The Circle of Iron

A team of professional monster hunters who disappeared into the woods


When a giant Chimera began threatening the outlying villages of Foxton, the Baron summoned monster hunters. The Circle of Iron were one of four groups to arrive to try to claim the reward. They killed several Chimeras, and were the first to discover that the creatures were breeding in the woods (and possibly breeding with other animals that lived in the woods!). One of their number, Rain Icewater, was killed by a Chimera.

The current whereabouts of the Circle of Iron are unknown. They headed into the woods to hunt monsters a few weeks ago and haven’t been seen since.

The members of the Circle of Iron:
Freja Frejsdottir (F) (party leader) – Human Ravenfeather (warrior)
Lars (M) – Human Einherjar (holy warrior)
“D” (F) – Human Evoker (mage)
Aengelbold of Greencave (M) – Overmountain Zuverlasser (priest)
Jeronim (M) – Green Elf Jack
Rain Icewater (F) (deceased) – Human Doomsinger (warrior)

The Circle of Iron

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