Trolls are large, vaguely humanoid creatures feared for their viciousness and near indestructabilty. They are thankfully very rare, although they can be found in nearly any environment, from sub-arctic tundra to sweltering jungle.

Trolls are roughly humanoid in shape, although their forelimbs are very long. Much like apes, they can walk on two legs or four. They are large – anywhere up to 12 feet (4 meters) in height. They grow larger as they age, so the biggest ones are thought to be very old indeed (although no one really knows what the natural lifespan of a troll is).

Their skin color ranges from dirty brown to dark green. Trolls that live in colder climates tend to have thick, course fur that covers their bodies, with the same general range of colors as their skin. Generally speaking, they have two eyes, two ears, and a large pointed nose. However, that’s not always the case – there have been reports of trolls with 3, 4, even 5 eyes and/or ears, and two or more noses. All trolls, however, have a huge mouth full of jagged, shark-like teeth.

Trolls are incredibly strong, able to tear their prey apart with ease. They have razor-sharp talons on their hands. Their skin is tough and rubbery, providing protection even from the sharpest weapons. And worse, they have the ability to heal nearly any damage within minutes. To be sure of killing a troll, you have to hack it to pieces, and then (to be doubly sure it’s dead) you should burn the carcass. More than one unlucky group of monster hunters learned, to their horror, that even a “dead” troll often doesn’t stay that way.

Perhaps because their body is constantly regenerating, trolls are always ravenously hungry. They are carnivores by preference, but they will eat anything they find — carrion, fruit, leaves and branches, pretty much anything. Trolls are even known to eat rocks if they’re hungry enough.

Trolls are considered a great hazard, and if one moves into the area everyone will mobilize to drive it away or kill it. Monster hunters can make a good deal of money by killing trolls, since even the poorest village will pay anything they can afford to get rid of one.


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