Dr. Rothbury

A monster-hunter from the nation of Masube, come to rid Foxton of its chimera problem


A tall, gaunt man who dresses all in black, Dr. Rothbury bills himself as a monster hunter. He does not look or act the part, however. His MO is to gather information (and physical samples) of the monster in question and then devise a scientific method of killing or driving the monster away. Although this approach takes longer than the more traditional methods, he claims that his way is more effective in the long-run.

Although he has a Demorian name, his accent places him from somewhere to the east (possibly Masube). He claims his grandparents were Demorians who immigrated east; he has come back here to his ancestral homelands to make his fortune.

Dr. Rothbury has a cold and impersonal manner. Although he is unfailingly polite, most people who meet him describe him as “chilly” or “creepy.” He tends to look at people as if they were bugs under a microscope. Rothbury enjoys sweets a great deal, and always offers cookies and tea to his guests.

Dr. Rothbury is a skilled alchemist and surgeon, and is said to be able to cure illnesses and injuries that even the priests are unable to fix. However, it is also said that often the cure is worse than the disease, as his medicines are terribly unpleasant (to say the least).

Rothbury has a number of servants — large, strong men who are apparently mute. They obey his every command without question, although they seem to have very little imagination or intelligence. He is also never seen without his two huge, black mastiffs. These dogs seem to be considerably more intelligent than his manservants, and never let anyone approach more than a few meters from the Doctor without his permission.

Dr. Rothbury

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