The Castle Grayhaven

Grayhaven is the name of the Baron of Foxton’s castle. It is situated just east of the Platinum Hills. The castle sits on top of a roughly triangular spur of dark gray granite that thrusts out amid the low rolling hills of the area.

(The granite spur is the remnants of a volcano that lived and died hundreds of thousands of years ago).

The castle was built in stages over the past 200 years. Originally, it was a wooden stockade on top of the granite spur. Due to bandit, monster, and Giant activity in the area, they build what is now called the Inner Keep, a four story square stone structure, to protect the lord and his family. Eventually, they rebuilt the wooden picket around the perimeter of the keep with thick stone walls, and then added the Old Tower, then the Inner Tower, the West Tower, and the South Tower.

As the barony grew, so too did the castle. The current Baron’s grandfather began building the mighty curtain wall that surrounds the castle, adding the Gatehouse and several new defensive towers. Finally, he added the Watchtower on the south part of the granite spur, to better keep an eye on Foxtown.

The baron’s father, Link, built the manor house, and the family moved out of the Inner Keep. The manor house is filled with all the most modern amenities, and is much more comfortable than the Inner Keep ever was.

Grayhaven is considered one of the great feats of Demorian engineering. The castle easily withstood the attacks by the Giant clans 30 years ago, so much so that the Giants today refer to it as “The Unbreakable” in their own language.

The outer courtyard is virtually a small village by itself. A great many artisans and tradesmen (and their families) make their home there, making vital supplies for the castle. It’s always bustling with people going about their day-to-day activities. Grayhaven imports a vast amount of food from the surrounding villages, which is prepared for the people who live here or stored for later use (and to hedge against any possible trouble).

There is a village at the foot of the granite spur, near the road to Foxtown, known as Granite Village. The people there tend the baron’s flocks and his orchards. The other three sides of the castle are surrounded by fields, pastures, and fruit trees.

The Castle Grayhaven

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