Flynn the Revenant

Flynn was a teenaged kid in the small village of Golden. His parents were poor farmers; people of the land who didn’t have much use for learning or dreaming. But Flynn was a dreamer, and a smart boy. He wasn’t suited for the life he was born into, and he suffered for it.

Moreover, he wasn’t well-liked by his peers. He was gawky and skinny and awkward, and much more intelligent than any of them, which made him the target of their fun. He grew up miserable. His only friend was Father Ethelred, the village priest and schoolmaster. Ethelred encouraged him, as he grew older, to leave Golden and seek his fortune elsewhere, some place where they might appreciate his gifts.

And so, when he turned 18, he decided to take the priest up on that idea. He packed up to leave town. But before he went, he had to say goodbye to his childhood crush, Darla (daughter of the mayor). His schoolyard rivals (Alfie, Rich Miller, Stew Golden, Jer and Jeb Jeffreyson, and Penn Smithson) heard that he visited her, so they confronted him just outside of town.

The argument turned into a pushing match, and Alfie pushed Flynn a little too hard. He fell over backwards and hit his head against a rock. The boys panicked. They didn’t know what to do. The wrapped Flynn’s body in a burlap sack, weighted it down with rocks, and threw it into the deepest part of the local fishing pond. And that was it. Everyone assumed Flynn had left town. The boys did their best to forget about it. And life continued.

Until the spring, when Alfie was found dead; viciously beaten and strangled. The Baron’s men investigated and came to the conclusion that the murder was committed by a notorious local bandit known as Big Pete. Pete was hanged for his crime.

But it didn’t end there. Stew left Golden and came to Foxtown, where he became a stable-hand at a local watering hole (The Blue Shield). A few weeks later, he was found dead — apparently, he hanged himself.

Evidence was mounting that something supernatural was involved; the police and the Baron’s guard were frantic to discover what was going on. Then Jeb and Jer stole two horses and fled town, heading east on the Pilgrim’s Road. Their bodies were found the next day, apparently thrown off their horses, with their necks broken.

It was only then that the Baron’s guard learned what had happened to Flynn. They knew that he had come back as a vengeful spirit, to kill those who had taken his miserable life. They brought the surviving boys, plus Darla, to the Baron’s castle for protection. But even that didn’t stop Flynn. At night, there was a terrible storm, and he arrived.

There was an awful fight, pitting the supernatural powers of the undead wraith against the faith and magic of the Baron’s men, but in the end the Revenant Flynn was destroyed and his spirit sent to whatever lies beyond.

Flynn the Revenant

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