Chiefs of the Giant Clans

The three great chiefs of the Giants of the Platinum Hills


There are a couple of dozen Giant clans living in the hills and forests at any given time. They range in size from 5 to 30 members. There are three “major” clans in the hills right now, with numbers approaching 30.

There’s the Bear-Hunter clan, led by a Giant named Sinja. Sinja is relatively young, has several wives, and is full of fire. He is one of the ones the Baron is worried about; any action by the humans against his clan or their allies might get him riled up.

The second is the Fire-Lighter clan, led by Orda. Orda is an older Giant; he was one of Nonsra’s sub-chiefs during the Giant Wars. He lost an eye and part of his hand in those battles. Old age has mellowed him quite a bit. He’s well-respected among the Giants. If you can ally with him, he might be able to use his influence to sway the other clans. OTOH, he might still carry a grudge from the “old days,” so be careful.

Finally, there’s the Snow Mountain clan, led by Zind. Zind is crafty, possibly the smartest of the Giant clan-leaders. It’s said he even knows some thaumaturgy. Many Giants view him with a sort of terrified awe due to his ability to out-think anyone who opposes him. Another one to be careful of – do not underestimate him; he’s smarter than your average Giant.

There are a lot of other clans, but they tend to be smaller and less influential. Most of them are allied with one or more of the big clans.

Chiefs of the Giant Clans

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