law, non-permanent residence

-The Right Honorable Lord Mayor Franklin Hobbs
Appearances: Sessions 6-7, 12, 14
Maybe of Foxton, very officious, governmental.

-Amy Baker
Short, rosy cheeked and slightly rounded mostly due to affects of time. Amy has mostly retired from the storefront they maintain, though that doesn’t prevent her from pestering her daughters (married to Johnathan Baker)

-Johnathan Baker
30 something slightly pudgy baker in Foxtown. Johnathan is a fourth generation baker, he learned the trade from his father, who learned the trade from his father… He’s average looking, ready with a smile and balding, only thin wisps of brown hair remain. His trademark recipe is a sugar cookie with a dollop of peanut butter in the center. (married to Amy Baker)

-Kelly Baker
16 and has mostly taken over running the store front, a smart and critical minded young woman, with an uncanny head for business. She’s made statements that when she does marry it will not stop her from running the Baker’s Shoppe.

-Sally Baker
the youngest daughter, only 13, learning the trade and helps half in the kitchen with her father and half in the store with her sister. Perpetually happy, she seems to have taken both her parents cheerful dispositions, combined them and upped the ante.

-Barton Barr
Appearances: Session 25
Local Barrister, granddaughter killed by Nobbin’s gang

-Master Birkenwood
Glass maker in the trade quarter

-Master Copper
Appearances: Session 10
Head of the coppersmith’s guild

-Mrs. Dauncy
raises cows outside the town

-Hugo Eldamoth
Appearances: Sessions 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 19, 23-24, 26-28; Wythri 1, 4, 6
Sage, Wythri’s master

-Mr. Grimes
everyone just calls him that, he probably has a first name, but this sounds more noble and important. Mr. Grimes is a layabout, a drunk, and a homeless man. He makes money doing odd jobs around the Glooms (and occasionally into other parts of the town). Nothing very illicit either, that’s almost too much ambition or Mr. Grimes – he’s most reliable for running messages about for the actual criminals, and moving furniture. Mr. Grimes likes to think big, and talk big, and generally has a tale of this or that. He’s not native to Foxtown, but he is Demorian – he won’t say where he came from or why he ended up a town drunk. . .runner for Damien, Lady Hawthorne, and Lieutenant O’Derry

-Nyles Harrow
Master illuminator in the Silver Quarter

-Hass Hardwood
owner of a lumber at the edge of the city

-Mistress Kane
Appearances: Session 24
lady in the employ of Damien

-Bri Leith
Appearances: Session 10, 12-16, 34
A taleweaver

-Wythri Majaera
Appearances: Sessions 1-2, 4-8, 10, 12-16, 19, 23-34; Wythri 1-7; Niamh 1
Sage Eldamoth’s wizardly apprentice (White Elf), secretly a Wild Mage

-Harold Mooney
master leather worker in the Trade Quarter

-Rufus Mooney
Appearances: Wythri 4
Harold’s oldest son, learning the trade

-Mollie Mooney
Harold’s 12 year old daughter, apprenticed to Master Birkenwood

-James Potter
Appearances: Session 10
pottery merchant

-Master Roper

-Ermessenda Vantrease
Appearances: Wythri 4
dressmaker in the Silver Quarter

-Master Wheatley
owns the tannery in the Trade Quarter

-Oliver White
Appearances: Session 3
head of the trade house, rumored to have once been a priest of the Trade God

-Ambrose Whitecrown
Taleweaver that occasions the nine and six tavern

-Damien Wrathchild
Appearances: Sessions 1-2, 4-7, 10, 12-13, 15-16, 19, 21-29, 31-34
mysterious man employed by the Baron (rumored assassin)

-Father Crispin
Appearances: Session 6-7, 10-12
High Priest of Mitra

-Daniel The Carpenter
Appearances: Session 4, 8, 12
Eldamoth’s neighbor

Appearances: Session 19
Barkeep of the Blue Shield Tavern

Martin’s Daughter and barmaid

Tinker son

Dwarven smithy, related to Ironworker Benjamin

Appearances: Session 3
Barkeep of the Golden Hammer Tavern (frequented by miners)

Appearances: Session 3
Barmaid of the Golden Hammer Tavern

Apprentice to Johnathan Baker

-Robert The Thug
Appearances: Session 5
employed by Leth, general thug in the Glooms

Appearances: Session 15
Barkeep at “The Passage Of Brills” Tavern in the Glooms, one of Damien’s men.

Draconian Unit
-Captain Uriah Waggoner
Appearances: Session 6-8, 12, 14-16, 25, 26, 28
Theologic Corp, Paladin of the Trinity

-Lieutenant Chadwick Tower
Appearances: Session 8, 25, 27, 31
Thaumaturgic Corp

-Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry
Appearances: Sessions 1-16, 19, 21-29, 31; Hawthorne O’Derry 1-2
Epoptic Corp

-Sergent Will
Appearances: Session 3, 8, 11-12, 23-24
Espionage Corp

-Officer Uri Barechest
Appearances: Session 3-4, 8, 11-13, 14
Sabreur Corp

-Officer Ironwork Benjamin
Appearances: Session 11
sabreur Corp; Armorer (Dwarf)

-Officer Radley “Tunnelmouse” Jones
Appearances: Session 10-11, 12, 23
Espionage Corp (Goodfellow Hobbit)

-Officer Candor Silverstone
Appearances: Session 3-4, 8, 11-12, 23
Thaumaturgic Corp (Gray Elf)

-Officer Rolando Fencer
Appearances: Session 9
Sabreur Corp

-Officer Jackson Hook
Appearances: Session 9
Sabreur Corp

-Officer Leland Kicker
Appearances: Session 9
Sabreur Corp

-Officer Clayton Nolan
Appearances: Session 9
Espionage Corp

-Trainee James Jameson
Appearances: Session 3-4, 8, 11-12, 14, 23
Theologic Corp, Priest Of Durom

Draconian Engineers Corps
-Lieutenant Ruport March
Appearances: Session 28

-Sargeant Rance Stewart
Appearances: Session 28

-Corpsman Andrew Cooper
Appearances: Session 28

-Corpsman Cyril Gibson
Appearances: Session 28

-Corpsman Cordila Foxglove
Appearances: Session 28

Village Of Golden
-Edward Newcastle
Appearances: Session 1-2
Reeve for the Baron

-Dale Newcastle
Appearances: Session 1-2
Edward’s Son, Apprenticed Reeve

-Mayor Abbot Golden
Appearances: Session 1-2, 6-7, 25, 26, 29

-Darla Golden
Appearances: Session 1-2, 29
Daughter of the Mayor, once courted by Alfie and Flynn. Age 17.

Appearances: Session 29
The Mayor’s Maid

-Priest Ethelred
Appearances: Session 1-2, 6-7, 20, 25, 26, 29
Village preacher

-Alfie senior
Appearances: Session 1-2, 6-7
Owner of the general store, councilman
Two sons: Barry and Cal; Two daughtes: Abby and Allie

Alfie’s daughter

Alfie’s daughter

Alfie’s younger son

-Burley the farmer
Appearances: Session 1-2, 20
A poor farmer, father of Flynn.

-Mrs. Burley
Apperances: Session 20
Burley’s wife, mother of Flynn

Appearances: Session 1-2, 29 (Flynn’s Ghost)
Son of Burley the farmer, also a suitor of Darla Golden, assumed to have left Golden in the fall if 959RM. Age 17.

Appearances: Session 1-2
Stable owner

Appearances: Session 1-2, 20, 25, 29
Village blacksmith’s son, friends with Alfie Jr. Age 17.

-Rich Miller
Appearances: Session 1-2, 20, 25, 29
Miller’s son, friends with Alfie Jr. Age 17.

Hill Rose
-Riley Morgan
Appearances: Session 9, 17-18
Town Mayor

-Maddy Morgan
Appearances: Session 9
Mayor’s wife

Appearances: Session 9
herder, raises cows

Monster Hunters: The Deadly Seven
-Errol Wanderfar
Appearances: Sessions 17-23, 27, 30-34
a Goodfellow hobbit wizard from Demoria and leader of the team

-Benedikt of Crom
Appearances: Sessions 17-25, 27, 30-34; Benedikt 1
a human Seeker (priest) from Norna

-Brandwyn Wright
Appearances: Sessions 17-23, 27, 30-34
a human taleweaver from Demoria

-Brictius the Gray
Appearances: Sessions 17-23, 27, 30-34
a gray elf Preliator (spear fighter) from Pasion

-Keinan Murdoch
Appearances: Sessions 17-23, 27, 30-34
a human Warden (holy warrior) from Nekia

-Randell Stowes
Appearances: Sessions 17-24, 27, 30-34
a human Martigan (warrior) from Demoria

Appearances: Sessions 17-23, 27, 30-34
a green elf jill of all trades from Pasion

-Lucky George
Appearances: Sessions 30-33
the goat.

Monster Hunters: The Circle of Iron
Appearances: Session 20, 28
a dwarven holyman

Appearances: Session 20, 28
a human tracker

Appearances: Session 20, 28
an elf

-Tall woman fighter from the north
Appearances: Session 20, 28

-“D” Hooded man
Appearances: Session 20, 28

-Rain Icewater
Appearances: Session 20 (corpse)
human, former Doomsinger (deceased)

Monster Hunters: The Fearless Monster Hunters
Appearances: Sessions 19, 21-23, 26
a druidess, roving member

Monster Hunters: The Doctor
-Dr. Rothbury
Appearances: Sessions 14-15, 17-19, 21, 26, 31
set up a manor outside Hill Rose to research monsters

-Robert The Half
Appearances: Sessions 21-23
local poacher, “working” for the Doctor

Others In The Barony
-Archbishop Edmund Tully
Appearances: Sessions 23-25
Archbishop in charge of the temple on Crow’s Head Mountain.

-Andrew Baker
19 and married. Andrew married a young woman and left Foxtown proper to open his own bakery.

-Farmer Johnson
Appearances: Session 8
sheep herder

-Crystal Sisters
Appearances: Session 24
Local bardic group, awarded the Gold Medal during the Taleweaver Competition at the 1st Baron’s Festival

-Emmit’s Jug Band
Appearances: Session 24
Local bardic group, awarded the Bronze Medal during the Taleweaver Competition at the 1st Baron’s Festival. Not otters.

Miner from the valley of Steading, knew Bri’s Mother. Actually the Formorian Giant Balor in disguise.

Bandit in the area, wanted for robbery and murder

-Baronet Percy LeLander
Appearances: Session 21, 23
minor noble in the area, Gunn’s former employer

Appearances: Session 3
local miner

Appearances: Session 3
local miner

Important Other Characters
-Ryan Casey
Appearances: Session 26-28
Young mage from Cli, trying for Baron’s coury wizard position

-Allen Ethel
Appearances: Session 26-28
Young mage from Cli, trying for Baron’s coury wizard position

-Morris Adams
Appearances: Session 26-28
Young mage from Cli, trying for Baron’s coury wizard position

-Rhonda Joslyn
Appearances: Session 26-28
Young mage from Foxton area, trying for Baron’s coury wizard position

Appearances: Session 13 (dream only)
giant from Fleetwood Forest and enemy of Bri

Appearances: Session 13 (dream only)
Student of Cli; former friend of Quion

-Ward Chaumer
Appearances: Session 23-24
Student at the college of Cli, aspiring Draconian. Attacked Quion.

-Raulo Rezz
Appearances: Session 24
Kidbodish guiter player, awarded the Silver Medal during the Taleweave Contest of the 1st Baron’s Festival.

-Natalie Sharp
AppearancesL Session 23-25
Student at the college of Cli, one of Ward Chaumer’s accomplices

-Master Arnaut
Lady Hawthorne’s sword instructor, master of LeFevre School Of Combat

Appearances: Session 23-24
Guard to the Cli contingent, cronie of Ward’s.

-Old Man
Appearances: Session 23
A old man, possibly a taleweaver. Actually the Formorian Giant Balor in disguise.

-Otiluke The Merry
Appearances: Session 23-25; Wythri 5
Member of the Council of Nine, one of the most powerful wizards in Demoria. an old friend of the Baron’s from Mathieu’s time at Cli.

-Necromancer Wrathchild
Appearances: Session 26
Damien’s Brother, believed deceased.

Deceased Characters
Appearances: Hawthorne 3 (flashback)
Lady Hawthorne’s deceased son (952RM-958RM)

-Nathaniel Hawthorne
Appearances: Hawthorne 3 (flashback); Session 22
Lady Hawthorne’s deceased husband
Identified as ‘Nate’, a new member of Nobbin’s gang, described as highly charismatic. Killed by Isobelle Hawthorne in Session 22.

-John “Stinky” Culver
Appearances: Session 8
sewer worker

-Jake Millerson
Appearance: Session 3
Miner, brother of James, started the brawl at the Golden Hammer Tavern

-James Millerson
Appearance: Session 3
Miner, brother of Jake, started the brawl at the Golden Hammer Tavern

-Arwyn O’Derry
Niamh’s mother, buried in a cairn off the Pilgrim’s Trail

Appearances: Session 5
old associate of Eldamoth, one of the creators of Boo powder

Appearances: Session 5
old associate of Eldamoth, one of the creators of Boo powder

-Stew Golden
Appearances: Sessions 6-7, 10
the Mayor of Golden’s son, was working at the Blue Shield in Foxtown, killed during the events of “Pilgrimage”, investigated during “Echoes”

-Alfie the younger (murdered 15 Birdsong)
Appearances: murdered prior to Session 1 (central to events of Sessions 1-2)
Descriptions: Aged 17, from the Villages of Golden. Eldest son of Alfie Senior. Was a popular boy in the village, and seeing the Mayor’s daughter.

-Jar and Jeb
Appearances: Session 1-2, 20
twin sons of Jeffery the stable owner, friends with Alfie Jr. Age 17. Killed trying to flee Foxton Barony in Session 25.

-Chuck & Tam Wisdom
Appearances: Sessions 21-22
brothers who make a living as hunters & poachers

-Big Pete
Appearances: Session 2, 4; 6-7
Member of Nobbin’s gang, accused of killing Alfie the younger.
Hung until dead for the murder of Alfie (session 7).

Appearances: Session 7, 15-16
one of Nobbin’s men attended the hanging of Big Pete, had recently left the gang; killed by werewolves

Appearances: Session 5, 6-7, 10, 12-13
Demon, head of the Boo Powder and Dream Dust ring, Banished (session 13)

A giant chieftan that terrorized Foxton some thirty or so years ago, defeated by a group of heroes. Rumored to have collected magical items

Appearances: Session 3
local miner, died in the fight at the Golden Hammer.

Appearances: Session 3
local miner, impaled on antlers hanging on the wall in the Golden Hammer

Characters From The Past (all appearances are flashbacks)
-Lucille Vallaire
Appearances: Hawthorne 3
Isobelle’s older sister.

-Marie Vallaire
Appearanaces: Hawthorne 3
Isobelle’s mother.

-Link Du Clef
Appearances: Session 32
Former Baron of Foxton

Appearances: Session 32
Paladin of the Trinity, the future king of Demoria, monster hunter

Appearances: Session 32
a monster hunter

-The Black Rat
Appearances: Session 32
a Jack from Kidbod, monster hunter

-Bri O’Derry
Appearances: Session 32
A monster hunter

Who's Who in Foxton

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