The Chronicles of Foxton

The Foxton Irregulars
The Foxton PD deals with a threat to the city

Less Blood, More Zombies
Lt. Niamh gathered the small group known as the Irregulars, the Captain had increased the number of patrols in the surrounding area due to the Chimera threat. And no one else wanted to go into the sewers.

Niamh led her team down into the sewers in search of the missing worker, affectionately known as Stinky. The group headed into the sewers, cautiously making their way down the shin deep sludge. They had the uneasy feeling of being constantly watched in the gloom of the tunnels. The only other creatures to be found in the deep shadows were rats, most of which skittered away at the approach of the Draconian group.

It was Sergeant Will that spotted the shadow of movement down one of the side tunnels. No sooner did he alert the others than a group of men rose off the floor and appeared out of the deep shadows in the tunnels.

Sergeant Will shouted for their surrender, he received no response. Suddenly the things were upon them. The group of Draconians, those that were not taken completely by surprise at the sudden appearances, were attacked. As a precaution Silverstone cast a spell of agility upon Uri. Will and Bennie were both struck by their attackers, Bennie being hurt in the chest and leg in the process.

The Draconians, being attacked, moved on the offensive now. Tunnelmouse moved around behind the creature attacking Will, and stabbed it in a kidney, the thing did not even appear to notice. Silverstone cast a bright flashing light into the face of one of the creatures – fully revealing to the group in the light that they were not dealing with men, but zombies. James, because zombies don’t have blood, drew his sword and charged forward, knocking one of the things down. Bennie, holding the line with James, knocked down a second zombie. Uri found himself on the defensive at the back of the group against two zombies, both of which could not hit the nimble barbarian. Niamh had only one zombie to deal with and easily got out of the way of its strike. The two creatures facing James and Bennie stood up. James took a blow to one arm his armor protecting him from being cut, Bennie’s heavy armor protected him completely.

Tunnelmouse continued to stab at the zombie in front of him, while Uri smashed one of his attackers in the chest. Silverstone cast a spell of Might upon James while Niamh enchanted her blade. James brought his sword down, nearly taking a zombie’s arm off at the shoulder, Bennie easily blocked the attack of the zombie upon him. James took a solid hit that didn’t get through his armor, Niamh took a hit to the head and fell into the muck, out cold. Will was able to evade the zombie between himself and Tunnelmouse, Uri was left undamaged by the one zombie on him that did connect.

Tunnelmouse struck the zombie between him and Will again, still to no effect. Silverstone took the opportunity to cast a Might Spell upon the halfling while Uri continued to pound one of the zombies in the chest. James moved to help Niamh, but was unable to call forth his magics. Bennie, taking advantage of being able to grab ahold of the zombie from its previous attack slammed it into the zombie James had just been fighting. Both of them managed to stand back up, but nothing else. The creature that had knocked down Niamh took aim at James, knocking him out as well. Uri and Will were able to dodge their attackers.

Tunnelmouse manage to stab the zombie in the head, while Will swept its legs out from under it. Uri continued to beat the zombie in the midsection. Silverstone, believing overkill is a viable option, cast Might upon the barbarian. Bennie, noticing he was flanked and with two comrades down grabbed Niamh and James and dragged both of them to close ranks with his comrades, taking a hit from the zombie that had just knocked out Niamh and James. Uri continued to evade the zombies, and Tunnelmouse was able to shrug off a hit from the zombie clambering to its feet.

Tunnelmouse removed the zombies ear with a swipe of his blade, while Uri once again bashed a zombie in the chest. Silverstone cast another Might spell on Bennie, though the magic wasn’t as effective as it could have been due to Bennie’s Dwarven nature, he attempted to push the zombie away, finding he could only shove the thing a foot or so. Uri dodged, again, while Tunnelmouse took a hit to his arm that drew blood. James, waking up just in time to roll out of the way of one zombie, lost his glove (but not his hand) to the other.

Tunnelmouse was finally able to drop a zombie with one last hit to the head, Will moved to draw one of the creatures off Bennie and James. Silverstone cast might on Niamh who was regaining consciousness. Uri hit the same zombie again, Niamh stood and sliced at a zombies leg. James was able to hit another creature in the head, Bennie missed the zombie targeted. Uri took another ineffective hit from a zombie, both Bennie and James took hits to the shoulder, luckily their armor saved them. Will was able to dodge the zombie that he got the attention of and tried to hit it in the head.

Tunnelmouse moved on to assist Uri against his two attackers, not doing much harm. Silverstone cast Might on James again, Niamh was able to hit one of the zombies in the arm. Uri finally finished off the zombie he’d been hacking at the whole time. James swung his sword and decapitated another zombie. Bennie double teamed the zombie Niamh had hit and knocked it down. The remaining zombie on Uri missed him, while James took a hit to the chest. The zombie Bennie knocked down took a swipe at the dwarf, but missed. Will dodged the last zombie, and counter-struck by crushing the thing’s face inwards, taking it down.

Tunnelmouse missed the zombie he was attacking, Will moved to fight the zombie Niamh and Bennie were attacking and smashed it in the head. Silverstone cast another Might spell upon Tunnelmouse. Niamh’s swing went wide, while Uri took off his zombies left hand. James’ swing also went wide on the same zombie Niamh missed. It was unable to escape everyone’s attacks, and Bennie dealt the final blow, the zombie collapsed to the muck. The last zombie was unable to hit Uri.

Tunnelmouse missed again, Will made sure the zombie Bennie felled wasn’t ever reanimating. Silverstone recast Might on Uri, and Niamh enchanted Tunnelmouse’s weapon. Uri and James ganged up on the zombie, but both missed, Bennie moved to join the fight. The zombie, surrounded, was unable to hit Uri.

Tunnelmouse slashed out and ripped a hole in the creatures side, with a mighty batle cry Uri hauled back and gave the zombie such a massive hit the whole of the upper torso and head splattered – the final zombie’s remains dropped to the muck with a plop.

After the fight James set about healing everyone’s bruises and cuts while the others inspected the corpses. They found the body of Stinky, and determined the rest of the zombies were homeless. James blessed the bodies while a cart was obtained to get the bodies back to HQ discretely.

James reported to Father Crispin to get some insight into the undead. Father Crispin felt they were ghouls, similar to zombies but instead of being created just spontaneously form.

Will and Silverstone reported their findings of Stinky to the Sewer Workers, and warned them of the threat.

Lieutenant Niamh reported her findings to the Baron, who seemed most concerned with the appearance of the undead.

Damien: Madame Risha

Madame Risha walked into the small room and shut the door behind her. This was her private office, her small little sanctuary. As she locked the door, the sun was just starting to break over the horizon, filling the office with light. The brightness of the dawn caused her head to hurt. She was in no mood for the morning to come so she swayed over to the window and shut the curtains. It had been a long night, and all she wanted to do was sleep. Running the house and protecting the girls was exhausting. She called them her girls, but being in her mid twenties, many of her girls were older than her. Her bed was calling to her but she knew that she needed to take care of a few things first. As she lit the candle that was next to her, she heard the chair behind her desk creek.

“Who’s there?” she demanded as a knife materialized in her hand.

“A friend.” Came a calm and soothing voice.

“My friends don’t sneak into my office uninvited.”

“I’m a new friend,” said the dark figure as he sat forward in the chair. “And I don’t know all the rules yet.”

“I will teach you the rules.” She said wryly, as she seemingly put the knife away. “Now what can I do for my ‘New Friend’?”

“I need information. Not anything in particular, just a constant feed; and because of your particular business, I could think of no better person that would have the kind of connections that I am looking for.”

“And what kind of connections are those?” She raised an eyebrow in apprehension.

“The kind that doesn’t discriminate based on anything.” Risha was satisfied with the answer.

“What are you looking for?”

“I just need to know…everything.”

“I see that you don’t want much. Anything else.”

“Only that any information that you do come across, comes to me and me alone.” His voice lowered into dead seriousness.

“What is in this for me?” She said as she considered his terms.

“I have connections with very influential people. Some of which could probably be persuaded to look the other way when certain things happen. Assuming that the dues have been paid.”

Risha considered this for a moment. Paying for protection was getting expensive. Information was cheap to come by and if this worked out like she hoped her pockets might be lined with more gold. She liked the prospect, but dealing in information and secrets had its own dangers.

“And who are these influential people?” She questioned, trying to see if he was lying about his contacts and to see if he might slip a name.

“If you think me a liar, then I will leave and you will never see me again.” The cloaked figure began to stand up.

“Wait.” She raised her hand to stay him. His tone caused her to believe his words. “I will take this deal, but I expect to be protected if things get out of hand with the information that I give you.”


She turned away from the desk. Curving her body as she walked, in the most seductive manner she could in her exhausted state.

“Should we shake on the deal or did you have something else in mind.”

“Madame, I prefer our first meeting to remain strictly professional, at least in my idea of professional.”

“And how will I get a hold of you? What do I call you?”

“I am always around. I will find you. And as for what you can call me…my friends call me Damian.”

As she turned back around, she looked in amazement at the empty chair that was just occupied a second before.

“Damien.” She let the word slid across her lips. She was intrigued by this mysterious figure. It was an odd meeting and she hoped that she had not just made a bad decision.

The Sandman Returns

27 Planting, 960 RM
The Sage Eldamoth’s Shop, Foxton
After Wythri brought Eldamoth back to the shop, she did research on spells that would counteract the Dream Dust Eldamoth had taken. She created a spell that she hoped would at least temporally clear the old sage’s mind. Unable to sleep, least the spell be broken before Eldamoth woke up, she started doing research on the monster she had heard the other night when out with Master Gunn and Lieutenant Niamh. She started looking at the records of magically created creatures, scaring herself slightly in the process. The clanging pots made by Eldamoth making breakfast and bustling about the kitchen drew her out of her reading.

Eldamoth had no memory of being out the previous night, or what had happened recently. He remembered being taken by his old friends and having bad dreams. Eldamoth keep insisting to Wythri that he was fine and in a fit of frustration stomped out of the shop. Wythri followed him into the market where he bought more fruit and baked goods then both of them could eat before returning to the shop and falling asleep again.

1 Birdsong, 960 RM
The whole town and surrounding villages were abuzz with the news that Baron du Clef would be sponsoring a festival and ball at the end of Coolwater. Everyone seemed to be excited and busy preparing for the festivities.

The Draconians stepped up patrols around the barony in an attempt to keep the monster away from the roads and villages. They also warned the populace to stay out of the wood areas. The reports of wolf attacks diminished significantly. They also reassured the populace that professional monster hunters would be arriving in a few weeks.

Wythri went to the temple to make an appointment to talk to Father Crispin regarding Eldamoth’s problem. As Wythri was arriving, she saw Lieutenant Niamh leaving, but did not speak to the Lieutenant.

Those poisoned by the monster spent the rest of the day resting and recovering.

2 Birdsong, 960 RM
The area around Hill Rose
Master Gunn and the Baron’s Mistress of the Hunt, Featherlight Yewstrong, a green elf, kept watch on the monster.

Damien and the others that were poisoned by the monster were feeling much better.

Lieutenant Niamh sees Stew Golden still working at the Blue Shield, the tavern she and “the Irregulars” frequent. Stew does not speak to her, but talking to Martin, the barkeep, Niamh learns that Stew is a hard worker but is probably looking for a better opportunity.

Grey Haven
Baron du Clef was holding court the first few days of the month. Quion Rake had been assigned to assist the Baron on legal matters during this time.

Damien went to the armorer at Grey Haven to order a vest of chainmail armor.

4 Birdsong, 960 RM
When Lieutenant Niamh reported for duty that morning, four sewer workers were present at the station to file a missing person’s report. Lieutenant Niamh took their report outside the station. John “Stinky” Culver was last seen the morning of 25 Planting. He had not returned to the office that evening, which was not unusual, but he had also not reported for duty since then. Lieutenant Niamh learned that Stinky had no family in Foxton. His wife had died some years ago and his two sons had moved to Warford. Stinky did own a small house in the trade district. Lieutenant Niamh sent a message to Quion inquiring if the clerk had meet with Stinky on the evening of 25 Planting as he had planned.

Lieutenant Niamh then took Officer Radley “Tunnelmouse” Jones with her to investigate Stinky’s house. Stinky’s house was located between a pottery merchant and the Coppersmith’s Guild. The house was unoccupied when the two Draconians arrived. Stinky’s house was very tidy, with no signs of struggle or signs that someone had left in a hurry. In the back of the yard was a small shack that Stinky used to wash off before entering the house after work. Lieutenant Niamh then spoke with James Potter, the owner of the pottery shop next to Stinky’s house, but the merchant did not recall the last time he had seen the sewer worker. The same thing was told by Master Copper at the Coppersmith’s Guild, however did offer to buy the property if it became available.

Lieutenant Niamh’s last avenue of investigation for the day was to review the logs keep at the Sewer Worker’s headquarters under City Hall. There was nothing unusual in the reports and the workers there had not seen anything strange, but commented on the fact that they sometimes felt they were being watched. Lieutenant Niamh then requested permission to take a small group into the sewers to look for clues under the Glooms where she and Quion had last seen Stinky.

Bri had spent all of her time after recovering from being poisoned in the Glooms moving from one tavern to another, ignoring Lieutenant Niamh’s warning about the area.

Wythri returned to the temple for her appointment with Father Crispin. Father Crispin suggested Eldamoth stay at the temple so a cure could be found for him, if Wythri could convince the sage to come to the temple in the first place. Wythri returned to the shop to find Eldamoth brewing three potions at the same time, a very difficult task. The old sage was making a potion of fire residence, a charm potion, and a potion of location. Wythri helped the sage with the potions and once the fire resistance potion was completed,

Eldamoth sent Wythri to sell the fire residence potion to Gloril the dwarven blacksmith. Wythri left the shop, but instead of selling the potion, she bought some fruit for Eldamoth. When she returned to the shop, she found that Eldamoth had taken the location potion and heading for the Glooms so she followed him. Eldamoth headed straight for a tavern like the one Wythri was almost kidnapped from, and entered by asking to see “the horse.” Wythri slipped in after Eldamoth. Eldamoth sat down next to a man Wythri could not see and witnessed an exchange between the two. Then the man turned so Wythri could see his face, it was the horse faced man, Leth, they fought before. Leth saw and recognized Wythri who quickly teleported out of the tavern. Not wanting to abandon Eldamoth, Wythri used her magic to cast a bump of direction spell on herself so she could find her way back to the tavern, taking note of the directions as she went. As she was heading toward the tavern, she saw a very large black horse in the street and the street was deserted. Frightened, Wythri teleported to the top of a roof, only to find Leth already there. Leth told Wythri that he needed Eldamoth to help him, but Wythri was annoying him. Leth offered to give Wythri control over her powers if he could use Eldamoth for what he needed. Leth promised that no harm would come to Eldamoth while the sage assisted him about a month. Wythri agreed to Leth’s arrangement, for the moment.

Damien found Wythri in a state of panic and took her to his house to calm her down. Wythri explained what was happening to Damien. Worried about Eldamoth, Damien and Wythri returned to Eldamoth’s shop. They found Eldamoth at home, but passed out in the work area. Damien and Wythri put Eldamoth to bed. They found a large bag of money and a couple of packets of powder. Wythri confirmed that the money had not come from the shop’s funds. While Wythri was cleaning up the charm potion that had been ruined due to Eldamoth leaving it unattended, Wythri told Damien about the origins of chimeras:

The elven goddess of the hunt had gotten bored with hunting mundane animals, so she started combining different animals together to create a new monster. These new monsters were more challenging so she created more of them. Soon the whole forest was full of these monsters and they began harming the elves. The king of the elven gods asked the goddess of the hunt to stop making these monsters, but she refused. The only thing what would appease her was to have her own people, so the green elves were created.

Wythri then remembered that Father Crispin had offered to help Eldamoth, so Damien and Wythri carried the sleeping Eldamoth to the church. Father Crispin asked Wythri for a donation to help the church, so she donated the bag of money Eldamoth had been given. Damien then took Wythri back to the shop and set watch while Wythri slept. Damien also studied the books Wythri had on magical monsters to find the one they had fought.

5 Planting, 960 RM
First thing in the morning, Lieutenant Niamh and her group began exploring the sewers looking for clues as to the disappearance of Stinky.

Later that morning, Damien and Wythri went to Draconian HQ to talk to Lieutenant Niamh, but she had already left.

Monster Mash

27 Planting, 960 RM
Grey Haven, Late Morning
Lady Hawthorne returned from her investigation of the mines and reported her findings to Baron du Clef. She also requested that he leave Quion Rake alone as the Baron was “stressing” the poor man.

The Pilgrim’s Road between Warford and Foxton
Bri Leith, a taleweaver from Kalon, was traveling Demoria. She was retracing her grandmother’s travels and looking for new stories to tell. Talking to the other travelers, the only two interesting pieces of news she learned was that a bandit had been hung in the town of Foxton earlier in the week and there was rumors of a monster killing cattle in the area around the Baron’s Gate that marked the boundary of Foxton.

To: Baron Maththieu d Clef of Foxton; Lady Isobelle Hawthorne, captain of the Baron’s guards; and Captain Uriah Waggoner, Theologic Corp, Foxton Draconian Unit
From: Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, Epoptic Corp, Foxton Draconian unit
Subject: Reported monster activity around the village of Hill Rose.

Background: Over the last several days, villagers have found their cattle killed and mutilated by some unknown creature. They have heard a loud and terrifying screech and have found large tracks in their fields. This was reported to Baron du Clef when he held court on 27 Planting, 960 RM. Concerned that a monster has invaded Foxton, Baron du Clef ordered his forester, Master Wallace Gunn, to investigate and report back. Master Gunn enlisted the help of Lady Hawthorne, captain of the Baron’s guard; Master Quion Rake, Master Damien Wrathchild, and myself and four other officers: Officer Clayton Nolan, Espionage Corp, Officer Rolando Fencer, Sabreur Corp, Officer Jason Hook, Sabreur Corp, and Officer Leland Kicker, Sabreur Corp.

The most effected village of the recent destruction is Hill Rose, which lies west of Foxton close to the Baron’s Gate at the boundary of Foxton. Hill Rose is a small village just off the Pilgrim’s Road and is mostly agricultural. There are vineyards, some farming and herds of sheep and cows.

The investigation: At dawn, on Elfday, 28 Planting, Master Gunn, Master Rake, Lady Hawthorne, Master Wrathchild, and myself and the other Draconian officers, left Foxton for the village of Hill Rose. We arrived at the village close to dusk, all was quiet when we arrived. While I sought to secure lodgings for the group, Lady Hawthorne spoke with Mayor Riley Morgan. Everyone else spread out to look for signs of what was causing the trouble.

The Mayor’s wife, Maddy Morgan, told Lady Hawthorne that a few days ago, she and her children were picking berries south of the village when they heard something in the trees and then they heard a dreadful sound that knocked them down. Mayor Morgan suggested Lady Hawthorne talk to Felix, a cattle herder, who saw tracks in his fields. Mayor Morgan offered to allow Lady Hawthorne to sleep in his house and offered his barn for the rest of us.

Master Rake was sent by Lady Hawthorne to talk to Felix about the tracks in his field. Felix took Master Rake to the field where the tracks had been found. Master Rake sent up a flare to get our attention and we rendezvoused with Master Rake to learn what he had discovered. The tracks in the field were large and had three toes in front and one toe behind. Master Wrathchild determined that the stride of the creature was bigger than a boar and Master Rake could not determine if the creature had four or five legs.

It was decided that a watch would be set. Master Rake took the first watch with Officers Fencer and Hook, and I took the later watch with Officers Noland and Kicker. On the way back to the village Bri Leith, a taleweaver from Kalon, approached us. She asked if she could document the investigation and Lady Hawthorne agreed. During the first watch, Master Rake got the feeling that something watching him, but did not see anything unusual.

During my watch, we also felt something watching us. I was about to determine if there was any magic in the area when the creature screeched. Of note, this is the same sound Master Gunn, Wythri Majaera, and myself heard on the evening of 25 Planting, while tracking a pack of wolves. Lady Hawthorne, Master Rake, Master Wrathchild, and Mistress Leith also heard the creature and joined our group with the other two officers. We rendezvoused just outside of a group of trees.

Master Wrathchild, Master Gunn, and Mistress Leith started tracking the beast. In a small clearing, we encountered the creature. This monster is like nothing any of us have seen before. It is large, larger than a barn, with a long neck that ended in a large maw filled with tentacles. Its cry is very terrifying when heard close up. Master Wrathchild, Mistress Leith, and Officer Noland were injured by the tentacles, which injected a poison into the wound causing paralysis. Master Rake and Mistress Leith determined the creature be some sort of chimera, a blending of several creatures. We did little damage to the creature, although we were not trying to kill it, just drive it away from us.

We returned to Foxton this morning and Baron du Clef has sent a message to Warford requesting the help of professional monster hunters to deal with this creature. Master Gunn has remained in Hill Rose to keep track of the creature. Lady Hawthorne estimates that there should be a response to Baron du Clef’s message by 10 Birdsong.

Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, Epoptic Corp, Foxton Draconian unit

WANTED: Monster Hunters
5,000 silver florins for the destruction of an unusual creature in the Barony of Foxton. Picture below. Interested parties should report to Baron Matthieu du Clef at Grey Haven castle.

Baron du Clef also asked Lady Hawthorne to invite Bri Leith to Grey Haven to be introduced. Lieutenant Niamh let Lady Hawthorne know that Bri was staying with her at Derry Dale.

It’s Cold and There Are Wolves Out There

25 Planting, 960 RM
First thing in the morning, Quion traveled to Foxton to speak with Niamh. He found her at home, beginning her day. He asked her to help him find a family for Cici, his new apprentice. Niamh asked why his apprentice would need a home, and Quion stated that according to his projections, he should be expired in six months and wanted to insure Cici would be taken care of. Niamh tried to convince him that having an apprentice should not be an issue. Quion was unconvinced and changed the subject by stating that he was going to investigate the tunnels by Leth’s house as the Draconians had not done so. Niamh agreed to accompany him, but needed to stop at the Sage Eldamoth’s shop briefly.

Master Gunn had been tracking some wolves that seemed to be more intelligent than normal wolves. They had avoided his traps and moved on to another village when the village they were stalking drew too much attention. Master Gunn went to the Sage Eldamoth’s shop to ask if there was any information on this type of wolf. Wythri agreed to do the research for him and send the bill to the Baron. Wythri found some information on storm wolves, but they were not native to this area. She then went to City Hall to conduct some different research, but got distracted by a clerk there.

Niamh and Quion found the Sage’s Eldamoth’s shop closed, so they proceeded to Leth’s house and entered the sewers looking for a route the criminals would have taken to escape. After exploring for a short time, they encounter Stinky, a sewer worker. He and Quion talk about how the sewer worked and Quion asked to meet with him later to make a map of the sewer. Stinky then lead Quion and Niamh out of the sewers telling them to stay out.

Both Gunn and Niamh (who had cleaned up after being in the sewer) arrived at the Sage Eldamoth’s shop at the same time. Wythri told Master Gunn what she had learned. Master Gunn also asked Wythri and Niamh to help him keep lookout that night at the Johnson’s farm and both agreed. Before Niamh could talk to Wythri, Eldamoth called for Wythri’s assistance so Niamh left.

Quion returned to Grey Haven, and cleaned himself off as best he could. He asked Cici what she had finished while he was gone and what she liked. Cici replied that she liked being outdoors and Quion asked if she liked horses, which she said she did. Quion took Cici to the stables and asked the master there to teach Cici how to ride, as she may be required to deliver messages. Niamh arrived at Grey Haven and was allowed to see the garden, but the Baron was in meetings and did not meet her. She wrote a note to the Baron with her thoughts on his garden before she left.

That night, Master Gunn, Wythri, and Niamh arrived at the Johnson’s farm to watch for the wolves. The shepherds had brought in their flocks for the night. Master Gunn had set an obvious trap in an effort to try and draw the wolves to a certain point. Niamh and Wythri hid in nearby trees. Niamh was not very well hidden, but very watchful. After a while, they heard the wolves howling from the hills, some distance away, just to the north. They spotted the wolves starting to approach the pasture, but suddenly there was a very loud and terrifying shriek that sent the wolves running, birds flying, and the sheep panicking. Master Gunn calmed the livestock and the farmer down. Wythri cast a spell to see into the distance, but did not see anything out of the ordinary that would have caused such a horrific sound. On their way back to town, Niamh walked briefly with Wythri and apologized for upsetting her the previous evening. Wythri sternly told Niamh to keep Eldamoth’s condition to herself, which Niamh had been planning to do anyway.

26 Planting, 960 RM
Niamh returned to Grey Haven that afternoon, but the Baron was again busy, so Niamh did not stay.

Wythri slept most of the day, but sent a runner to Master Gunn to let him know that she would be happy to help him if he needed. Master Gunn returned the message that there would probably not be much to do for the next couple of nights until he could track down the wolves again. Master Gunn left a message for the Baron as to the happenings of the previous night.

Wythri spent the afternoon doing alchemy research. When she went to take Eldamoth his dinner, she discovered that he was not in his room, or in the shop. Daniel, the carpenter next door, saw Eldamoth pass by just a short time ago, moving with a purpose. Wythri eventually found Eldamoth passed out in an alley in the Glooms. He had traces of white powder about him. After returning him home, Wythri discovered some of their money had been taken.

That evening, Sergeant Will and Officer Silverstone knocked on Niamh’s door. Captain Waggoner had requested she be accompanied to headquarters. Captain Waggoner reinstated Niamh who was to report for duty in the morning. Lieutenant Tower followed Niamh out of the Captain’s office and warned her to watch out for the Baron, because the Baron was crazy. Niamh immediately sent word to the Baron of her reinstatement.

Quion spent the day training Cici, which mostly meant that Cici watch Quion as he worked. Quion also started research on the name of the stranger in his dream.

27 Planting, 960 RM
Niamh returned to duty first thing in the morning and was warmly welcomed back by Sergeant Will, Officer Silverstone, Officer Barechest, and Trainee Jameson. To keep them out of trouble with the Captain, she went on patrol with them.

Master Gunn was summoned by the Baron to Grey Haven. There was a large crowd of peasants in an uproar at court. The Baron told Master Gunn that over the last couple of nights, reports had been coming in of cattle being killed and mutilated, strange howls, and strange shadows. All of this was happening around The Gate (the Baron’s Folly.) The Baron ordered Master Gunn to assemble a team to investigate and take care of the situation as soon as possible. Quion was sent for to map where the attacks had been taking place. The villagers were able to describe the creature’s cry, and they tried to describe the tracks, but not very well. Master Gunn also noted the descriptions of the destruction of the cattle and fences.

Wallace Gunn: Wolf Hunt

In his wanderings around the Baron’s lands, Wallace Gunn has spoken to several villagers who fear that hungry wolves from the hills are coming down to eat their livestock. It’s lambing season, so there are lots of tender morsels in the fields right now for the predators to carry off.

Part of his duty as the Baron’s Forester is to keep critters like this out of farmers’ fields, so the job of catching, killing, or otherwise discouraging the wolves from taking livestock in large numbers falls to Mister Gunn.

His first stop is a small village near the hills, to the west of Foxtown. The peasants there tell him that the wolves are growing increasingly bold, taking not just the little lambs, but full-grown sheep as well. The villagers fear that it won’t be long before they start taking cattle, dogs, even a child.

When Gunn examines the fields and pastures around the village, he does indeed find wolf tracks — looks to him like a sizable pack of mature animals.

Big Pete Checks Out
Big Pete is executed

22 Planting 960 RM
Before leaving to escort the Baron to Big Pete’s hanging, Lady Hawthorne was approached by August, the grounds keeper. There had been wild animals prowling the estate and he requested Lady Hawthorne’s permission to set traps to capture them. Lady Hawthorne agreed.

After Big Pete’s trial, a gallows were erected in the center of Foxton in preparation for the hanging. At dawn, a large crowd gathered to witness the event. In attendance were several people from the village of Golden, including the mayor and his son; Mayor Hobbs; Damien Wrathchild; Quion Rake; the Baron and Lady Hawthorne, both uncharacteristically dressed in black; many cloaked pilgrims; several of the Baron’s guard; and the entire Draconian force, minus Niamh who attended out of uniform. Big Pete was brought to the gallows and an extensive list of charges against him was read aloud. “I done it,” Big Pete confessed again, “But this an’t over. Retribution is in the hills and will come back.” Big Pete was then hung and Lady Hawthorne took several of the Baron’s guards to ensure his body was properly disposed. The Baron assured her he would return to Grey Haven with the rest of the guards. The whole crowd was in a somber mood during the proceedings.

Niamh was about to return to her home when Quion Rake approached her. Quion asked her why she was out of uniform and off duty when the rest of the Draconian force was on duty for the hanging. Niamh explained that she had been suspended from duty the previous day for dereliction of duty, namely allowing two prisoners to die while in custody and the destruction of the house a few nights ago. Quion offered to set the record straight with Captain Waggoner, but Niamh told him it would be a waste of his time. Quion then asked if she had received a list of apothecaries he had sent. Niamh had not received anything before she had been dismissed, and was not sure if Captain Waggoner would look at the letter or do anything about it. Quion also asked Niamh if she would be able to help him with his problem, which she stated she would.

Damien Wrathchild had attended the hanging to see if he could spot any of Nobbin’s gang in attendance, as he felt a rescue might occur. While the charges were being read against Big Pete, Damien thought he saw Big Pete make eye contact with someone and shake his head. Damien followed the man into a bar and watched as the man drink a lot, as if he were drinking for two. Damien continued to watch the man, who wanted to be left alone to drink. Damien followed the man when he left the tavern, but the man seemed to think he was being followed so he ducked into an alleyway. Damien spotted the ambush, so continued around the block and managed to get behind the guy. Intimated, the man told Damien that his name was Rich, and that he was one of Nobbin’s gang. Rich did not know why Big Pete did not want to be saved or what all the talk of retribution was about. They had all seen strange things in the hills, including the times of silence and drop in temperature. Rich refused to give Damien exact numbers of Nobbin’s gang in the town. Damien suggested that Rich and his buddies leave town, now. Rich agreed to persuade his buddies to do so.

Quion returned to Grey Haven and found Lady Hawthorne. He told her he is unable to follow the Barons “command” of being his friend. Lady Hawthorne tried to explain that the Baron had made no such command, but Quion refused to accept her logic. He gave Lady Hawthorne his list of suitable replacements, and Lady Hawthorne agreed to review the list.

Lady Hawthorne finds the Baron in his garden, and is invited to lunch with him. During lunch, Lady Hawthorne relates her conversation with Quion and the Baron explains that part of the reason Quion is the way he is was because Quion had been banished from the College of Cli because he dated the wrong girl. Lady Hawthorne gives the Baron Quion’s list and suggests the Baron relieve Quion of his “duty.” They spent the rest of lunch talking about the Baron’s garden and the possibility of holding a party. Lady Hawthorne suggested Lieutenant Niamh as the Draconian liaison, which the Baron agreed. The Baron was scheduled to meet with Mayor Hobbs the following day, and that would be a good time to approach Captain Waggoner with the request. After lunch Quion told Lady Hawthorne of Lieutenant Niamh’s suspension and requested she present a report of the events of the house fire to Captain Waggoner for Niamh’s defense. Lady Hawthorne agreed to review the report. The Baron requested a meeting with Quion to discuss the matter of friendship and that Quion’s lack of emotion was very disturbing to the Baron. The Baron wanted people working for him, not golems. Lady Hawthorne reviewed Quion’s report and retired for evening.

Niamh spent the remainder of the day tending to her garden and preparing to brew potions the next day. She also prepared dinner for Wythri and Eldamoth again. Wythri had no interest in attending the hanging so spent the day researching Dream Dust and Lady Hawthorne’s request on possession. While she was researching, she heard Eldamoth causing a commotion in the kitchen. He had not been sleeping and was getting very agitated. He hinted to Wythri that he needed something stronger than Niamh’s tea to help him sleep. After awhile, he returned to his room. When Wythri returned to the library, she randomly picked up a book and flipped it open to the correct page and found the information on Dream Dust she was looking for.

23 Planting 960 RM
Baron du Clef and Lady Hawthorne met with Mayor Hobbs in the morning. It was very obvious that the Baron and the mayor were of two different personality types. Captain Waggoner was summoned to discuss the option of assigning a liaison between the Baron’s men and the Draconians. Lady Hawthorne requested that Lieutenant Niamh be assigned as the liaison, which did not sit well with Captain Waggoner. He finally agreed to the assignment but after he returned Niamh to duty. After Captain Waggoner left, the Baron and the mayor spent some time talking about the state of the crops and mine output.

Quion continued his work of filing all the Baron’s paperwork. The bar he had ordered for his door was installed. A young girl named Cici arrived. She had been assigned as his apprentice.

Niamh spent the day brewing potions and cooking. She received a note from Sergeant Will, Officer Barechest, and Officer Silerstone to meet them for dinner that evening. She also planned on staying awake that night to see what/who had been cleaning her house.

Lady Hawthorne summoned Damien to her manor to discuss the creation of an information network in the town and castle. They also discussed the conversation Damien had with Rich.

After delivering dinner to Wythri and Eldamoth, Niamh joined her fellow officers for dinner. Uri Barechest told Niamh that Captain Waggoner had attended a meeting with the Baron and the mayor and returned in a foul mood. She also saw Stew Golden working at the tavern. She asked him what he was doing there, and Stew told her he no longer wanted to be in Golden and was working to make his own way. After dinner, Niamh returned to her house. She then stayed awake the whole night brewing potions, but nothing happened that night.

24 Planting 960 RM
Lady Hawthorne awoke from a disturbing dream. She also received a letter from her brother-in-law informing her that he was planning on visiting. The Baron also received a similar letter. Lady Hawthorne told the Baron about her discussion with Damien the previous day and that she was planning visiting Niamh and Wythri as soon as she finished her duties at Grey Haven. The Baron asked Lady Hawthorne to invite Niamh to dinner with him so he could have a chance to get to know her.

Lady Hawthorne arrived at Derry Dell just as Niamh was preparing to get some sleep. Lady Hawthorne told Niamh that she had been requested to act as the liaison between the Baron’s guards and the Draconians. Captain Waggoner had agreed to the assignment, after he reinstated Niamh to duty. Lady Hawthorne inquired as to why Captain Waggoner disliked Niamh. Niamh explained that Captain Waggoner was a devoted follower of the Trinity and disliked anyone who did not follow their teaching. Since Niamh followed the Druidic gods, she had been immediately earned the disliked of the Captain. Niamh also disclosed that she was not a druid, as was originally thought, but a witch. Lady Hawthorne informed Niamh that she would be welcome in the Baron’s guard if she should choose to leave the Draconians, but Niamh insisted that she was not going to let Captain Waggoner’s bigotry drive her away. Lady Hawthorn approved of Niamh’s commitment, and let Niamh know that she could go to her if Niamh had any more problems with Captain Waggoner or if she was not reinstated by the end of the week. Lady Hawthorne also delivered the Baron’s dinner invitation for that evening. As soon as Lady Hawthorne left, Niamh left to acquire a proper dress for the occasion.

Lady Hawthorne found Wythri in the market and received the information Wythri had found on demons and possession. Wythri also asked if Lady Hawthorne could acquire a strong sedative for Eldamoth, as he had been unable to sleep for the past few days. After Lady Hawthorne left, Wythri continued her shopping for ingredients to make Dream Dust.

Lady Hawthorne retuned to Grey Haven and related the information she had learned from Wythri. Quion informed Lady Hawthorne he was planning on not be around much longer as he felt he could not follow the Baron’s order to fix his attitude. Lady Hawthorne requested Quion make a sedative, which Quion had ready by that evening. Quion also inquired as to the status of Niamh’s reinstatement and why the process was taking so long, there was much to be done by the Draconians. Lady Hawthorne told he to be patient, politics was in play need to work itself out. Quion understood all too well the meaning of that statement. Lady Hawthorne then spent the rest of the day riding.

Niamh arrived earlier that usual to deliver dinner to Wythri and Eldamoth, explaining that she had been summoned to dinner with the Baron. Wythri asked why Niamh was still off duty and Niamh explained that she had been suspended and she hoped she was not bothering them by cooking for them. Wythri was happy to be able to spend the extra time doing research, and asked Niamh if she could produce something stronger than her tea to help Eldamoth sleep. Niamh agreed to work on something for the next day, asking if the withdrawal symptoms had worsened. Wythri suddenly grew very cold and retracted her request and informed Niamh she could now take care of dinner herself. Niamh left with saying anything further, mentally reprimanding herself for being so meddlesome.

A carriage arrived at Derry Dell shortly before dinnertime and delivered Niamh to Grey Haven. She was greeted by Buster, the Baron’s Nikian valet, and shown to the dining room. Dinner had been prepared by Mrs Walker and was more lavish than Niamh was used to. After dinner the Baron explained Niamh’s duties as liaison. At the Baron’s request, Niamh told the Baron her background, including the fact that she was a witch. This seemed to pique the Baron’s interest so they discussed magic for a bit. They also talked about gardening, cooking, Captain Waggoner, and Quion. The Baron invited Niamh to return and help him with his garden, as he was an amateur. Later in the evening Niamh inadvertently yawned and explained to the Baron she had been up the previous night trying to catch whoever or whatever had been cleaning her house. One of the serving girls suggested it was a brownie, and that possibility had crossed Niamh’s mind. Baron du Clef sent Niamh home with an open invitation to visit him and the garden and assured her that she should go to him if she found Captain Waggoner or Mayor Hobbs impossible to deal with or if she was not reinstated to duty by the end of the week. Niamh promised to return tomorrow if she was not called back to duty. Once she returned home, she left out small bowls of stew and milk, mostly convinced that she had somehow gained a brownie to help her with her housework.

Niahm: Nocturne

Niamh Interlude 1
Niamh left the tavern in a slightly better mood then when she had entered. The support she had received from her fellow Draconians’ had lifted her spirits, but she still had a bitter taste in her mouth from Captain Waggnor’s tongue-lashing. She understood all to well that the captain needed to vent. After all, he had spent four days on a wild goose chase and returned with nothing to show for his time. She had let two captives die in custody, and there was the loss of property with the fire that had belong to the creature Leth. She knew neither were actually her fault, and that there was nothing she could have done to prevent any of those incidents from happening. Still, she was tired of being the whipping horse for the unit. On the bright side, she could certainly use the time off; she need time to heal from the injuries she received two days ago. She wished she could travel to Crow’s Head Mountain to visit the graves of her mother and grandmother, but she was in no shape to make that difficult journey.

She arrived at her home, Derry Dale, and unlocked the door. She changed out of her uniform and brushed out her hair, noticing that her bed had been made while she was gone. She usually didn’t take the time to make her bed as she usually returned late at night and didn’t want to spend the energy unmaking the bed. She cast a cantrip to detect any magic in the area, but nothing glowed to indicate thaumaturgy was in use. Moving to the kitchen she noticed that her dishes from the morning had be washed and put away. Again, there was no evidence that magic had been used. Although she didn’t mind the help with the daily chores, it disturbed her that someone, or something, was in her house when she was not present or asleep. Maybe she would have the time to solve this mystery. She started the fire in the hearth and gathered ingredients to make bread. All her anger and frustration was worked out kneading the dough. While the bread was rising, she gathered the ingredients to make her grandmother’s Kalonese Stew. After she had that simmering, she returned to the bread and finished making the dough into two loaves. While the stew was simmering and the bread was baking, she turned her attention to her garden. It had been almost a week since she was able to spend any amount of time tending to her herbs and vegetables.

She spent most of the time while she was waiting for the bread to bake weeding. Nothing in her garden was anywhere close to being harvested, but she needed to keep any unwanted plants from gaining any ground and taking over from the plants she wanted. When the bread was done, she took the loaves out of the hearth to cool and pulled the pot of stew away from the fire. While the bread was cooling, she gathered dried herbs hanging from her ceiling to make a tea for Eldamoth. She combined herbs to calm his cough and help him sleep to make a tea for him. She also put together several items for herself to help her heal her bruises and burns. She then spooned the stew into two small pots and added that to a loaf of bread and the tea in a large basket. She made sure she locked the door when she left for the Sage Eldamoth’s shop.

“We’re closed!” Wythri shouted from inside the shop, but Niamh knocked again until she heard the elf approaching to open the door.

“We’re closed.” the young Elf said again, sounding even more irritated.

Niamh smiled, “Good, because this is a social call, not business.”

The Elf stared at the young woman in front of her for a moment before recognition set in. “Lieutenant Niamh? Ah, I’m sorry – I didn’t recognize you out of your uniform.”

Niamh shrugged, “I’m off duty. I thought you and Eldamoth could use some supper. May I come in? This basket is getting very heavy.”

Niamh followed a hesitant Wythri into the shop and back toward the kitchen. Setting the basket down on a stool, Niamh started pulling out the food, “This is my grandmother’s recipe for stew.” She set the two pots on the table and pulled out the still warm bread and set that on the table also. She then handed Wythri the tea. “This should help calm Eldamoth’s cough and help him sleep.”

Wythri looked a little embarrassed as she said, “I apologize for my brusque manner. Master Eldamoth desperately needs his rest and it seems like everyone needs to stop in today. We’ve been lucky to get even an hour’s quiet.”

Niahm gave the smaller woman an understanding smile. “Then I shall not disturb you any longer.”

Wythri shook her head and smiled back – forcibly it seemed to Niamh. “But thank you for the food. It’ll be nice not to have to interrupt my research to prepare dinner. I’ll see that Master Eldamoth drinks plenty of the tea.”

Niahm nodded and gathered up her basket. “I hope you have a quiet evening then and enjoy the meal. I’ll see myself out.” Niamh left the two to their dinner and returned to her own house. She hoped she would enjoy a quiet evening herself. Despite the fact she had been suspended from duty, she was still going to attend Big Pete’s execution in the morning.

The Trial of Big Pete
The notorious bandit Big Pete is tried and found guilty for his crimes

Big Pete’s Trial
20 Planting, 960 RM
Derry Dell, Foxton, Dawn

Niamh woke at her usual time with a groan. She was sore and bruised from head to toe from the explosion she had been caught in the previous night. She was so exhausted when she returned home; she had just stripped off her uniform and climbed into bed. She carefully sat up and looked for the pile of clothes on the floor, they weren’t there. She found her uniform neatly folded on a chair. Everything had been washed and mended. She did her morning devotions and went into the kitchen for breakfast. All of her dishes had been washed and put away, and the entire house had been cleaned. Niamh had not been home since Big Pete had been questioned at Grey Haven, she had been too busy to return until last night. She had certainly been too busy to clean. She made a thorough search of her house, but found no one, or any sign of a break in. She made sure to lock the door behind her and went to headquarters to start her report of the happening from yesterday. She wanted to complete the report before Big Pete’s trial.

Foxton Courthouse, Mid-morning
Once the all parties had arrived at the courthouse, the tribunal entered and started the proceedings. The tribunal consisted of Baron Matthieu du Clef; Mayor Charles Franklin Hobbs; and Crispin, high priest of Mitra of the Trinity. There are several spectators, including Mayor Abbott of Golden, Stu Golden, and Ethelred the priest. The prosecutor starts the trial by calling Lady Hawthorne to witness first, asking her to recount the circumstances of Big Pete’s arrest. Quion Rake then questioned Lady Hawthorne, calling into question the certainty of Big Pete being the murderer. The same line of questioning was used when Lt O’Derry and Wythri were called to testify. Ethelred was also called to testify, recounting the character of Alfie the younger. The prosecution concluded that Big Pete was guilty of the murder, but Quion countered that the evidence was all circumstantial. Big Pete was asked if he had anything to say, to which he confessed to the murder, much to Quion’s dismay. The tribunal adjourned to consider the verdict. While that was going on, Quion confessed to Lady Hawthorne and Lt O’Derry that he had a strange dream the previous evening and warned them that his mind might have been compromised. Lt O’Derry also revealed that her house had been tampered with. At the same time, Mayor Golden presented Wythri with a peach pie as thanks for her help in capturing the murderer. The tribunal returned a short time later and declared that Big Pete was guilty of the murder of Alfie the younger and several other crimes. Big Pete was sentenced to be hung on 22 Planting.

Villages outside Foxton
While the trial was going on, Master Gunn made his rounds of the villages and learned that the wolves were bad this year. Several lambs had been taken, and the villagers were unable to stop them. Master Gunn spent the day setting traps and spent the night tracking the wolves, but was unable to capture any.

The Sage Elamoth’s Shop, Foxton, afternoon
Wythri returned to the shop to find Eldamoth awake and puttering around. Eldamoth confessed to Wythri that when he was younger he lived in the city of Masingburg. While there, he and some other mages, Burglesmith and Curry (the two mages from the previous evening), had tried to alter Dreamdust to make is less “bad.” They eventually stumbled on Boo Powder by reversing the properties of Dreamdust. The other day, Eldamoth’s old buddies stopped by to ask for his help in manufacturing the drug. When he refused, they kidnapped him. They forced him to help them by threatening to kill Wythri. They also forced him to take the Boo Powder by putting it into his food and drink. Eldamoth was worried as to the effects of the drug on him.

Outside the courthouse, Foxton, afternoon
Lt O’Derry waited outside the courthouse for a chance to speak with the Baron. After about an hour, the Baron exited the courthouse and agreed to talk with her. Master Rake also joined them, as he had similar questions. The Baron thanked Quion for his efforts during the trial, but Quion lamented that this was the third trial he had been a part of that ended in a miscarriage of justice. After buying them lunch, the Baron lead them outside of town and told them that Leth was actually “possessed” by a very powerful demon, one of the several dukes of hell, and he was not sure if that demon was truly banished or if he would be back. Demons could only enter this world if they found an opening. Quion told Lt O’Derry about the back underground escape route and Lt O’Derry again requested an investigation of the Millerson’s mine. The Baron said he would have Lady Hawthorne look into it.

The ruins of Leth’s house, Foxton, afternoon
Damien Wrathchild spent most of the morning and afternoon shifting through the ruble of the burned down house to look for more clues. He confirmed that five bodies were pulled from the wreckage of the house. Among the bodies were a tall thin man (presumed to be Burglesmith) and a short fat man (presumed to be Curry).

The Sage Eldamoth’s Shop, Foxton, late afternoon
Quion and Lt O’Derry stopped at Eldamoth’s shop to speak with the sage. Lt O’Derry asked if Eldamoth had heard of any other manufacturing sites while he was being held, but the sage had not been told anything. Quion asked Eldamoth about the other ingredients used to make Boo Powder, which sparked a long alchemical conversation. Quion told Lt O’Derry that these ingredients could be used to track down other apothecaries that might have been involved. Quion also started asking questions about nightmares, but Eldamoth was too tired to be of any help.

Grey Haven, early evening
At the Baron’s request, Damien arrived at Grey Haven early. Damien had asked the Baron to find out what had happened to his lands and family while he had been away. The Baron had learned that Damien’s father was killed in a hunting accident and his mother died shortly afterwards. Damien’s brother assumed control of the lands, but was killed by a group of Marechals (Draconian special forces). They had learned that he had been practicing necromancy and the manor had burned down in the fight. Because there was no one else to lay claim to the lands and title, the crown seized control.

*Grey Haven, later that evening *
Lady Hawthorne arrived by carriage to the castle. She found Mrs Walker, the head cook, in a tizzy because the Baron was in the kitchen cooking. Lady Hawthorne supported the Baron’s culinary efforts, much to Mrs Walker’s dismay. After dinner, which was spicier than most were use to, the Baron explained why he had invited them. Foxton has an unusual position in Demoria. Foxton is the furthest point from any civilization, but also very import due to the pilgrimage to Crow’s Head Mountain. The Baron likes being around other people, but there are not many people of the proper station he can talk to. The purpose of the evening was to get to know each other, to become friends. The Baron gave his history; he attended the College of Cli (where Quion also studied) but did not graduate. He had served as an ambassador to the University of Sarlarka, Brills, and Pasion. His grandfather was a very devout man and volunteered to be guardian of the Pilgrim Road.

When Matthieu’s father died, he was called back to service the King here. He had the gate built to enforce the laws of the land; it is a powerful magic item. The Baron also confirmed that he is a wild mage. Quion warned the Baron that he might have been compromised and anything that was being said could be used against him, but the Baron did not seemed to be worried. Damion spent the night at Grey Haven, having imbibed a great quantity of alcohol.

Elfday, 21 Planting, 960 RM
The Sage Eldamoth’s Shop, Foxton, morning

Lady Hawthorne visited Wythri and commissioned her to research possession, explaining Quion was afraid he was possessed. Wythri agreed, as this would bring in a good amount of money for the shop.

Draconian Headquarters, Foxton, afternoon
Captain Waggoner and his crew returned, empty-handed. The company was tired, dirty, and disappointed. They had chased Nobbin for several days, but the bandit always seemed two steps ahead of them. After reviewing the past reports, Captain Waggoner called Lt O’Derry into his office. The whole station heard him yelling at her for all the “mistakes” that she made while he was gone. She is put on suspension until further notice. The officers that worked with her took her to a tavern to show their support. She assured them that everything would work itself out once the captain calmed down in a few days.  Later that afternoon, Niamh took supper to Eldamoth and Wythri.

The Sandman Comes, Part Two
The demon has a name...

To: Baron Matthieu du Clef of Foxton; Captain Uriah Waggoner, Foxton Draconian unit
From: Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, Epoptic Corp, Foxton Draconian unit
Date: 20 Planting, 960 RM
Subject: Preliminary Report, Follow up on the Boo Powder and the abduction of the Sage Eldamoth

Background: On 18 Planting, Lady Hawthorne arrived at Draconian headquarters with Wythri, the Elvin apprentice to the Sage Eldamoth. Wythri reported that she had left the sage at his shop that morning and on her return that afternoon, the sage was missing and his room in an unusual state of unkemptness. I assigned Sergeant Will and Officer Silverstone to investigate Sage Eldamoth’s disappearance. Lady Hawthorne requested permission to bring Master Wrathchild in on the investigation, to which I agreed.

The Sage Eldamoth’s Shop: While the Draconian officers were looking for clues inside Eldamoth’s shop, Master Wrathchild looked around the building. In the alleyway he came across an old lady who kept whispering something about not sleeping, the Sandman took the old man, the Sandman is the Nightmare, the Sandman would take her also, but she would not sleep. He also found tracks belonging to horses, carts, and footprints. Lady Hawthorne talked to the next-door neighbor, a carpenter named Daniel. Daniel told Lady Hawthorne that he had seen three pilgrims go into the shop just before lunch at noon, but he did not see them leave. Early spring brings many pilgrims to Foxton as Crow’s Head Mountain is finally passable. Lady Hawthorne then asked Wythri to use her magic to look for Eldamoth. As soon as the spell went off, Wythri screamed and passed out. After she regained consciousness, she described seeing a horrible horses’ head, the stink of decay and death, and her senses were overwhelmed. While trying to calm Wythri, Lady Hawthorne saw two figures outside of the shop and asked Master Wrathchild to follow them.

An abandoned tavern: Yesterday morning, 19 Planting, Lady Hawthorne, Master Wrathchild, myself, and a disguised Wythri went to investigate the tavern Master Wrathchild had followed the two figures from the previous day. He was unable to gather much information as he was chased out of the tavern. When we arrived at the tavern, the place had been cleared out, probably fearing a raid. While searching the interior of the now abandoned tavern, I smelled the stench of death and decay and the smell of burnt spices, the same smell as the Boo powder. I also heard someone outside the back door, but before I could warn Wythri, she opened the door and was grabbed by a man standing in the alleyway.

Lady Hawthorne and Master Wrathchild attacked two thugs in the alleyway outside the tavern. Wythri used her magic to attempt to break free of the thug holding her, but was subdued by another thug that hit her over the head. Master Wallace Gunn, the Baron’s new forester joined the fight in the alleyway, assisting Lady Hawthorne and Master Wrathchild. I moved to help Wythri by keeping the horses she had be put on from leaving until she could recover her senses enough to teleport away. Once Wythri was clear, I spooked the two horses out of the alleyway. At this point the fight was over and we had captured two prisoners, they were taken to headquarters for questioning.

Interviewing the prisoners: I had Sergeant Will question one of the men. His name is Robert. A man named Leth had hired him to abduct Wythri. Robert described Leth as a horsed face man with large red eyes. Leth had some of the men working for him selling Boo Powder to the miners. Leth also had a reputation of being creepy and cruel. Robert also gave us the location of another tavern. This tavern was where Wythri was to have been delivered.

The next tavern: Lady Hawthorn, Master Rake, Master Wrathchild, Master Gunn, myself, and Wythri hurried to this new tavern to try to catch up with the would be kidnappers before they could disappear in the town. Master Wrathchild scouted ahead to make sure our quarry had not already fled.

By the time we arrived, there was a slew of activity and Leth ordering everyone to move out. Master Wrathchild handicapped the cart the supplies were being loaded onto, and then the attack started. Leth moved to leave but was intercepted by Master Wrathchild who badly hurt him. However, Leth picked up Master Wrathchild as if he weighed nothing and threw him through a wall. After which Leth fled the scene. The group worked quickly to dispatch the remaining thugs, who are now in custody. A quick questioning of the captured thugs revealed the location of a house occupied by Leth. We followed the trail of blood that Leth was leaving behind and quickly caught up to him. He had encountered Baron du Clef, who seemed to know what was going on. Lady Hawthorne impressively interposed herself between Leth and Baron du Clef. At this point things turned weird. Leth began to deflate into a cloud of black, foul smelling smoke. This sight was most disturbing.

The House: The house that Leth was occupying was an isolated structure in a rundown part of the town. The house looked as if it had been recently renovated. Wythri used her magic to allow herself, Lady Hawthorn, Master Wrathchild, and Master Gunn to climb up the side of the house and enter from the roof. Master Rake watched that back gate while I approached the front gate as a distraction. The four on the roof entered the attic, which smelled of Boo Powder and had four people in the room. There were three mages, one of which was the Sage Eldamoth, and one guard. The guard was easily dispatched, but two of the mages left the room after entangling Lady Hawthorn and Master Wrathchild and casting a fireball. Master Gunn moved to protect the Sage Eldamoth, and Wythri teleported the fireball out of the room. Master Rake was able to detain several men trying to escape from the back, while I entered from the front. Unfortunately, that is where the fireball exploded. The house was destroyed, and several people inside were killed. Master Gunn was able to keep the Sage Eldamoth alive, but he is still very injured, as am I. Several more thugs were captured and the fire was contained with little damage outside the house.

This report is incomplete for several reasons: the nature of Baron du Clef’s knowledge of what happed to Leth, the role Sage Eldamoth has in the manufacture of Boo powder, and the location of any other manufacturing sites in the town. I will continue with the investigation after Big Pete’s trial later this morning.


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