Ogres are large humanoid creatures, ranging from 7-9 feet (2.15-2.75 meters) tall and weighing up to 500 pounds (225 kg). They tend to be broad-shouldered and powerfully built. Their skin tone follows the normal human range, from dark coffee to olive to ruddy to pale. Likewise, their hair ranges from black to brown to blonde.

Unlike many of the sub-human races, Ogres are every bit as intelligent as any human, elf, or dwarf. They have no problem learning new languages, working in metals, or engaging in trade. There are many Ogres who even know Thaumic magic.

Most people think Ogres are a race of semi-human creatures, much like Giants or Goblins. Strangely, no one has ever reported seeing a tribe, village, or even a community of Ogres. They are solitary creatures. They sometimes find themselves masters of a tribe of sub-humans (due to their great strength and great intelligence), but there seem to be no Ogre lands. Where do they come from? Where are their homelands? Why are there so few of them? No one knows these answers.

The truth is, Ogres are not a race of creatures. They are human beings who are cursed with a strange affliction which causes them to grow uncontrollably. This curse or disease generally strikes shortly before puberty, when the child is around 10-12 years old. An Ogre child feels a compulsion to run away from people during this time, becoming solitary. They have ravenous appetites and very short tempers for the next decade or so – which may account for the stories of Ogre berserkers.

After this growth spurt, Ogres calm down a bit (though many never forgive their fellow humans for rejecting them). They may become mercenaries, bodyguards, or any profession that allows them to roam freely. They tend to not want to settle in one place for very long. This stage of their life can last decades, and they may never outgrow it, roaming from place to place, selling their great strength to any who can afford them.

Ogres tend to live a very long time (if they aren’t killed by violence). 100 years is not uncommon, and there are those who are said to be up to 150 years old. In the later stages of their lives, they tend to settle down. They often find some out-of-the-way village or primitive tribe, and bully or connive their way into a position of leadership. Some Ogres are genuine protectors of their adopted peoples; others are cruel tyrants.


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