The Giants of the Platinum Hills
The Giants of the Platinum Hills are a primitive folk, considered to be not very bright by most. They live in massive yurts, which they carry with them wherever they go. They can tan hides and flint-knap simple weapons, and they sing songs and have some primitive art, but for the most part they are not a “civilized” people. Think of them as being something like stone-age men. They cannot work iron, have no written language, do not farm, and do not build permanent structures.

The Giant territories are far into the hills and forests. There’s some overlap with human territories (especially the far outlying mine camps), but not much – most people want to stay the hell away from something that big! The Giants are migratory; they winter in the Silver Forest and come back to the Platinum Hills in the summertime, following the herds.

Giants range from about 4-5 meters in height. They tend to be slightly hunched, with broad shoulders and thick arms. Their ears and noses are quite large, their jaws are prodigious, and their brows are sloped. They tend to be very hairy (both men and women), and wear only loincloths or primitive togas made of skins. They are known to keep both bears and wolves as pets and companions, though that is the extent of their domestication talents – they are not herdsmen. They use clubs, stone axes, and stone-tipped spears as their primary weapons, and they have mastered the use of the atlatl.

Giants are a patriarchal race, with men holding all the power. Women are seen as property. Great chiefs show off their status by having multiple wives.

They are omnivores, foraging and hunting for their food. They keep on the move all the time because a large clan of Giants can clear the food out of an area very quickly. They love human food and will barter for it (or steal it) when possible.

The War of the Giants
Some 30+ years ago, a great Giant chief named Nonsra was clever and charismatic enough to unite several clans. The united clans built a great stronghold deep in the Platinum Hills, from whence they launched frequent raids on the human settlements of the area. They burned several villages, and even threatened Foxtown and Grayhaven.

The Baron at the time (Baron Link du Clef) summoned a group of monster hunters, who followed Nonsra back to his lair, killed him, and burned down his fortress. This broke the will of the other Giants, who scattered. Humans and Giants have lived in relative peace since then, with only a few skirmishes here and there.

The center of the Giants’ territory is a place called the Valley of the Steading. This is where Nonsra built his stronghold all those years back. It’s a wide valley, partially sheltered from the winds, filled with tall grass. Herds migrate through here, followed by the Giants who hunt them. Today, the only thing that remains of the great fortress is a slab of stone that was its foundation.


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