A barkeep who knows everybody; one of Damien's contacts


Shaw’s family was originally from Kidbod; they came here with the second wave of settlers during the Baron’s grandfather’s time. He was born and raised in this part of the world, but he likes to cultivate the “Kibber” mystique. He runs a bar in the bad part of town, in a close just off Tavern Street. He considers himself an “honest kibber,” which means that once bought, he stays bought. The bar is called (rather ostentatiously) “Passage to Brills”.

Shaw is a good source of info about what’s going on in the West Quarter (also known as The Glooms). And he’s happy to be part of Damien’s network (even recommending others to be part of the network)… but he’s no patriot (although he likes this town well enough). He expects to make money out of the deal.



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