Brallian Wrathchilde

Brallian is the middle son of the Wrathchilde family, a noble family who owned land in the Golden Plains, the south part of Demoria. As a young man, Brallian had great ambitions, seeking power in any way possible. Unfortunately, as the middle son, he did not stand to inherit his family’s power or wealth.

Until the eldest son met an unfortunate accident while out riding. Brallian became the heir. But to solidify his power, he had to eliminate his only other rival, his younger brother Damien. He hired an assassin to make it look like an “accident,” and he thought that was the end of his little brother.

A few years later, Brallian’s father was killed in a hunting accident and his mother died shortly afterwards. Brallian assumed control of the lands, but was killed by a group of Marechals (Draconian special forces). They had learned that he had been practicing necromancy and the manor had burned down in the fight. Because there was no one else to lay claim to the lands and title, the crown seized control.

But that wasn’t the end of Brallian. He had learned much of the ways of life and death, and he somehow survived the inferno. He felt himself drawn towards the Platinum Hills, where to his surprise he learned that his little brother had survived, and was now working directly for the Baron here.

Brallian knows that he must keep his presence here a complete secret, as Necromancy is punishable by death. But he could not resist revealing himself to Damien. Thus far, Damien has only told one other person that his brother is still alive — the Baron.

What is Brallian doing in this area? No one knows for certain (perhaps not even Brallian himself). But it is certain that something big is about to happen, and Brallian intends to have a ringside seat when it does.

Brallian Wrathchilde

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