Damien Wrathchild

A man of mystery, whispered to be the Baron's personal assassin


Damien Wrathchild was the third child of Onarian and Minerva Wrathchild, Lord and Lady of House Wrathchild. House Wrathchild was a minor noble house from southern Demoria. His older brothers were Onarian II and Brallian.

When Damian was five, his eldest brother died in a minor skirmish between feuding houses. Brallian had engineered this fight in order to have his brother killed and move his way up the ladder. He was next in line for control of the family. He also realized that if something was to happen to Damien, then there would be no one to take everything that he had finally achieved.

So he began working on part two of his master plan. Five years after the death of Onarian II, Brallian devised to remove Damien from the picture. He set up an outing with his little brother to go on a hunting trip. It was high time that Damien learned a few more noble activities. So the stage was set. Brallian had arranged a trip that would take about a week and take them near an area known for its bandit activity.

On the third day of the trip, the bandits attacked. They killed a few of the family guards and made off with Damien, just as Brallian had paid them to do. Brallian returned to his house and sadly informed his parents that their youngest son had fallen to bandits. Everything was running smoothly in his plan until the ransom letter from the bandits arrived in his hands. They had not disposed of the boy as they were paid to do, but instead decided that he was worth even more if they were paid to give him back. Brallian had to act fast before his parents caught wind that their son was in fact still alive. Through dubious and illegal connections, Brallian contacted, the Black Ghost, a powerful and extremely feared assassin. The price was high, but the price for failure was higher.

The Black Ghost easily found the bandits and dispatched them just as easily. However when it came to killing the boy, he hesitated. Damien showed no fear and knew that he was to die. This intrigued The Ghost. He told Damien what was transpiring and told him that they had to prove to his brother that he was dead. Before Damien could ask how they were going to do that, the Ghost grabbed his hand and removed his pinky finger. The pinky was sent to Brallian as confirmation of the deed.

The Ghost took Damien under his wing. He began to teach him many tricks and skills that he believed the boy would need some day. He told Damien how he was once of noble birth and had ran into a similar problem in his youth.

Over the years they traveled extensively, and took ‘jobs’ in many places. Damien had a few bungles in his early years, but his success grew as his knowledge and confidence did also.

One day, the Ghost disappeared from Damien’s life. No explanation. He figured it was time that he was on his own. He returned to Demoria, only to find that everything that he once knew was gone. The family house was burned to the ground. No one would talk about what had happened to the Wrathchild family. Damien decided to travel to Foxton, in an attempt to talk to the Baron and maybe find out anything about what had happened.

As fate would have it, the Baron was out examining his holdings when bandits set upon him. Having a distinct dislike for bandits, Damien jumped into the fight and the bandits were quickly dispatched. The Baron was thankful and decided to grant Damien a boon. Of course when Damien asked what had happened to the Wrathchild family, the Baron became quiet, and distant. Then he finally told Damien that the information that he required would have to come over time, and not even he knew the whole story.

Damien decided to stay in Foxton and help out the Baron in return for information and hopefully the truth about what happened.

Damien Wrathchild

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