Bri Lieth O'Calley

A taleweaver from foreign shores, come to Foxton seeking tales of her grandmother


Born in the year of the Red Horse, Bri Leith has always been outgoing. From an early age she showed an interest in adventuring and her father’s stories of heroic adventures and ancient myths did nothing to quell her adventurous spirit. At an early age she showed an aptitude for telling tall tales and for fighting with her two older brothers. When Liam and Bannock went away to battle school, she stole after them. After two weeks she was discovered and finally allowed to attend the school herself. During battle college she was constantly in trouble for being unruly and undisciplined. Soon the instructors grew tired of her embellishments and tall tales and sent her to Fochluchan. After graduating as a Taleweaver she decided the lure of adventure was too strong and she struck out for the mainland.

Appearance: 1.74 m, 66 kg, Red hair, Green eyes.
Bri is beautiful and fierce. It has been said that her unusual red hair is the sign of great destiny.

Personality: Bri Leith has determined that life is too short to bother with letting burdens weigh you down. She is a true free spirit looking for fame and glory. She is bound and determined to make a name for herself while pursuing rumors of each and every myth and legend.

Quote: “Whisky may not cure the common cold, but it fails more agreeably than most other things.”

Bri Lieth O'Calley

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