Draconian Organization

Sabreur Corps
The Sabreur (“Sword”) Corps is the largest corps in the Draconians. It is made up of men-at-arms, warriors who are not trained in the arts of magic or theology. This is the backbone of the army, serving in every category. Although every officer in the army is trained in basic combat techniques, the Sabreur Corps makes it a point of pride to be among the best fighting men in Demoria (especially at non-lethal combat techniques).

Thaumaturgic Corps
Those police officers who study the arts of Thaumic magic join the Thaumaturgical Corps. They are given advanced training in the types of magic that help them in their job of enforcing the peace and defending the nation.

Theologic Corps
Priests of the Trinity make up the bulk of the Theologic Corps, serving as healers and spiritual advisors to the Draconians. Some paladins (those who are of a more cerebral bent) will join the Theologic Corps as well.

Espionage Corps
Technically, any profession can join the Espionage Corps, although their ranks are mostly made up of Jacks, whose special skills prove invaluable at gathering information for the police officers to act upon.

Epoptic Corps
The smallest of the corps, the Epoptic (from an old Demorian word meaning “Druid”) Corps is made up of priests of the Druidic faith. They fill much the same role as the Theologic Corps, although they are generally assigned to more rural districts, where their special connection with the forces of nature come in handy.

Diplomatic Corps
The Demorian Diplomatic Corps isn’t really a part of the Draconians, although all diplomats and ambassadors receive similar training to that of the police officers. The Diplomatic Corps represents Demorian interests abroad, negotiating trade treaties, intervening in conflicts, and otherwise doing the bidding of the King.

Draconian Organization

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