Ancient History of Foxton

The Alvhair (or Elves) were among the first civilized people. Three millennia ago, they had already built great cities throughout the west, places of learning and magic. They were already flirting with the idea of democracy, and the various city-states were beginning to unify under a single banner.

Humanity was still in a state of barbarism. In fact, many Elves regarded them as little more than animals. But they were growing bold, setting out to explore the world around the Sylvan Gulf, building settlements and colonies wherever they landed. The Elves resisted human intrusions; they called this time “The Animal Invasions,” and fought back, driving the humans away when they could.

Humans built settlements along the coastlines in whatever lands the Elves didn’t care for, and eventually, the two races began to tolerate one another, and even opened trade routes.

Then came the destruction of Skopelos. Skopelos was a small Elvish city on the coast of Sard. It was destroyed by human raiders, and its destruction inflamed the passions and wrath of the Elves.

The Elves are patient and love debate, so there was no immediate action. There were two sides to the debate. One side wished to drive humanity away from the lands of the Elves forever; to punish them for their audacity; to put fear into their hearts so they would never stand against the Elves again. The other side wanted to work alongside humanity, to establish stronger relationships with them, to work together with them in order to destroy the pirates and raiders who committed this crime. “Humans are here to stay,” they said. “We cannot kill all of them, so we have to learn to live with them.”

The debate raged for two hundred years — a mere eyeblink in the life of an Elf. But soon, the time for words was over. The Black Elves (as they came to be called, because of the black banners they marched under) began attacking and destroying every human settlement and ship they could find, making no distinction between trader and pirate, warrior and civilian. The other Elves, furious at this, went to war with their own brethren.

After a long and bloody strife known today as the Kindred Wars, the Black Elves were defeated. Their capital, the mighty city of Zakynthos, was burned to the ground. The Black Elf leaders and their followers fled deep into the Uruk mountains, and have vanished from history.

The Kindred Wars devastated the Elves’ empire. They were never all that numerous to begin with, and the war killed thousands of them. Many of their great cities had been burned. The Elves found they could no longer hold their vast territory against human settlement. The bold and adventurous humans slowly drove the Elves from the lands that they once called home — just as the Black Elves had predicted. However the remaining Elves, in their wisdom, realized that they themselves had been the authors of their defeat. They could not blame humanity for their own mistakes, and so they surrendered many of their former holdings peacefully.

Zakynthos was the seat of power for those Elves who wished to destroy mankind, the Black Elves; this city was home to the instigators of the Kindred Wars. According to legend, it stood somewhere in the north part of the Silver Forest. Zakynthos was destroyed at the end of the Kindred Wars. It was never re-settled, and its location was lost centuries ago. Now, it seems, it may have been somewhere around here, about a week north of Foxton…

Ancient History of Foxton

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