The Chronicles of Foxton

It’s Festival Time

Session 21: 26 Birdsong, 960 RM
Master Gunn continued his recruitment drive by finding the Wisdom Brothers, Chuck and Tam. He found them in the woods with a poached deer, named “Norman.” In exchange for not arresting the two brothers for poaching, they agreed to help hunt down the werewolves. Master Gunn then returned to Grey Haven and enlisted the aid of Featherlight Yewstrong, the green elven Mistress of the Hunt. Featherlight was delighted to have something to do as the current Baron did not seem interested in hunting at all. Featherlight said she would work on making silver arrowheads. Master Gunn then headed toward Hill Rose to find another hunter he had heard about.

27 Birdsong, 960 RM
Master Gunn found his next recruit in the woods by Dr. Rothbury’s house. Robert the half was dressed in a well-made camouflage cloak dragging a deer back to Dr. Rothbury’s house. Dr. Rothbury’s servants seemed to know the hunter and let him enter the house unimpeded. While Robert was cleaning his kill in the kitchen, Master Gunn went to find the good doctor. Dr. Rothbury was surprised to encounter Master Gunn. Master Gunn requested the services of Robert and some of the chimera’s poisoned barbs to help hunt the werewolves. Dr. Rothbury agreed as Robert was not actually in his employ, but he was not sure how effective the poison would be on a werewolf’s metabolism. In exchange for the poison, Dr. Rothbury requested that he be allowed to study any samples or werewolf carcasses that survived the battle. Master Gunn agreed and Dr. Rothbury produced a small vial of liquid. Master Gunn then collected Robert and the two of them headed for Gray Haven.

Quion was overseeing the set-up of the fairgrounds when he noticed the druid Nikki watching him from a distance. Curious as to what she wanted, he approached her, but as he drew near, the druid transformed herself into a whirlwind and disappeared. This happened several times during the day, so Quion eventually gave up trying to talk to her. At midafternoon, Niamh found Quion and inquired how his investigation with the Circle of Iron had gone. Quion related that the member that had been killed was a Doomsinger and that the creatures had purposefully attacked her. The only other connection was that Dr. Rothbury’s letter of recommendation was from the same mercenary group. Niamh replied that it was a pity that they had missed the opportunity to have the former Doomsinger authenticate the letter of recommendation. Niamh then related her finding from her and Wythri’s trip to Golden. Quion agreed that the four boys should be separated for questioning. He also wanted to do a survey of the wells in the area to look for any remains of Flynn’s body. Quion’s attention then turned to the Baron’s fear that there was an informant for Nobbin’s gang in the Draconians and how to best investigate that matter. Niamh thought that the annual reviews should be coming up soon at that could give her an excuse to review the personal files. Quion suggested looking for any signs of debt, although Niamh pointed out that the force is extremely well paid. Quion also suggested looking into any family ties or other areas for blackmail. Quion also expressed impatience at not being able to begin his survey of the surrounding area yet and that he might not get the chance depending on Candwyn’s response to his letter. Talk then turned to the Baron’s ball and after a moment’s hesitation, Niamh asked if Quion would be willing to be her escort. Quion agreed if Niamh did not have any other more suitable options. Niamh assured him her options were actually quite limited and he was her best choice.

Niamh then reported for duty and was informed, quite unsurprisingly, that she and the Irregulars would be on night duty for the Festival and would be pulling extra hours for the duration. The positive side of the assignment was that there would some time during the day they would be able to attend the Festival off-duty.

Damien was finally able to inspect his house in the Glooms after the workers had finished the repairs from the damage caused from the fight with the demon Leth. As before, the exterior was a façade of a rundown building hiding a very well maintained and comfortable interior. While making sure everything was in place, and nothing missing, Damien found his family’s signet ring on a table in the hall. This surprised him as the ring had never been in his possession before, having belonged to his elder brother. Baron du Clef had told him that his brother had been found to be practicing the dark arts of necromancy and presumed dead in the fire that destroyed the manor house. Damien tracked down the foreman to ask him if anyone other than the workers had been in the house. The foreman replied that he had not seen anyone enter the house that was not supposed to be there when the work was going on.

Lady Hawthorne kept herself busy with training the new recruits and reviewing Quion’s reports that had piled up during her pilgrimage. When she returned to Hawthorne Manor that evening, Sir James accused her of purposefully avoiding him, which she denied as she was just attending to her duties as the Baron’s captain of the guard. Sir James announced that they would be holding a welcoming ball the first day of the festival to help entertain the many distinguished guests that would be attending the festival. Even the College of Cli was sending a delegation. Caught off guard, Lady Hawthorne retired to her office and continued reviewing Quion’s reports. While reviewing the interview with Rich, she came across a description of Nate, the newest member of Nobbin’s gang and Nobbin’s new confidant. This description deeply disturbed her. To clear her head, she saddled her horse and found herself riding toward Gray Haven. She sought solace in the chapel and spent the night at the castle.

28 Birdsong, 960 RM
Very early the next morning, Quion spoke with Lady Hawthorne and advised her to have someone trail Master Gunn’s group when they left for their hunt. Since the Deadly Seven were buying silver weapons in town that could alert Nobbin’s mole of what was going on. Lady Hawthorne thanked Quion for his advice and told him she had a plan.

Baron du Clef was surprised to see Lady Hawthorne at the castle so early and invited her to join him for breakfast. The Baron let Lady Hawthorne know he would be attending the ball that Sir James was hosting the next day. He also asked her to join him on the hunt that he would be leading the first day of the festival for the nobles. He was not excited about the activity as he was not an avid hunter himself, but he was expected to provide entertainment for his guests and would not disappoint them. He related a story of a hunt he attended in Kidbod in which it was customary to hunt monsters and for some of the hunters to be killed. After breakfast Lady Hawthorne sent for Damian and Master Gunn.

When Damien arrived at Gray Haven, Lady Hawthorne asked him to recount the description of Nate he had received from Rich. Lady Hawthorne instructed Damien to watch for anyone following the party when they left to hunt the werewolves. A commotion at the gate draws their attention. The druid Nikki was demanding to be let in as she has the ingredients to make the cure for Damien and Master Gunn. Lady Hawthorne directed Nikki to Quion’s tower which had the proper equipment she would need. Damien was sent to find Master Gunn so they could try Nikki’s cure.

Quion returned to the tower from the fair grounds for lunch and found Nikki working in his laboratory. The two talked about lycanthropy with Quion being oblivious to Nikki’s flirtations. After studying the process, Quion determined that he could repeat the process except for the blessing at the end. Master Gunn and Damien took the potion and managed to keep from throwing up the vile brew. Damien spent the rest of the day in the Baron’s library.

Lady Hawthorne gave the recruits the afternoon off from training, but had them start cleaning the grounds in preparation for the Baron’s ball. She then travelled to Foxtown and found Niamh preparing to report for duty. Niamh told Lady Hawthorne that she was in charge of the night duty during the festival. Lady Hawthorne requested Niamh’s presence when the hunt for the werewolves began. Niamh would need permission from Captain Waggoner to be allowed to change duty and Lady Hawthorne told her she would have an official request written by the time they would be ready to leave, probably the second day of Coolwater.

1 Coolwater, 960 RM
The first day of the festival dawned clear and bright. The nobles and some of the wealthier merchants gathered a Gray Haven for the start of the hunt. Mistress Featherlight informed the Baron she had spotted several deer and a boar suitable for the day’s excursion. For his part, the Baron apologized for not keeping his mistress of the hunt more occupied. During the hunt, Sir James Hawthorne queried Baron du Clef in the particulars of the barony, what and how much crops were being produced, the productivities of the mines, and so on. Baron du Clef was able to answer all the questions without hesitation, surprising Sir James. Shortly after midmorning, Featherlight and Lady Hawthorne spotted a pack of wolves pacing the hunting party. Lady Hawthorne ordered Featherlight to keep the hunting party together and make sure there were not any stragglers. The hunting party was successful in bringing down several deer and a boar. By the end of the hunt, the wolves had departed.

That evening, Hawthorne Manor was bustling with guests feasting on the labors of the hunters. The dinner was uneventful, although Baron du Clef seemed distracted during the conversation. After dinner, Sir James and the Baron continued to talk about the land with Sir James interested in increasing the productivity. Baron du Clef was caught off guard when Sir James asked if he would be holding a service at Gray Haven’s chapel for the visiting nobles. Sir James was not impressed with the Baron’s lack luster enthusiasm to hold such a service. Lady Hawthorne did her best to try and keep one ear on the conversation held between Sir James and the Baron while mingling with the other guests, including someone from the College of Cli. After a while, the Baron and Sir James retired to the balcony to continue their conversation in private. During the men’s absence, Lady Hawthorne overheard some of the other nobles diplomatically stating how pleasantly surprised they were with the sophistication of such an out of the way barony. Lady Hawthorne attributed the pleasantness to the proximity of Crow’s Head Mountain and assured the visitors that the Pilgrims Trail would be reopen if not by the end of the festival, shortly thereafter. It was only after the two men returned from the balcony that Lady Hawthorne was able to speak with the Baron and warn him about the Hawthorne families’ service to the church and requested permission for Niamh to join the werewolf hunt (Quion had already prepared the paperwork). Overall the hunt and the ball were considered a success.

2 Coolwater, 960 RM
First thing in the morning, Lady Hawthorne arrived at Draconian Headquarters to collect Niamh who was just finishing her duty shift. Lady Hawthorne also sent a message to Damien letting him know the party would be leaving soon.

At the festival grounds, Master Gunn was assembling his hunting party. The Wisdom brothers and Robert the half were already there, but the Deadly Seven had not arrived yet. While they were waiting for the monster hunters to arrive, Master Gunn heard someone yelling at him. Master Gunn ignored the man until he felt a scabbard being poked into his back. Turning, Master Gunn recognized the man as Baronet Percy Lelander, a former employer. Lord Lelander started calling for the guards to arrest Master Gunn for dishonoring his family. Niamh intervened, asking Lord Lelander, who is very much in his cups, for a full accounting of the charges against Master Gunn. Lord Lelander told Niamh that Master Gunn had insulted him and his family by abandoning the lord and his men in the woods and stealing their horses. Master Gunn retorted that the horses were delivered safely to the appropriate stables.

Meanwhile, Lady Hawthorne encountered the Baron who had arrived to enjoy the festival himself. Lady Hawthorne told the Baron that the party was ready to leave on their hunt and that she believed that the Nobbin’s new cohort was her husband. Baron du Clef ordered Lady Hawthorne to return with her party safely and Lady Hawthorne assured him that the bandits would be brought back to receive their justice. Their conversation is interrupted by the disturbance between Master Gunn and Lord Lelander. With Lady Hawthorne’s arrival, Niamh turned custody of Master Gunn over to her as Master Gunn was in the Baron’s employment. Lady Hawthorne assured Lord Lelander that she would see to Master Gunn’s discipline. That was not sufficient for the drunken lord who insulted Lady Hawthorne and the Baron. The two sparred with Lady Hawthorne holding her own and ended when she conceded the battle after disarming Lord Lelander. Lord Lelander was not one to back down from a fight, so it took the combined efforts of his colleagues and Baron du Clef to calm him down. The Baron reassured the lord that Master Gunn would be properly punished and suggested the man retire to rest from the previous evening’s festivities. Master Gunn apologized to the Baron for causing such a scene and the Baron promised to speak with Master Gunn after the hunt was concluded. He also commended Lady Hawthorne on her skill and restraint in the duel.

The Deadly Seven finally arrive and the Baron sent the party off with his blessing and strict orders to return safely.

More Questions, Less Answers

Session 20:
25 Birdsong, 960 RM, Foxtown
Quion went to the Temple of Durom to talk to the Circle of Iron as requested by the Baron. When he arrived, the priest told him the monster hunters had returned to the Rain Haven Inn. Quion learned that Rain Icewater was the member of the Circle of Iron that was killed. Examining the body, Quion observed that she had been decapitated and had suffered numerous stinger wounds. She also had a mark on her shoulder that was probably some type of guild symbol.

Quion then traveled to the Rain Haven Inn which was a cheap inn just outside the Glooms. The remaining five members of the Circle of Iron were gathered around a “bar” debating if they should recruit another member. The five consisted of a tall woman from the northern lands, a hooded man, a human tracker called Lars, a dwarven holy man called Aenglebauld, and an elf called “J.”

When Quion introduced himself, the monster hunters nearly jumped down his throat, upset that Rain had been killed because the Baron had provided them with inaccurate information. Quion calmly explained that they had been provided with the most accurate information that was available at the time, but the group did not believe him. Quion’s request for information on what had happened so that this information might be made available for others meet with the response that “the creepy doctor” had said the same thing.

Reluctantly, the group told Quion that they had been in the woods tracking the creature when the smaller ones dropped from the trees. A few landed on Rain and the others were too busy fighting off their own creatures to help her. They did manage to kill four or five, but by the time they reached Rain, she was dead. The creatures did not seem to be coordinating their attacks, but on reflections, the creatures seemed to be specifically attacking Rain. Quion also overheard two of the group saying that “the creepy doctor” had also taken an interest in Rain and the fact that she was once a member of the Doomsingers. Quion requested to examine Rain’s personal effects, and under careful scrutiny, was allowed to see the deceased Doomsinger’s possessions. There did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary amongst the belongings. After the funeral, the Circle of Iron planned to return to the woods and exterminate all of the smaller creatures they could find.

Meanwhile, Master Gunn went to the Huntsman’s Inn to see if the Deadly Seven could be recruited to help hunt down the werewolves. The Deadly Seven were not at the inn, but in the tavern next door. Master Gunn spoke only with Errol and Brandwyn because the mission was to be kept on the QT. Errol and Brandwyn told Master Gunn they would speak to the others and give him an answer the next day. Master Gunn then left Foxtown to seek out other hunters in the nearby villages.

The Deadly Seven discussed taking the new job, but Titiana pointed out that they had not been paid for the last job. The group split up, Errol and Randall went to speak with the Sage Eldamoth to get more information on werewolves, while the rest of the team went to Grey Haven to speak with Master Rake about their payment. Brandwyn, Brictius, Benedikt, and Keinan found Quion in his office and Brandwyn politely demanded their payment which came in the form of a chest full of silver bars stamped with the Foxton seal. Brandwyn calculated they each would receive about 885 silvers apiece! Quion also related what was known about the werewolves.

To: Baron Mathieu du Clef of Foxton; Lady Isobelle Hawthorne, captain of the Baron’s Guard, and Master Quion Rake
From: Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, Epoptic Corp, Foxtown Draconian Unit
26 Birdsong, 960 RM
Subject: Investigation in Golden Village

Wythri Majaera and I arrived in Golden Village just before dark on 25 Birdsong. The village has become a very somber place since the death of Stew Golden. It is if a pallor of gloom has settled over the entire area. We met Father Elthelred on our way into the village and he invited us to join him for the evening meal. During the meal, Father Elthelred told us that the whole village is in a state of mourning due to the two deaths. Parents are hesitant to let their children out of their sight, Darla Golden had not left her room since the funeral, and Mayor Golden is in such a state of shock that he can barely walk a straight line. The four remaining friends of Alfie and Stew; Jar, Jeb, Pen, and Rich have started acting out and causing trouble. It is doubtful anyone from Golden will attend the Festival except to conduct business. I inquired as to the last time Father Elthelred had seen the boy Flynn, but he could not remember an exact date other than it was last fall. He did relate a dream he had on the evening of 15 Birdsong, the night Stew Golden died. Father Elthelred dreamed that he was wet and very cold, he heard Flynn’s voice tell him not to be afraid, but Father Elthelred was very afraid. When he woke, the fire had gone out of his stove and the storm was raging outside.

This morning, Father Elthelred took us to Stew Golden’s grave so we could pay our respects. We then headed into the village to speak with Darla Golden and the four boys. As we entered the village there was a commotion at the stables. The four boys had “borrowed” horses under the owner’s protests and were riding out of the village. Mistress Majaera was able to calm the horses into stopping and we took the four boys into the church to question them. Regrettably, the four boys were very defiant and uncooperative. Mistress Majaera suggested the boys be released and she would follow them to see where they went, this sounded reasonable so I agreed.

I then went to speak with Darla Golden, however the Mayor’s house was darkened and the maid informed me that the family was not taking visitors. As I did not wish to impose myself on the family, so I merely relayed my condolences. I then went to the Burley farm to try to speak with Flynn’s mother. I found the woman drawing water from the well and pouring it over the ground. The whole yard had been soaked. I overheard her saying that he now lives in water and that she must make this his new home. When I tried to speak to her, she screamed and ran into the house. Farmer Burley approached and “asked” me to leave.

Mistress Majaera returned to the village a few hours later and reported that she had followed the boys to Big Pete’s shack. They had apparently had made a pact at some point not to talk about Flynn and wondered if there were such things as ghosts. Mistress Majaera frightened them and they returned to the village.

I am afraid that this trip did not yield anything substantial. However, the boys comment seems to suggest that they do know something had happened to Flynn. I believe that Father Elthelred’s dream and Flynn’s mother’s comments suggest that he was either downed or that his body was hidden in water. Alfie the younger’s body was found by two boys who were planning on going fishing. Perhaps Alfie’s body was placed in that spot as a clue as there does not seem to be any reason for the body to have been moved from Druid’s Rock to the opposite side of the village.

Mistress Majaera suggested that perhaps the boys should be questioned individually. I certainly did not hear the suggestion that Master Wrathchild be employed for such an endeavor.

Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry, Epoptic Corp, Foxtown Draconian Unit

26 Birdsong, 960 RM, Hawthorne Manor
At breakfast, Sir James inquired of Lady Hawthorne her impression of Baron du Clef as some nobles had questions as to the new baron’s loyalties. Baron du Clef had spent many decades out of Demoria and Sir James wanted to be reassured that the Hawthorne interests in Foxton were secure. Lady Hawthorne gave her word that the baron was loyal to Demoria and that Sir James had nothing to worry about as she would look after the Hawthorne lands.

Echoes of the Past

21 Birdsong, 960 RM, The Deadly Seven, Hill Rose and Gray Haven
After Dr Rothbury healed the group of monster hunters, he provided them with a notarized letter affirming that the group had indeed killed the monster, but he had taken the creature’s body for research. After the party had a brief rest, they loaded up the smaller creatures into a cart and returned to Gray Haven to report to Baron du Clef.

The party arrived at Gray Haven just before dark and were meet by the Baron and two of his advisers, one dressed in a dark cloak and hood, the other obviously some type of woodsman. Brandwyn presented the Baron with Dr Rothbury’s letter and was disappointed when he ordered Master Gunn travel to Hill Rose to verify the report. Baron du Clef did ask the monster hunters to remain in town as he might have another job for them. Brandwyn pointed out that without being paid, they would not be able to stay in town (forgetting to mention the money Dr Rothbury had paid them for the creatures body) so Baron du Clef agreed to pay reasonable expenses for the group. Somewhat mollified, the returned to Foxtown.

After the Deadly Seven had departed, Baron du Clef let Damien and Master Gunn know that he felt the werewolf problem was more urgent than the chimera issue. He sent Damien to talk to the Deadly Seven to assess if they were telling the truth about killing the monster or not.

Damien found the Deadly Seven at the Huntsman’s Inn, nursing their still aching wounds. Brandwyn related the story of how they defeated the monster, but she was too tired and still aching from Dr Rothbury’s antivenom to make it a good story and failed to impress Damien with their skills.

22 Birdsong, 960 RM, Hill Rose
Master Gunn traveled to Hill Rose to verify the Deadly Seven’s story. When he arrived, he witnessed the damage the monster had caused and attended the funeral of the villagers that had been killed. The villagers told Master Gunn that the Deadly Seven had arrived shortly after the monster did and managed to kill it and that Dr Rothbury had taken the body. The village was in disarray as the mayor’s house had been destroyed (fortunately, the mayor and his family had been out in the fields when the monster attacked so they were unharmed), the Yule Tree had been destroyed, the well smashed in, and most of the livestock had been killed. Master Gunn promised the villagers that he would make the Baron aware of their plight.

Master Gunn then paid a visit to Dr Rothbury to see if the good doctor had learned anything about the monster. Since Master Gunn’s last visit to the Rothbury estate, the doctor had finished his house, had a few barns built, and had even acquired cattle for his fields. Master Gunn was greeted at the door by one of Dr Rothbury’s manservants and a short time later Dr Rothbury lead Master Gunn to a barn outside the house to see the creature. The inside of the barn smelled of formaldehyde and monster guts. The floor was covered with black ichor. The creature was twice as big as Master Gunn had remembered it being. Dr Rothbury explained to Master Gunn that the creature produced offspring by “budding,” showing the druid the underside of the creature which was covered with polyps containing the unborn monsters. Dr Rothbury believed the creature had gone through two budding cycles and could have possibly gone through two more had it not been killed. Dr Rothbury also stated that he had just begun to examine the creature and would not have a report ready for another week to ten days. Master Gunn reminded the doctor to be sure to properly dispose of the body.

22 Birdsong, 960 RM, Foxtown
Quion, Wythri, and Niamh returned to town late in the morning. Quion continued to Gray Haven. Wythri returned to Sage Eldamoth’s shop to find it open for business and the old sage up and moving about. Eldamoth was feeling much better, but still did not have all his strength back yet. Wythri fixed them some tea and told Eldamoth about the werewolves they had fought. Eloamoth was concerned with the news and worried that Master Gunn and Damien might have been bitten. Eldamoth told Wythri that Stew Golden had been found dead the morning of 16 Birdsong, apparently he had committed suicide by hanging himself.

Quion arrived at Gray Haven and made his report to the Baron. The Baron told Quion about the different groups of monster hunters and that one of the groups had killed the chimera but not before the creature had spawned. Quion wanted to take Master Gunn and a group of guards up into the hills to investigate the villages that had been destroyed several years ago, as similar events were occurring now as had been then. He would wait until after the festival as the guards would be needed for security. The Baron also let Quion know that Cici had been well behaved in his absence. Returning to his tower, Quion was bombarded with Cici’s report as to what had happened, from her point of view, while he was gone.

Niamh returned to Derry Dale to find her cats, Adrom and Durom, upset that she had been gone for so long. She spent several minutes giving them the attention they demanded before taking a long overdue bath. Checking in at headquarters, the Irregulars told her that Stew Golden had committed suicide on the morning of 16 Birdsong, and provided her with a copy of the report. Since Captain Waggoner was not in his office, Niamh took the opportunity to investigate the death herself, because she had a hard time believing that Stew would kill himself.

The report stated that on the morning of 16 Birdsong, the Draconians were summoned to the Blue Shield Tavern by the owner, Martin. Ella, Martin’s daughter, had found Stew’s body in the shed outside the tavern when she had gone in to milk the cows. The report concluded that Stew had hung himself and the death was labeled a suicide. Arriving at the Blue Shield, Niamh spoke privately with Martin about the events of that day. Martin told her that Stew had not received any letters or had any visitors prior to his death. The evening of 15 Birdsong, there was a very bad storm. There was thunder, lighting, hail, strong winds, and bitter cold. Stew had been nervous all day, but Martin thought it was due to the approaching storm. The next morning, Ella found Stew’s body in the shed.

Niamh was given permission to search the shed. While looking around, Niamh found a piece of cloth caught on the doorframe. Examining the cloth, it looked similar to what she and Quion had found when examining Alfie the younger’s body in Golden. At that moment the area grew still and the temperature suddenly dropped, but then everything returned to normal. Niamh wrote a quick letter to Lady Hawthorne and borrowed a horse from headquarters to head toward to Gray Haven. She detoured to Hawthorne Manor to deliver her letter.

Hawthorne Manor as a flurry of activity, Niamh had never seen so many people there. Laurel, the house keeper, told Niamh that the manor was being prepared for the arrival of Sir James Hawthorne, Lady Hawthorne’s brother-in-law. Niamh then continued to Gray Haven and found Quion in his tower. She told Quion what she had found and experienced and that she thought that perhaps Flynn had been killed in the fight with Alfie the younger and had returned for retribution. Quion agreed that could be possible and suggested that Niamh and Wythri return to Golden to question Darla as she might be the next victim. He would also pen an order from Baron du Clef to allow Niamh to continue her investigation. He would also study the piece of cloth she had found for any more clues.

Meanwhile, Wythri and Eldamoth were searching their books for information on werewolves. They found a report that a group of Draconians had fought a group of werewolves in the North of Demoria. They also learned that werewolves could be killed by silver and magic. Most concerning was the fact that the curse could be spread by a bite, or it could be generational. Niamh arrived at the shop just before dinner and was invited to join them. Niamh told Wythri and Eldamoth what she had found and what she had told Quion. Wythri agreed to help her with her investigation in Golden.

23 Birdsong, 960 RM
Wythri sent the information she had found on the werewolves to Damien and Quion. She also sent letters to the Baron and Lady Hawthorne letting them know she would be traveling to Golden with Niamh.

Sir James Hawthorne arrived in Foxton and introduced himself to Baron du Clef before settling in at Hawthorne manor.

24 Birdsong, 960 RM
Damien’s house in the Glooms was finally repaired and he was able to move back in.

Lady Hawthorne returned from Crow’s Head Mountain and reported first to Gray Haven before returning to Hawthorne Manor. Entering the courtyard, she saw several new faces being put through the paces by Sergeant Thomas of the Gate. Baron du Clef was watching them and filled Lady Hawthorne in on the latest news, including the fact that Sir James had arrived. Returning to Hawthorne Manor, Lady Hawthorne was greeted by Sir James. The two had dinner and caught up on recent events.

25 Birdsong, 960 RM, Gray Haven
As Wythri and Niamh prepared to leave for Golden, they received a summons from Baron du Clef to a meeting that morning at Gray Haven. The women finished their preparations and headed for the castle, planning to continue their journey to Golden from there. Lady Hawthorne and Damien also received a summons from Baron du Clef at Hawthorne Manor.

At breakfast, the Baron caught everyone up on current events. The chimera had been killed, but there was still its spawn to be dealt with. The Circle of Iron had returned to Foxtown late the previous evening, one of their members had been killed in an ambush by the creatures. The Baron requested that someone speak with them before they left town to gather the details as to what had happened. The Baron had also recruited several members from the local militia in exchange for arming the entire militia. Sir James Hawthorne, Lady Hawthorne’s brother-in-law had arrived and had met with the Baron.

The biggest problem however was the werewolves. Until this treat could be neutralized the pilgrim’s trail would have to be closed, however the trail could not be closed for long. Quion suggested that the Baron’s reason for closing the trail be because of flooding, as not to raise suspicion and the Baron agreed. Baron du Clef also raised the possibility that Nobbin had a mole in either the Draconians or the mayor’s office that allowed him to avoid capture. The Baron was also considering enlisting the monster hunters to help with the werewolf problem and instructed Master Gunn to discreetly recruit a team to track down the werewolves. Quion requested permission to investigate the abandoned villages and Lady Hawthorne suggested that this would be a good cover for Master Gunn’s team. Quion and Niamh delivered the report on Stew Golden’s death and Niamh’s thoughts on what was going on. The Baron agreed that Darla Golden and the other boys should be questioned further. There was also discussion about the festival and the ball, and the Baron made sure that all present were aware that they were expected (but not required) to attend. At this point Buster entered and announced the arrival of another monster hunter.

A tall red-headed women entered. She was wearing leathers and an elaborate headpiece with antlers. Master Gunn recognized her as a druid of Carrom, the same god he serves. The woman announced that she was part of the Fearless Monster Hunters had was here to kill the creature that had been causing so much trouble, mistaking Quion for Baron du Clef. She told the group her name was Nikki and was very impatient with the Baron. When questioned about her knowledge of werewolves, she was able to provide a formula that would cure the curse from a werewolves bite and Wythri was able to validate the ingredients. Nikki also explained that there was no cure if the curse was hereditary. Master Gunn approved her for the team and Quion produced a contract for her to sign, however Nikki refused to sign anything unless it was in Coill. Wythri suggested that Sage Eldamoth would be able to translate the contract and Nikki was directed to stay at the Huntsman’s Inn with the Deadly Seven. Nikki left the room as a gust of wind, proving how powerful she really was.

The group then dispersed to their separate tasks. Wythri and Niamh would travel to Golden to question Darla Golden and the other boys. Master Gunn would begin assessing the Deadly Seven to see who would be most appropriate for tracking down the werewolves. Quion would continue his research and speak with the Circle of Iron. Lady Hawthorne would keep her brother-in-law occupied and work on training the new recruits.

After the meeting Lady Hawthorne inspected the new recruits. She realized they would need a lot of training would need to be done to get them ready for duty. Afterwards, she took Sir James on a tour of the Hawthorne lands.

The Deadly Seven
A new team of adventurers arrives in Foxton

Cast of Characters:
Errol Wanderfar, a Goodfellow hobbit wizard from Demoria and leader of the team (Bill/Storm)
Brictius the Gray, a gray elf Preliator (spear fighter) from Pasion (Ron)
Tatiana, a green elf jill of all trades from Pasion (Curtis)
Benedikt of Crom, a human Seeker (priest) from Norna (Gordon)
Randall Stowes, a human Martigan (warrior) from Demoria (Matt)
Keinan Murdoch, a human Warden (holy warrior) from Nekia (Mike)
Brandwyn Wright, a human taleweaver from Demoria (Tammy)

17 Birdsong, 960 RM
The Deadly Seven are a group of young, idealist monster hunters that are adventuring to make a name for themselves and the world a better place. They had seen the reward for tracking down and killing the chimera in Warford and proceeded to Foxton to try their hand at earning the reward. The Foxton Gate confused them. Why would anyone build a gate with walls that only stretched for a hundred feet in either direction? Entering the gate, they saw a group of merchants and pilgrims camped. Brandwyn engaged the pilgrims in conversation and learned that the merchants were here for a festival the Baron of Foxton would be holding in a week and a half. The pilgrims and the merchants were waiting here until an escort arrived to take them to Foxtown, which would be the next day. Not wanting to wait, besides the group could handle themselves against any bandit or monsters that attacked, they proceeded to Foxtown. The group arrived at the Platinum Gate at dusk.

The guards questioned the group as to their reason for being in the town, told them not to cause any trouble, and directed them to the Huntsman’s Inn in the West Quarter. The Huntsman’s Inn had good food and clean beds, but the group spent most of their money that night.

18 Birdsong, 960 RM
At first light, the group left Foxtown through the Baron’s Gate to present themselves at Gray Haven Castle. When they arrived, they were again questioned by an older guard, who finally ordered two of the gate guards to take them to the Baron. The gate guards lead the group to a large, well-maintained garden and introduced them to the man working there. Although the man was dressed in a big straw hat, colorful shirt, and dirty trousers, Brandwyn recognized him as Baron du Clef of Foxton. Baron du Clef told the Deadly Seven what was known about the creature (not much, except for Master Quion Rake’s forty page report) and the creature seemed to be residing near the village of Hill Rose back by the Foxton Gate. There were also two other groups of monster hunters in the area, Dr Rothbury and the Circle of Iron. The Baron also ordered the group not to cause any trouble in the town and that any infighting amongst the different groups would forfeit the reward for everyone.

On the way to Hill Rose the group reviewed (mostly skimmed) Master Rake’s report, learning little in that the monster was big, poisonous, arboreal, and had a terrifying screech. The group was looked upon with suspicion when they entered the village. Brandwyn introduced the group to the mayor, who was relieved they were there to hunt the creature. The mayor let the group know that Dr Rothbury was building a house a few miles away and that the Circle of Iron had been through the village a few days ago, but had not been seen since. The livestock had not been attacked in the last couple of days since the villagers had started bringing the cattle in from the fields. They had heard the creature outside the village and the sounds were getting worse. Before it got too dark, Keinan and Tatiana looked for tracks but did not find any. The Mayor allowed the group to sleep in the barn, and watches were set.

Keinan and Benedikt had the first watch. Benedikt patrolled the village while Keinan perched himself in the village’s Yule Tree, a large conifer tree growing in the middle of the village. Benedikt heard something rustling just outside of the village, but when he shined his light into the woods, the sounds moved away. The two returned to the barn to wake the rest of the party so they could track the creature while the trail was still warm. While the party was preparing, Benedikt heard more sounds outside. Benedikt, Keinan, and Tatiana exited the barn and saw six man-sized creatures scuttling toward them. They looked like the description of the creature they had received, but much smaller. While the party was fighting these creatures, a swarm of even smaller creatures, about the size of a human hand, appeared. The creatures seemed to be heading straight for the barn, ignoring the heroes and going straight for the livestock. The party was able to kill all of the smaller creatures and five of the bigger ones, but one escaped and not before four cows were killed and Keinan and Randall were poisoned. Realizing that the two needed medical attention immediately, the party decided to try to find Dr Rothbury, as he was closer than Foxtown.

They found Dr Rothbury’s house in a clearing a few miles from Hill Rose. The door was answered by an extremely large man who let them into the drawing room. After what seemed a very long time (about five to ten minutes) Dr Rothbury appeared in a dressing gown and flanked by two enormous black dogs. The group quickly explained what had happened and the doctor examined the two poisoned men. The group agreed to exchange some samples from the creatures they had killed and brought with them in return for Dr Rothbury curing their two injured comrades. Keinan and Randall were taken to a different room so that the doctor could attend to them. The others were taken to the kitchen and served tea and cookies. Dr Rothbury examined the two paralyzed men, none too gently. After drawing some blood from their arms and wounds, he returned after an undeterminable amount of time and injected the two men. After feeling a pinch, the paralysis slowly, painfully wore off.

Dr. Rothbury then went to the kitchen to inform the rest of the party that the two men should make a full recovery. While they were waiting, Brandwyn told the doctor about their fight with the creatures. After the paralysis wore off, Keinan and Randall were lead to the kitchen by one of the doctor’s dogs.

19 Birdsong, 960 RM
Dawn was braking by the time the party returned to Hill Rose. The mayor thanked them for killing the creatures last night, but he was very upset that there were more than just the one originally seen. Errol and Brandwyn decided to return to Foxtown to inform the Baron of the current situation while the others rested. Errol also let the group know that Dr Rothbury had given him a vial of the antivenom used to cure Keinan and Randall.

Errol and Brandwyn arrived at Gray Haven late in the day and were kept waiting outside the castle for an hour. They heard someone poking the creatures in the cart and saw Baron du Clef examining the creatures. During dinner Brandwyn told the Baron what had happened and how Dr Rothbury had developed an antivenom. The Baron offered an additional two thousand silver pieces if the party could destroy all the smaller creatures. Wanting to return to the party as soon as possible Errol and Brandwyn traveled through the night to Hill Rose. The rest of the party stood watch that night. They heard the odd sound and saw a few tentacles, but the creatures did not attack.

20 Birdsong, 960 RM
After sleeping most of the day, the reunited party set out to track the creatures. Keinan was able to find some tracks easily and lead the group into the woods. The tracks started out as a single set, but then were joined by more, and then those dispersed, until finally it looked like seven or eight creatures had met up. Tatiana took to the trees to follow the group from that vantage point.

Just as the sun was setting, Keinan suddenly stopped, spotting a nest of the creatures. Tatiana blundered into the mass of them, startling them awake. As the creatures attacked, Errol cast sunlight so the party could see what they were fighting. The creatures dropped from the trees and attacked the party. Benedikt cast an antivenom to protect the group from the creature’s poison, but he lost the spell when he was hit by one of the creatures and Brandwyn was poisoned. The party was able to kill the creatures and avoided any major injuries and no one else was poisoned. Benedikt was able to heal the party’s wounds and used Dr Rothbury’s antivenom on Brandwyn. The party moved away from the nest and set up camp. The night was uneventful until halfway through the last watch when the entire party was wakened by a horrendous screech.

21 Birdsong, 960 RM
As soon as it was light, the party returned to the nesting area and found the ground and trees torn up. The group found a large set of tracks heading toward Hill Rose and the party moved with all haste toward the village, fearing the worst.

When the party arrived at Hill Rose, they saw the mayor’s house had been destroyed, the “mother” creature moving through the village toward the well with several villagers in it’s tentacles, and the Yule Tree had been uprooted. There was a swarm of the smallest creatures around the “mother” creature. Brandwyn and Benedikt used their magic to enhance the group for the fight ahead. Tatiana, Keinan, and Brictius moved quickly toward the creature. The monster let out a roar that made most of the party pause. Tatiana drew the creature’s attention and led it back toward the group. Unfortunately the creature headed straight for Brandwyn and Benedikt. It was a tough fight as the creature could attack several party members at once with its tentacles, poisoning every one but Errol and Keinan. Despite their injuries, the party worked together to injure the creature and Randall used the last of his strength to deliver the final blow. Benedikt tended to as many of the wounded party members as he could before succumbing to the poison himself.

While Errol and Keinan were making the rest of the party members as comfortable as possible, they noticed Dr Rothbury watching them from the other end of the village. Dr Rothbury told them that he was impressed with how they were able to kill the monster and offered them 1,200 silver pieces for the body. Errol and Keinan agreed on the condition that Dr Rothbury would confirm that they had killed the creature for Baron du Clef and that he cure the party and the villagers of the poison. Dr Rothbury agreed, but several of the villagers were already dead.

Niahm and Isobelle: Pilgrimage

Since I won’t be around next weekend, and Tammy may or may not be up for much talking, we figured that blue booking the Captain and Lieutenant’s pilgrimage up to Crow’s Head Mountain (did I get the name right? I think I did…) could be handled via a bit of blue booking; but first, a few questions for Bill…

The trip up the mountain? you said 5 days, is that on foot? or horseback? If foot, is it possible to make some of the pilgrimage on horseback and leave the horses at a small town or way point? I assume that, up to a certain point, there are stops or spontaneous ‘towns’ along the way?

Also, future plans for the Lady Isobelle, aside from her aspirations to put a hand in every aspect of the Barony to keep an eye on things with a solid network of spies, on a personal level her path seems to be taking her down one of faith. Perhaps it was standing face to face with a demon, perhaps it’s a subconscious need to fill the void her husband left. . . But the character seems to be evolving into a Paladin (of the non-spell casting variety, we have enough of those in the party). Heck, reading the Paladin Code Of Honor in the PDFs Bill sent out she’s practically there in deed already.

Isobelle leaves instructions with Laurel that Wytherie is welcome in the manor during her absence and is a guest to be treated as other nobility would. She also sends a letter off to her father in Shelinsibeau, which I’ll write and sand off to you soon Bill.

Crow’s Head Mountain: This mighty peak rises out of the middle of the Platinum Hills, and marks the burial spot for Durom I. It is a holy site for the Trinity, and many pilgrims visit every year. There is a small church built into the side of the mountain, and it is said that the catacombs beneath the temple pierce deep into the heart of the earth. The mountain got its unusual name because of a distinctive rock formation at the top of the mountain that looks, from the proper angle, like the silhouette of a crow’s head. (Crows are considered a symbol of good luck in much of the West, and are thought to sometimes ferry messages to and from the afterlife).

The pilgrimage is traditionally taken on foot, but you could take the first half of it on horseback; after about two days, the trail gets too narrow, steep, and rocky for all but the most sure-footed horses. That would save about a day’s travel each way. There aren’t really any towns on the route, but there are waystations along the path where pilgrims can stay overnight. The accomodations are poor, but comfortable enough.


Lady Isobelle believes the walk won’t be so harsh that a horse will be needed to take off a day’s travel. Also, we have a side stop to make for the Lieutenant’s benefit.

The pilgrimage to Crow’s Head Mountain is usually taken on foot. Pilgrims traditionally wear a plain gray hooded robe along their journey, and carry little or nothing of value apart from a walking staff and a knife for protection. Everyone who takes the pilgrimage is expected to follow the traditions, whether you are a king or a commoner.

The way is not easy nor is it meant to be. Some people have talked about improving the trail to the mountain, but most of the faithful resist this idea, so it remains little more than a simple footpath, weaving up and up through the hills. It’s a tough climb and it takes most folks four or five days to reach the temple. A healthy and determined person could probably do it in less time, but the journey is meant to be a time of contemplation and faith, not a race to the top.

Isobelle will meet Niamh at her place to start off their journey. Unless given cause to do otherwise and being a morning person, she shows up fairly early dressed as most pilgrims, in a gray robe, and a small pack with hardtack and jerkey for food, unarmed as well.

Niamh is usually wake before dawn as that’s when she does her devotions, so she’d be ready when Lady Hawthorne arrives. Niamh is also dressed in pilgrim garb and pack. She has a walking staff. Her truncheon is hidden under her robes. She’s familiar with the path up to the first day up the mountain, that’s as far as she’s gone. Her family’s graves are a few hours off the path at that point. Since it’s Lady Hawthorne’s pilgrimage, Niamh’s happy to follow her lead as to if they continue up the mountain first or detour.

Isobelle believes that paying respects to one’s family shouldn’t wait, and suggests they detour first to allow Niamh the time she needs with her family. “The mountain will be there tomorrow, as well.”

11 Birdsong, 960 RM
The day dawns bright, cool, and clear. Lady Hawthorne and Niahm are among the first people to leave Foxtown through the Platinum Gate that morning, and have the road mostly to themselves as they head westward up into the hills. They pass through a number of small villages; the inhabitants pay little heed to the pilgrims as they pass through. The road is well-maintained for most of the trek, but as the climb gets steeper the road becomes more of a simple wagon trail, and then shrinks down to little more than a well-trodden footpath.

Niahm remembers the way to her family’s graves. The side path is marked by a huge old lightning-scarred cottonwood. They turn off the trail and follow a stream deeper into the hills. Twilight is already upon them by the time they arrive.

Niamh leads Lady Hawthorne into a clearing. In the center is a small cairn, about the size of small house. There is a tall oak tree at the base and a “door” facing them. “This is the final resting place of my grandmother, Bri, and my mother, Arwyn. When my time comes, I plan to join them.” Niamh takes off her pack and stretchs. “We can camp here for the night. At dawn, there’s a couple of rituals I’ll do and then we can continue on. If you’re interested, I can tell you some of the tales my mother told me about my grandmother.”

Isobelle removes her own pack, “I am very interested in the tales of your grandmother.” She said sitting down and resting from the days travels. She took in the area, “This is a peaceful place to make ones final rest.”

As Niamh started setting up camp she started her story. “According to my mother, Grandmother Bri was never one to stay in one place for long. She had traveled all over Kalon before my mother was born and even fought giants in Fleetwood Forest.” Niamh handed Lady Hawthorne a cup of tea. “Grandmother Bri did not even stay long after Arwyn was born, leaving the girl with her father while she traveled to Demoria. Thirty years ago, Grandmother Bri made a name for herself here also fighting giants. This time she had help, teaming up with the legendary Balph the Giantslayer (where he earned his name) and the then Crown Prince Durom here in the Platinum Hills. After five years in Demoria, she returned to Kalon, collected her nine-year-old daughter, and returned to Demoria to continue exploring the country. My mother had inherited Bri’s wanderlust so enjoyed traveling the country in a wagon my grandfather had made. Just before I was born, Grandmother Bri took ill and died. This place had already been prepared and my mother laid Grandmother Bri to rest.” Niamh paused and looked into her cup, “Since my mother died, I’ve tried to come here once a year. My own pilgrimage to serve my penitence.”

Lady Hawthorne listens and drinks the offered tea. She raises an eyebrow at the last words, “I wouldn’t imagine you would need to serve any penance. But I am not overly familiar with your beliefs.” She seemed concerned at Niamh’s words.

Niamh smiled a little. “Not that I’ve committed a major sin, just a personal failing. My mother died alone. By the time I received word she was ill and reached Miller’s Creek, I was three days too late. I was barely in time to stop the miners from burning her body. My failing was not telling her that for all my complaining and tantrums, I really did not hate her for the life we had, nor do I regret how we lived. I did not have the chance to apologize for my behavior either.”

Isobelle looked off in the distance for a moment, “She knew, maybe not in words.” Isobelle looked at her cup of tea, “Perhaps you should visit more often, celebrate who she was, and not what wasn’t.” Isobelle offered up.

“I try, but it is not easy finding the time to come up here.” Niamh looked up at the darking sky. “It’s been a long day, and I think the going gets tougher the further up we get. We’d best get what rest we can.”

“Agreed.” Isobelle rinses the cup and, not for the first time, wonders if she weren’t more suited to a lifestyle of less luxury and more road.

*12 Birdsong, 960 RM *
The next day again dawns clear and bright, and the women are off on the road again as the first rays of the sun touch the stones of the O’Derry cairn. They backtrack back to the Pilgrim’s Trail, then continue west, climbing higher and higher up into the hills. The mountains are beautiful and wild and empty, with few signs of people other than the trail itself and the numerous simple roadside shrines that previous pilgrims have built along the way.

As the day wears on, though, the two women gradually get that strange, prickly feeling on the backs of their necks, as though some unseen observer were watching them. There’s no one around, but the woods are deep and the hills are steep, so there are plenty of places for someone who wanted to remain hidden to do so.

When Lady Hawthorne woke Niamh for the second watch, the feeling of being watched returned. Shining torches around, the two women see the light reflecting from several eyes. A pack of wolves was just outside the camp, but left as the torchlight revealed them.

13 through 15 Birdsong, 960 RM
The following few days continue much the same. The weather is pleasant, but the feeling of being watched continues. Every so often the women spot a wolf following them, but on second glance, the creature is gone. “This is where the chimera must have frightened the pack Master Gunn was tracking.” Niamh commented. “I think you are correct.” Lady Hawthorne agreed.

The only change was a rainstorm the night of 15 Birdsong.

16 Birdsong, 960 RM
Although the night had pelted the two women with rain, the dawn broke through the clouds and promised a sunny, if humid day. The closer the two women came to Crow’s Head Mountain, the fewer sightings they had of the wolves. There were more signs of pilgrims and civilization. Just before mid-day they reached the base of the mountain. Niamh stays at the bottom to set up camp while Lady Hawthorne ascended to the temple.

There were steps carved into the mountain, with several stops depicting the life of Durom the First. At the top of the step was a large open temple with priest attending to the praying pilgrims. Lady Hawthorne felt the reverence of the place. It was said that the bones of the great hero were somewhere in the catacombs under the temple. Lady Hawthorne spends the rest of the day in prayer and contemplation, not descending until after sundown.

The pilgrims at the base of the mountain built a large bonfire that everyone shared along with the evening meal. Lady Hawthorne encountered a group of pilgrims from Shelinsibeau and spends the evening talking with her countrymen.

17 Birdsong, 960 RM
The next morning, Lady Hawthorne told Niamh that she wanted to climb to the very top of the mountain, as the view would not be something to miss. Niamh joins her, also wanting to see the view. The top of the mountain was deserted save for a small shrine. The view is indeed spectacular, with a wide panoramic view of the Platinum Hills. The landscape is green with the new growth of spring. Lady Hawthorne left a small offering at the shrine and the two women descended to the base.

Lady Hawthorne is pleased with her time here and the next morning the two women would begin the trip back to Foxtown.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Pilgrimage

Session 16
17 Birdsong, 960 RM, The Pilgrim Trail
Rich refused to go any closer to the ravine, so Bri stayed with him at the trail. Wythri stayed at the top of the ravine and focused on the state of the flow in the area, but felt nothing unusual. Damien scouted around the area, but the rain had washed any tracks that had been here away two nights ago. He understood why this was a very good place for an ambush. Master Gunn and Quion went down into the ravine to examine the bodies and move them out of the ravine. Wythri summoned silver Elvin-shaped automatons to help bring the bodies up.

Quion’s examination of the bodies reveled that they had been dead for approximately a week. Either swords or arrows had killed them all. Some of the bodies looked as if they had been mauled by animals, but it could not be determined if that had happened before or after death. There were no holy symbols or anything of value on the bodies. Judging by the quality of clothing, all the pilgrims had been commoners. All of the evidence did not lead Quion to any plausible motive except psychopathy.

As the sun started to set, Quion used an earthmover spell to dig a shallow grave to bury the bodies in. Watches were set for the night with Quion and Bri taking first watch. Not long after the camp settled down, a pack of wolves surrounded the camp, but they faded away by the next watch. Damien and Rich took the second watch, which was peaceful. Rich remained depressed and quiet as he had the entire day. Halfway through the watch, he asked Damien if there was forgiveness for him. Damien, not being a religious person, couldn’t answer the question, but here would be a good place to start. Rich agreed that he should change his ways. Wythri and Master Gunn had the last watch; a wolf howling in the distance was the disturbance.

18 Birdsong, 960 RM, The Pilgrims Trail
The next morning, Quion suggested that the group find the trail the bandits used arrive at the ambush site. He left a Wizard’s Mark by the trail, hoping Lady Hawthorne and Niamh would see it. Rich led the way down the ravine.

Rich moved through the woods with practiced ease. He told the group that the campsite was about half a day’s walk away. The bandits move around frequently to avoid the Draconian patrols, which was surprisingly easy. Nobbin had a way of staying one step ahead of the Draconians. While Master Gunn, Bri, and Damien did not seem to have any trouble keeping up with Rich, Quion and Wythri struggled, not use to being in the wilds outside the city.

Just after mid-day, the group arrived at the camp. Master Gunn approved of the site, it was away from the road and there was a stream nearby.

While on their way back from Crow’s Head Mountain, Lady Hawthorne spotted Quion’s mark and she and Niamh followed the sign.

At the campsite, Wythri analyzed the flow in the area, but did not sense anything unusual. As Damien and Master Gunn began scouting around the campsite, four large wolves appearing out of the woods approached them. Wythri, Quion, and Bri noticed that the animal and bird sounds suddenly did not seem quite right. Suddenly arrows flew into the campsite from the woods and the wolves attacked Damien and Master Gunn. The arrows missed Wythri and Quion, but hit Rich in the chest, dropping him.

Master Gunn and Damien fought against the wolves that attacked them. Damien was able to injure his two wolves badly enough to cause them to retreat. Master Gunn determined that he would not be able to talk these wolves down, so fought defensively.

Wythri teleported herself and the injured man to the far side of the clearing, trying to remove Rich from harm. The attackers in the woods continued to fire arrows at the group, missing everyone but poor Rich. Bri moved up to protect Quion, who drank an invisibility potion and moved out of the range of the arrows.

Wythri, upset that Rich had been hurt again, called for help and fired off a bolt of lightning at one of the attackers, killing him. Bri advanced on the remaining thugs, hoping to draw their fire. Master Gunn used his Stag’s Leap to move to Wythri and Rich’s aid.

After Wythri’s lightning bolt killed one of the thugs, the rest of the attackers and wolves fled the area. Damien followed them to learn where they were going.

While Quion examined the dead thug, Master Gunn did his best to heal Rich, but the man was badly hurt and needed more experienced help. Wythri, Master Gunn, and Bri took Rich and headed back through the wood towards the trail, hoping to find someone to help the injured man. Quion waited for Damien to return. When Damien returned, he did not look pleased and informed Quion that at least some of the attackers were werewolves. Quion used his magic to speed his and Damien’s trip back to the others.

A short time later, Lady Hawthorne and Niamh encountered Wythri, Master Gunn, Bri, and the injured Rich. While Lady Hawthorne received the report of what happened, Niamh did what she could for the injured man. However, the arrow that was imbedded in his stomach was too deep for her to remove. She told the others that unless Rich received attention from a hospital, he would die. Quion and Damien joined the group and made their report to Lady Hawthorne. Since the temple at Crow’s Head Mountain had the closest hospital, the group headed there, arriving after dark. Lady Hawthorne summoned a priest to help Rich and the injured man was taken into the hospital. Quion gave Lady Hawthorne the full report of what had been discovered and suggested the trail be closed until the bandit and werewolf threat was contained.

19 Birdsong, 960 RM
Late in the morning, the priest attending Rich informed the group that they had done all they could for the man, his fate was in the gods’ hands now. Lady Hawthorne sent Damien, Master Gunn, and Bri back to Foxtown to report to the Baron and Captain Waggoner, as they could move the quickest and quietest. Niamh gave Damien a report for him to give to Captain Waggoner on her behalf.

Lady Hawthorne sat with Rich until he regained consciousness, and spoke with the man. She encouraged him to confess his sins. The injured man drifted in and of consciousness. Niamh talked with Quion, learning that he was still having nightmares.

20 Birdsong, 960 RM
Lady Hawthorne sent Quion, Niamh, and Wythri back to Foxtown, stating she would stay with Rich, who died later that day.

21 Birdsong, 960 RM
Lady Hawthorne departed Crow’s Head Mountain, after saying a prayer for Rich’s soul.

22 Birdsong, 960 RM
Damien, Master Gunn, and Bri arrived at Gray Haven. Baron du Clef was on one of the towers watching the guards go through their drills; there were several new recruits. Damien and Master Gunn made their report and the Baron let them know that a few more groups of monster hunters had arrived.

23 Birdsong, 960 RM
Quion, Niamh, and Wythri arrived in Foxtown. Quion reported to the Baron, Niamh reported to Captain Waggoner, and Wythri went shopping for new clothes (as the ones she was wearing were destroyed in the woods). Damien asked the blacksmith at Gray Haven to make him a silver dagger.

24 Birdsong, 960 RM
Lady Hawthorne returned and reported to the Baron.

The Pilgrim’s Trail

10 Birdsong, 960 RM
After the meeting with the Baron, Lieutenant Niamh reported to Captain Waggoner. She reported on the arrival of Dr Rothbury, the first of the monster hunters, and that the Baron had declared that any infighting amongst the various monster hunter groups would forfeit the reward for any of them. The Captain agreed that was a wise policy. Lieutenant Niamh then relayed the suggestion of a caravan stop just inside Foxton so the merchants arriving could be registered and escorted to the Baron’s Festival. Captain Waggoner took the suggestion under advisement. Niamh then requested leave to accompany Lady Hawthorne on her pilgrimage to Crow’s Head Mountain. The captain reluctantly agreed, hoping Niamh would be converted by the experience.

While the Sage Eldamoth’s shop was being rebuild, Wythri visited her master at Gray Haven. Eldamoth had no memory of what had happened, so Wythri told him the events of the past few weeks.

11 Birdsong, 960 RM
Lady Hawthorne and Niamh leave on their pilgrimage. They spend the first night at the cairn where Niamh’s mother and grandmother are buried.

12 Birdsong to 14 Birdsong, 960 RM
Master Gunn paid a visit to Dr Rothbury. The land the good doctor had purchased was south west of Hill Rose. As Master Gunn approached, the sounds of construction could be heard. A large area had been cleared and a large house was already three-quarters finished. Master Gunn and Dr Rothbury talked about the chimera’s activities and abilities. Master Gunn also tried to communicate with the doctor’s dogs, but was unable to gleen anything useful.

Damien entered his favorite watering hole in the Glooms called the “Passage to Brills.” Shaw, the barkeep, was also one of Damien’s informants. Damien was surprised to see Rich, the member of Nobbins’ Gang he had talked to after Big Pete’s hanging. Rich asked Damien if he was going to follow through with his threat to kill him, or if he was interested in hearing why he had returned to Foxtown. Damien settled down to hear what Rich had to say. “I’ve left the gang.” He told Damien. “Since Nate and his group joined the gang, things are not the same.” Rich went on to explain that he had urged Nobbin to start planning to rob the merchants that would be attending the Baron’s Festival, but Nate argued that attacking the pilgrims was more important. For some reason, Nobbin agreed with Nate and the slaughter that happened turned Rich’s stomach. Nobbin and Nate seemed to get along very well, and although Nobbin was still in charge, he seemed to be listening to Nate more than anyone else. Rich described Nate as a big man with sharp blue eyes. Nate dressed in wolves’ skins, but was by no means a ruffian, and he carried a very well made sword. In return for the information, and a crude map of where the slaughter had happened, Damien promised to protect Rich. Since Eldamoth’s shop had been rebuilt, Damien took Rich there and asked Wythri to allow Rich to stay there. Damien also warned Rich not to underestimate or provoke the “cute little elf girl.”

Meanwhile, Quion had been doing research into the history of the Barony. He found a reference that shortly after the War of the Swords, about twenty years ago, there were reports of whole towns disappearing or worse, being inhabited by shambling monstrosities. This peaked after about five years then slowly stopped over a year. Also, during this timeframe, a squad of Marechals (Draconian special forces) disappeared into the mountains while investigating reports of undead. Quion realized that there was too much to research and do so he started gathering a staff to help him. Quion also requested records from the temple and from Marechal Headquarters. Quion also made sure Cici would be prepared to attend the festival, much to the young girl’s delight. While Quion was preparing to travel to the towns mentioned in the records, Damien arrived to ask for a more detailed map than the one Rich had drawn and relayed what he had learned to Quion. Determining that the slaughter of pilgrims was the most pressing issue; Quion, Damien, Wythri, Master Gunn, and a protesting Rich prepared to travel to Crow’s Head Mountain to investigate.

While Bri was mining the Glooms for information on Nobbin’s gang, she meet an old man who told her he had heard tales of her grandmother. According to the old man, Bri’s Gran had been a monster hunter who had fought giants in the Platinum Hills with the legendary Balph the Giantslayer (where he earned his name) and the then Crown Prince Durom, now the current King. Rumor had it that Bri’s Gran was buried somewhere on Crow’s Head Mountain. If Bri wanted to learn more, she would need to talk to Berry, a miner who lived in the Valley of the Steading up in the hills. Determined to talk to Berry, Bri headed to Gray Haven to talk with Quion.

Bri arrived at Gray Haven as the rest of the group were preparing to leave. The Baron also happened to be in the area (preparing to go on another of his infamous walks) and was briefed on what had happened. He agreed that the group should investigate and told Bri to accompany them. Rich still protested in going stating that Nate would kill him if he was found.

15 Birdsong, 960 RM
The group rode hard on the Pilgrim’s Trail to cover as much ground as possible, with Master Gunn at point. That night, they stayed at a way station where they would leave their horses. Bri spent the night talking to the pilgrims and singing. The pilgrims told Bri that there was always talk of improving the trail, but the faithful opposed the plan, stating that the easing of the journey would detract from the purpose of the journey.

16 Birdsong, 960 RM
At first light, the group set out on foot and made good time. When they stopped for the evening, they saw a pack of wolves watching them. Master Gunn attempted to communicate with them and reported to the others that these wolves were very clever, thinking above their hunger. They realized this group was too big for them, they could find easier prey. Bri spent some time talking to Rich to get a sense of who he was and to get information on Nobbin. It was apparent that Rich was very upset at what had happened to the pilgrims and thought Nate was angry at the Trinity and lashing out at the pilgrims.

17 Birdsong, 960 RM
As the group was breaking camp, Master Gunn pointed the wolf tracks that surrounded the camp. Halfway through the day, Rich lead them off the trail. As they continued on, the smell of rotted meat grew stronger until they reached a ravine. At the bottom, they found about a dozen bodies strewn about…

"You may have wondered why I called you here today"

8 Birdsong, 960 RM
After the ordeal with the demon, Leth, Wythri spent the remainder of the night in the chapel at Gray Haven with Eldamoth.

Before the day’s activities started, Lady Hawthorne made her first devotions in the chapel.

The day was spent preparing the sewers to be flooded. The citizens of Foxtown had been notified that the sewers would be unavailable for the day and night. Baron du Clef, Lady Hawthorne, Quion Rake, and Lieutenant Niamh oversaw the flooding. The Draconians watching the outlets reported that there was nothing unusual washed out. That evening, the sewers were allowed to drain so a thorough sweep could be made to insure there was nothing untoward left.

9 Birdsong, 960 RM
Squads of Draconians, each with a sewer worker as a guide, spent the day scouting and mapping the sewers. Lieutenant Niamh and the Irregulars, along with Lady Hawthorne, Quion Rake, and Master Gunn also helped in the search. The sewers were declared free of undead. Baron du Clef announced a dinner to be held at Gray Haven in honor of those who helped with the search and destruction of the undead in the sewers.

Baron du Clef thanked the Draconians for their help in controlling the undead situation. The Baron also reminded those there that monster hunters should be arriving in the next few days to start hunting the chimera. The Baron also called a meeting of his staff, including Bri, Wythri, and Lieutenant Niamh, for the next morning to discuss other outstanding issues. The Baron also predicted that given the current stream of events, the summer might be very busy. The first Baron du Clef built the city and the castle, the Baron’s father cleared forests, planted orchards, and recruited settlers, and now the current Baron’s duty seemed to be to protect the barony. After the dinner, while mingling, Mayor Hobbs and Captain Waggoner expressed their displeasure at having groups of well-armed people of questionable character in the town. Wythri and Trainee Jameson got to know each other better. Captain Waggoner chewed out Uri Barechest for his brusqueness.

10 Birdsong, 960 RM
The Baron opened the meeting with a recounting of Big Pete’s hanging, where Big Pete stated that there was something out in the hills, and a reckoning was coming. The other outstanding problems were Nobbin and his gang and the chimera. It was to this end that the Baron wanted to recruit all those present to be his special task force, to deal with these problems. At this point, Buster, the Baron’s butler, announced that the first of the monster hunters had arrived. The Baron had Buster show the men in.

A single man entered. He was tall and gaunt with a tall stovepipe hat, dressed in black. Two huge mastiff dogs accompanied him. He introduced himself as Doctor Rothbury, an expert in monsters. He presented recommendations from the Doomsingers, a group of mercenaries from Masingburg. His other recommendations came from Masube and Kidbod. Doctor Rothbury had a northern accent. He requested permission to purchase land near where the creature was active so he could study the monster to learn its weaknesses. The Baron agreed to the request after consulting with the rest of the group. Lieutenant Niamh expressed her distrust of the man, but could not give any details. The Baron also declared that any infighting between the various monster-hunting groups would forfeit the reward for anybody.

Bri offered to try to infiltrate Nobbin’s gang to either destroy or woo the bandit to the Baron’s cause.

In preparation for the Baron’s Festival, Quion suggested setting up a caravan stop just inside Foxton’s Gate to register and escort the merchants to the fair grounds. Lieutenant Niamh agreed to relay this suggestion to Captain Waggoner.

Quion also suggested investigating Crow’s Head Mountain for any magical interference. Lady Hawthorne and Lieutenant Niamh volunteered to make a pilgrimage.

Quion also wanted to study the history of the barony to see if there were any clues from the past. He also approached Wythri to ask for her help with some magical research, but Wythri was not receptive to the idea.

Dreams and Nightmares
The Demon Lord is finally banished...

Baron Matthieu du Clef
Bri Lieth O’Calley
Damien Wrathchild
Lady Isobelle Hawthorne
Niahm O’Derry
Quion Rake
Wallace Gunn

7 Birdsong, 960 RM, early morning, Gray Haven/The Glooms
Baron Mathieu du Clef and Quion Rake spent the morning gathering items the Baron would need in order to face the demon Leth, including everything Quion had learned about this demon. By mid-morning, the items had been gathered and the two men arrived at Damien Wrathchild’s house in the Glooms to prepare for the nights events.

7 Birdsong, 960 RM, dusk, The Glooms
At dusk, Lady Hawthorne, Master Gunn, and Wythri arrived at Damien’s house. Shortly thereafter, Lieutenant Niamh O’Derry and Officer Uri Barechest arrived with Bri. Master Gunn set himself up on a rooftop across from Damien’s house, Quion had set himself up on the roof of Damien’s house, and Damien had hid himself in an alleyway by his house. The Baron was taking a nap.

Niamh explained to Lady Hawthorne that Officer Barechest had insisted on joining her and that he would be useful in the fight ahead.

7 Birdsong, 960 RM, midnight, The Glooms
At midnight, Master Gunn, Quion, and Damien all heard the sounds of a large horse approaching. They also heard the sounds of running steps approaching from all directions.

Inside Damien’s house, Wythri was pacing the room; she was wound up like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Bri was tuning her lute, trying to find a song to calm everyone down. Lady Hawthorne, Niamh, and Barechest kept watch on the doors. The Baron continued to nap. Suddenly, Wythri and Bri slumped over, having fallen asleep. Lady Hawthorne succeeded in waking the Baron, but Wythri and Bri would not wake up.

Outside, Quion had also fallen asleep at his perch. Master Gunn and Damien saw creatures approaching them. They had wide eyes, nasty claws and teeth, and smelled like ammonia. One creature leaped up onto the roof where Master Gunn was and hit him with its claws, drawing blood. Another creature attacked Damien, but missed, but Damien’s blow connected, cutting off the creature’s hand.

Bri’s Dream
Bri found herself in Kalon, in the Fleetwood Forest. The forest was dark and musty. She heard the clopping of hooves in the distance. A voice behind her told her she was trespassing. Bri recognized the voice as belonging to the giant Balor, whom she had fought before.

The Glooms
Master Gunn ignored his attacker and placed a wall of thorns around the front door of the house. Niamh made sure the other doors in the house were secure. Officer Barechest stood ready at the front door. A group of men approached the front door; they attacked the wall of thorns and destroyed it.

Quion’s Dream
Quion found himself back in the College of Cli, lying in bed next to Candiwyn, the girl he had been in love with. The headmaster opened the door to the room, and a large crowd of students behind him saw the two in bed. Quion remembered that this is not how this scene had happened. Candiwyn implored Quion to do something, but Quion tried to convince her she had not been in control of her feelings. She dragged him through a door.

The Glooms
Lady Hawthorne moved to the front door, ready to attack anyone who tried to enter. The creature attacking Master Gunn missed. The creature attacking Damien hit, but Damien’s new chain mail vest protected him from the worst of the damage. Damien hit the creature in the arm.

Bri’s Dream
The giant Balor taunted Bri that her Gran had passed this way, and was a tasty treat, would Bri be just as willing to put out? Bri retorted that she had defeated him once and would do so again, turning and running. The mist around her solidified and she found herself riding a black horse that was running so fast that fire was coming up from under it’s hooves.

The Glooms
Master Gunn attempted to rebuke the creature he was fighting, but the creature was not an undead thing, so was not effected. Niamh and Barechest moved to the front door to support Lady Hawthorne. The first thug entered the room and Lady Hawthorne attacked him, knocking him down. Two more thugs entered and were attacked by Niamh and Barechest. The thugs tried to retaliate, but missed.

Quion’s Dream
Quion and Candiwyn continued to argue. Candiwyn insisting that she was well aware of what had happened, and had chosen to be with him, despite what her father had wanted for her. Quion insisted that he had taken advantage of her and that she could not have been in control of her emotions. Candiwyn revealed to Quion that she was pregnant with his child, but that her father did not want her to continue the pregnancy. Quion told her he would do whatever was needed to make everything right by her.

The Glooms
Lady Hawthorne attacked the thug in front of her again. Both creatures attacking Master Gunn and Damien both missed. Damien moved away from the creature he was fighting to attack one of the two men that had run by him. Damien hit one of the thugs in the vitals, killing him.

Bri’s Dream
Bri continued to ride the black horse away from the giant chasing her. Suddenly she was not being chased any more and the horse began talking to her. The horse told her that her Gran had done many powerful and terrible things and was well known to his people and that Bri could be just as powerful and famous also. Bri was too concerned that her whisky had turned to dust to pay the horse much attention.

The Glooms
Master Gunn ignored his creature and made a great leap to land above two thugs that were approaching the house from the opposite side of where Damien was. Niamh and Barechest continued to fight the other two thugs that had entered the house. The other thug that Damien was fighting hit Damien, but did not do much damage. The last two thugs entered the house from the back.

Quion’s Dream
Quion and Candiwyn continued their discussion as to what had happened, why, who was responsible and what to do next.

The Glooms
Lady Hawthorne and the thug she was fighting continued to trade blows. The creatures that Master Gunn and Damien disengaged from attacking them. Damien hit the last thug he was fighting in the face and dropped him.

Bri’s Dream
The horse continued to try to tempt Bri with power and fame. Bri tried to remember anything about this demon, but nothing came to her.

The Glooms
Master Gunn used a flash spell to blind one of the thugs that had entered the house from the back. Niamh moved away from the thug she was fighting to put herself between the thugs that had entered from the back of the house and the Baron. She cast a stone missile at the blinded thug, hitting him in the leg. Barechest and the thug he was fighting continued to trade blows. The non-blinded thug that had entered the house from the back attacked Master Gunn. The thug that Niamh had been fighting moved to attack the Baron, but the Baron dodged the attack.

Quion’s Dream
Candiwyn, at her wits end, threatened to jump out the window, but Quion stopped her. He then found himself back in his tower at Gray Haven, with Candiwyn with him. The door had been bolted from the outside, preventing them from leaving. Candiwyn told Quion that she had followed him to Foxton so she could be with him. Candiwyn attempted to seduce Quion.

The Glooms
Lady Hawthorne acrobatically moved away from the thug she was fighting to interpose herself between the Baron and his attacker, dropping him with one blow. The creatures attacked Master Gunn and Damien, but did little damage. Damien hit the creature attacking him in the head and hand, dropping the creature.

Bri’s Dream
The demon told Bri his story and how he had brought the city of Masingburg to its knees until he was stopped. Bri sang a song of truthfulness, and saw that the demon’s hold on this realm was strained and that all his promises were false. This broke the demon’s hold on her.

The Glooms
Master Gunn moved to help Niamh who continued fighting the thug. Barechest fought the two thugs at the front door. Suddenly a large black horse with flaming eyes and hooves burst through the wall, scaring everyone but the Baron. Baron du Clef had been waiting for this moment and cast his spell. There was the sound of a gong being struck underwater, a sound of rushing air, a terrible smell of decay, and the demon vanished. When the demon vanished, the remaining creature dissolved into a pile of goo.

Niamh and Barechest arrested the four thugs that were still alive and took them to headquarters. Quion woke from his dream and immediately returned to his tower. Bri and Wythri woke from their dreams. The rest of the party cleaned themselves off and headed for a tavern.

Lady Hawthorne and Niamh went to check on Quion. They found him in his tower, sullen and more depressed than ever. He told them about the murder of his aunt and that his attempt to bring the killer to justice caused several other relatives to be banished. He also told them that he had been acquitted of the rape of his best friend, even though he was guilty of the crime. Unable to console him, the two women left him to his thoughts and joined the others at the tavern.

The Baron, quite exhausted from the ordeal, wanted a meeting the next day to review the issues still plaguing them, after the sewers had been flooded.

Firebugs in Foxtown

5 Birdsong, 960 RM, Grey Haven, Late Morning
Lieutenant Niamh barely stopped her horse before dismounting and throwing the reins to the stable boy. She all but ran into the castle heading straight for the throne room. When she reached the door, she gestured for the bailiff. When the bailiff was close enough, she whispered to him that she needed to speak with the Baron, Lady Hawthorne, and Master Rake immediately, and in private. Baron Mathieu du Clef immediately ended court for the month and the bailiff ushered everyone out.

Once the doors were closed, Niamh made her report. She and a small group of Draconians had been exploring the sewers under Foxtown in search of a missing sewer worker. They had been attacked by a group of six undead creatures, one of which was the missing sewer worker. The six undead had been destroyed and the remains discreetly removed from the sewers and brought to Draconian Headquarters. Trainee Jameson had been set to inform Father Crispin; and Sergeant Will and Officer Silverstone had been sent to warn to the sewer worker’s guild.

Baron du Clef was not pleased with this news and asked Quion to mentally contact Captain Waggoner, Mayor Hobbs, and Father Crispin to have them meet him at Draconian Headquarters to examine the remains before they were destroyed. The four then made hast to Foxtown.

Draconian Headquarters, Foxtown, Early Afternoon
Once at Draconian Headquarters, Baron du Clef, Father Crispin, and Quion examined the remains and determined that the undead were ghouls, not zombies. The important distinction being that zombies were created by dark magic, while ghouls spontaneously reanimated.

Lady Hawthorne intercepted Mayor Hobbs before he arrived at Draconian Headquarters and insisted that the Mayor leave his entourage behind. When the Mayor and Lady Hawthorne arrived, the Mayor was quite taken aback at the sight of the undead creatures, not wanting to believe that undead where in his city. While Quion was dissecting the remains, Baron du Clef suggested to the Mayor that a comprehensive search of the sewers be taken, which would mean recalling the Draconians out of the city on patrol for the chimera. Lady Hawthorne suggested that the Baron’s Guard could be placed on patrol for the chimera.

Quion suggested that the sewers be flooded to drive any remaining undead out of the sewers so that only the major exit points would need to be watched. The Baron agreed to that plan and Lady Hawthorne escorted a still disbelieving Mayor back to his office so the orders could be drawn up. It was agreed that the discovery of undead within Foxtown’s walls would be kept quiet for the moment as not to panic the population.

While this discussion was occurring, Damien Wrathchild and Wythri Majaera arrived to ask Lieutenant Niamh for assistance with Sage Hugo Eldamoth, but the sight of the undead distracted them for that task. Damien did inform the Baron that the demon Leth had returned and he was working out what the demon was up to, but did not say anything about Eldamoth’s involvement.

After Quion had obtained the samples he required, he spoke with Father Crispin about how to deal with demons, but that was not a subject Father Crispin was versed in and Eldamoth was too ill to be consulted. Quion returned to Gray Haven to research if Boo Powder and/or Dream Dust were the cause of the original ghoul, determined by the fact there were no bite marks on those remains.

The Glooms, Foxtown, Evening
Bri Leith had been spending her time working her way through the Glooms. She made money by singing and telling tales. She also managed to get into several fights. One fight she got into involved a Nekian man who was still standing after the fight. Impressed with Bri’s fierceness, the man offered her a job. Interested, Bri accepted and was taken to a small, secluded bar. The Nekian introduced her to a mysterious man who kept falling asleep while taking to her. The man also had a long face, much like a horse’s. The horse-faced man paid Bri a large amount of money to return the next night to do something with fire. Bri and the Nekian then left the bar and rented a room for the night.

Meanwhile, Damien had been scouring the Glooms in search of some Boo Powder at Lady Hawthorne’s request. Lady Hawthorne had wanted to see if the powder was still available in the town. After successfully purchasing some powder, Damien returned to Eldamoth’s shop, only to find it on fire! Wythri was awake and frantically casting spells to try to put the fire out. Damien woke up the neighbors and the fire was finally extinguished. Wythri had managed to save most of the library and alchemical lab, but personal items had been destroyed.

Daniel, the carpenter that lived next door, offered to let Wythri stay with him and his family, but Wythri declined. She did ask to borrow a cart so she could pack up the books and other equipment. While Wythri was packing, Damien took a look around to see if he could find any clues as to who had started the fire. He found several canisters of kerosene in the alleyway behind the shop. Damien offered to have Wythri stay with him, but Wythri felt safer with Lady Hawthorne, so they set off for Hawthorne Manor.

6 Birdsong, RM, Hawthorne Manor, Early Morning
When Lieutenant Niamh reported for duty, shortly after dawn, she learned that there had been a fire at Eldamoth’s shop. She was told that no one was injured and that an unknown citizen had organized the neighbors to put the fire out. Lieutenant Niamh assumed that the unknown person was probably Damien, and that Wythri would go to Hawthorne Manor for protection. She immediately set out and arrived in time to hear Wythri explain what happened.

Wythri explained to Lady Hawthorne that she had followed Eldamoth the previous day and encountered the demon Leth who offered her power if she would not interfere with his plans for Eldamoth. She and Damien had taken Eldamoth to the church to seek treatment for his addiction to Dream Dust. Last night, Leth appeared in Wythri’s dream. He was furious because he could not find the sage and threatened Wythri trying to get her to tell him where Eldamoth was. Wythri refused and woke to the smell of smoke and realized the house was on fire. Lady Hawthorne and Lieutenant Niamh went to Gray Haven to report to the Baron while Damien and Wythri got some much-needed rest.

Gray Haven, Early Morning
Bri woke early and went through the Nekian’s belonging to get a sense of who he was and where he was from. The only thing she was able to learn was that he was from a poor background and recently came into a large amount of money. Leaving her companion, she found a bathhouse and bought new clothes in preparation for meeting the Baron. Arriving at Gray Haven, she was trying to convince the guards that she had been sent for, when a tall man wearing sunshades, casually left the castle. He told the guards he was going for a walk and invited Bri to join him.

The two walked to a nearby village where the man inquired about the planting and how the village was doing. Bri was surprised to learn that the man was actually Mathieu de Clef, Baron of Foxton! Baron Mathieu asked Bri if she would organize and judge a music contest at his festival next month, and Bri agreed. As they were walking back to the castle, the Baron removed his sunshades and revealed his eyes were a silver color. This startled Bri and she hastily took her leave.

Lady Hawthorne and Lieutenant Niamh arrived at Gray Haven after the Baron had left for his walk. Quion was waiting for them with his report. The prime ghoul had been undead for about a month and did have Boo Powder in its system. Lady Hawthorne gave the powder that Damien had acquired to Quion to analyze. Quion determined that the new powder was Dream Dust, but cut with chalk. Lieutenant Niamh returned to town to report to Captain Waggoner and to receive an update on the recall of the Draconians to prepare for the sewer to be flooded. After the Baron’s return, Lady Hawthorne gave him Quion’s report and worked on the plans for the Baron’s Guards to patrol the roads.

Foxtown, Late Evening
After her meeting with the Baron, Bri looked around Foxtown for a talisman to protect her from evil and the evil eye. The shop with the best reputation just happened to have caught fire the previous evening, but she still found a suitable shop to make her purchase.

At the appointed hour, she arrived at the bar the Nekian had taken her to the previous night. There she was joined by the Nekian, the strange man who hired her, and three other big rough looking men. The boss led them out of the Glooms and into the High Quarter of the city. While traveling to their destination, Bri asked the three men if they had done anything like this before. The men laughed and told her they had burned the shop of someone that had displeased the boss the previous night.

The boss lead the group to the Church of the Trinity and ordered them to burn down one of the side buildings, he remained at the gate. Arriving at the building, Bri realized that this building was a hospital, and her sense of honor overcame her love of gold. She attacked the Nekian by surprise and killed him, and wounded one of the other thugs. The last two thugs ran as they heard the priests moving around the hospital. Bri followed them, hoping to engage the boss, but the strange man was not to be found.

Returning to the hospital, Bri found the priests tending to the man she had wounded. Bri told the priests what had happened and the Draconians were summoned. Sergeant Will, Officer Silverstone, Officer Barechest, Officer “Tunnelmouse” Jones, and Trainee Jameson arrived quickly after hearing of the disturbance. Recognizing Bri’s description of the boss as matching Lieutenant Niamh’s description of the demon Leth, the group hurried to the Glooms to try and intercept the demon before he could disappear again. Trainee Jameson woke Lieutenant Naimh after Officer Silverstone was unable to wake her using her magic. Lieutenant Naimh had Officer Silverstone attempt to contact Lady Hawthorne to let her know what was going on and where to meet them. Officer Silverstone was successful in reaching Lady Hawthorne. With the help of Wythri’s magic, Lady Hawthorne and Wythri flew to the city and meet up with the Draconians. Meanwhile Lieutenant Naimh and Trainee Jameson detoured to get Damien, whom Naimh merely called an ally, not actually naming him.

In less than an hour, all parties meet a few blocks from the bar where Bri had been hired. Lieutenant Niamh had Tunnelmouse scout ahead to the bar while she explained to Bri just what she had gotten herself into. Tunnelmouse found the bar abandoned and Damien found tracks behind the bar that were not very old. Leth had managed to escape them again, but just barely.

While searching the bar for clues, Lieutenant Niamh found a substantial stash of powder that had been forgotten. Lieutenant Niamh put Bri under protective custody and had Officer Barechest and Officer Silverstone take her back to Draconian Headquarters. She had Sergeant Will and Officer Jones stay at the church to question the man Bri had wounded. Lady Hawthorne requested that only the two Draconians, herself, or Damien be allowed to question the man when he regained consciousness. Since Leth seemed unable to approach sanctified ground; Lady Hawthorn, Wythri, Damien, Lieutenant Niamh, Trainee Jameson, and two acolytes from the church took Eldamoth to Grey Haven and set him up in the chapel.

The Baron had been woken up by the activity, and Quion came down from his tower to see what was going on. Wythri explained what had happened to her and Eldamoth, and Lieutenant Naimh explained why Eldamoth had been taken to the chapel. A plan was made to use Wythri, Bri, and Quoin as bait to draw Leth to Damien’s house in the Glooms. The Baron would attempt to cast a spell to finally banish the demon while Lady Hawthorne, Damien, Lieutenant Niamh, and the Draconians protected the others from Leth’s minions. Since Leth seemed to be the most active at night, the plan would be put into place that evening, after everyone had a chance to rest and prepare.

Much to her dismay, Bri found the holding cells at Draconian Headquarters, too comfortable and the guards too nice to her.


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