The Elvish legend of where Chimerae come from
Eris, the youngest daughter of Aides (god of death), was a goddess of stunning beauty — a White Elf with lustrous black hair and pale white skin. She wished to join the council as well, but the other gods wouldn’t let her. They disliked her brother Enyalios (god of war) and feared that she would be as disruptive as he was.

At this dismissal, Eris grew so angry that her black hair turned as red as fire. She ran into the woods, where she swore she would become an even greater hunter than Hekatos or Diana. She tracked and killed three animals — a giant snake, a raging lion, and a huge goat. But she found this hunt much too easy, so the took parts from the three animals, glued them together with clay, breathed life into this new monster, and named it Chimera. Pleased with her handiwork, she began creating more and more creatures to hunt, and soon the woods were filled with fierce beasts.

The beasts took to raiding the Elves, who prayed to Hekatos for deliverance. Hekatos came to save his people, but the monsters were so strong that even he couldn’t kill them. He tracked them back to their source and found his cousin. He begged her to stop the monsters, but she refused. He then offered her a position on the council, but again she refused. Finally, he offered her anything she desired. She told him that she wanted a people of her own, and to be free from his rules and laws forever. “So long as you promise to never rise up against me,” Hekatos answered, “What you ask shall be yours.” Eris claimed half of Hekatos’ people and took them into the deepest part of the wood. She showed them how to dye their skin green to help them hide in the foliage, and she taught them the secrets of the hunt — and thus were born the Green Elves. And to this day, there are so few White Elves because Hekatos gave half of his people away in order to save them.

The word “Chimera” is used to describe any number of different creatures. The only distinguishing feature of chimerae is that they have no distinguishing features. They can be as large as an elephant or as small as a black bear. They can have legs or tentacles or wings (or all three, or no limbs at all). Often, they resemble two or more different creatures merged together into an ugly, frightening whole — like a bear combined with an octopus, or an eagle crossed with a snake. Chimera are often venomous, although the poison can have a variety of affects depending on the creature (from paralytic to deadly).

Chimera tend to be aggressive and territorial, and will viciously defend their territory from any incursion. They are usually carnivorous, and will often prey on livestock. Thus, they are considered a great threat to civilized areas, and are killed or driven away whenever possible.

No one really knows where Chimerae come from. Some speculate that they were sent by the gods as punishment (or to challenge would-be heroes). Others say they are the result of some wild magic surge that fused two unlike animals into one single monster. Others say they are a part of nature, and they feed, mate, and breed like any other animal (although their gene-lines must be very malleable to create the variety of creatures we see).


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