Big Pete

Big Pete was a large, brutish, and particularly violent member of Nobbin’s bandit gang. During the winter months, when the gang breaks up to go their own way, he holed up in an abandoned miner’s cabin in the foothills, not too far from the village of Golden.

He sneaked into the village at night to steal food and supplies as needed. One night in early spring, he came into the village in the early morning hours and was paralyzed with fear when he saw a tall, gaunt figure carrying a body past him through the woods. Though not very smart by any means, he knew he had just witnessed something terrible — more terrible than anything he had ever done. He fled back to the hills and remained at his cabin until a few days later, when the authorities from Foxtown came to arrest him.

Never one to go down without a fight, Big Pete tried his hardest to escape — but he was surrounded and outnumbered, and was beaten down and arrested.

Big Pete was taken back to Castle Grayhaven, where he was questioned by the Baron and the police. He admitted his guilt in the murder of Alfie Jr, and was scheduled to be tried for the crime a few days later.

In private, he admitted to his defense attorney that he had nothing to do with Alfie’s murder, that some horrible creature or revenant had done it. Quion Rake vowed to pursue the case vigorously, but Big Pete told him that after what he had seen in the woods, he wasn’t sure he wanted to live anymore anyway.

During the trial, Quion argued passionately that Big Pete was innocent, and very nearly swayed the judges. However, Big Pete took the stand and admitted his guilt (to Quion’s dismay and horror). Big Pete was sentenced to hang.

A few days later, the sentence was carried out. The police were there in force, fearing that Nobbin’s gang would attempt a rescue. However, Big Pete addressed the crowd, saying that even though he was going to his death, there were worse things out there in the hills and that nobody would be safe again, ever. There was no rescue attempt, and Big Pete was hanged to death. His body was buried in a potter’s grave outside the city walls.

Big Pete

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