Madame Risha

The Madame of Foxtown; one of Damien's contacts


Many are the stories told of the young, beautiful Madam Risha. Some of them may even be true, not that she would ever tell anyone one way or the other. She likes to cultivate an aura of mystery about herself; she finds that it adds to her allure.

It is said that she was originally from Kidbod, from the fabled city of Brills. It is also said that she is a noblewoman, fleeing from persecution after one of the many unsuccessful coup attempts that seem to occur with alarming regularity in that part of the world. It is said that she was a priestess of the goddess of beauty and love, who worship through the arts of sex and love.

She’s been in Foxtown only for about five years. They say she started out as a common whore, but eventually she managed to pull herself up above the dross. She bought property, recruited from her colleagues those who were truly skilled, and established a high-class House. She stays off the radar of law enforcement not through bribery (the Draconians are notoriously bribe-proof), but by the list of clients which she attracts (including, some say, the Lord Mayor himself). She still maintains a few contacts among the girls who still work the streets, although she mostly considers herself above that now.

Her beauty is practically legendary in town. She is a truly exotic beauty with almond-shaped eyes, olive skin, and long curly hair as black as a raven’s wing. She carries herself with the grace of a princess, and dresses only in the finest imported silks. She can make any man feel as if he were a king, but she is first and foremost a businesswoman — she will get you anything you want, but it will cost you.

Madame Risha

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