Magical Healing in Temoris

Healing magic in Temoris isn’t like D&D. It’s not, “Alakazam, poof, all your hitpoints are back!”

Healing spells are amazing things, especially in a medieval world. They can prevent someone from dying, they can get a wounded warrior quickly back in fighting trim… but they don’t instantly seal up wounds like they never happened.

What healing spells do is fourfold: They numb pain, they slow bleeding, they help prevent infection, and they reduce shock. Additionally, they can speed the body’s natural healing processes. All of these things taken together mean that people can survive injuries that they otherwise couldn’t have. But if you’ve got an arrow sticking out of your chest, a healer still has to remove that arrow. If you’ve got a broken leg, a healer still has to set it. If you’re bleeding, a healer still has to suture the wound. These things require the Paramedics and PS: Surgery skill (often at penalties, depending on how bad the wound is).

Additionally, even healing magic can only do so much. I think Gunn and Niahm both have 2d6 Healing. That means that the most they can heal is 4 points of BODY (and that’s 4 points total, not 4 points each). So if you’re at -8 BODY (like poor Richard was), even magic healing isn’t going to bring him above 0. More powerful spells obviously heal better; they stop more of the pain, they slow or even stop the bleeding, they completely prevent shock and infection; the really powerful ones even jump-start the natural healing process and actually start to mend wounds.

So even with healing magic, there’s no guarantee that a badly injured person will survive. I definitely recommend the healer characters make sure their Paramedics and PS: Surgery skills are reasonably high, because those can be just as important as your spellcasting roll.

Magical Healing in Temoris

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