The Baron's Titles

As befits a nobleman of powerful lineage, the Baron of Foxton has a number of titles and positions. His official title is as follows:

Lord Matthieu du Clef, Baron of Foxton, of the Keys to the Second Gate, Holder by Ancient Tenure, Warden of the Royal Mint, Lord Protector of the Pilgrim’s Road and General of the Hospital, Guardian of the Silver Forest, Scourge of Inhumans, High Ambassador of His Royal Highness the King

The Keys to the Second Gate: It is assumed this title refers to the Castle Grayhaven and its two massive gates. No one really seems to know this for sure, though.

Holder by Ancient Tenure: This is a bit of a hyperbolic title, as the Barony of Foxton has been around for less than 200 years, so it’s not exactly “ancient”.

Warden of the Royal Mint: Foxton is one of three places in Demoria where Demorian coins are minted, so the Baron is the Warden of one of those three Royal Mints.

Lord Protector of the Pilgrim’s Road: The Pilgrim’s Road passes through Foxton; the Baron is officially charged with maintaining it and protecting those who travel upon it.

General of the Hospital: As Crow’s Head Mountain is a shrine of Durom, god of healing, it also boasts a famed hospital. Though the Baron does not have any priviliges on Crow’s Head Mountain or the shrine thereon, he is charged with its protection.

Guardian of the Silver Forest: This is a title held by several nobles, all of whom hold lands within the Silver Forest. The King has jurisdiction over the Silver Forest; holders of this title are charged with defending his lands and rights.

Scourge of Inhumans: The Baron’s father picked up this title during the war against the Giants, some 30 years ago.

High Ambassador: The current Baron was the King’s ambassador for many years; he still holds this honorary title.

The Baron's Titles

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