• Damien Wrathchild

    Damien Wrathchild

    A man of mystery, whispered to be the Baron's personal assassin
  • Lady Isobelle Hawthorne

    Lady Isobelle Hawthorne

    A minor noblewoman sent to Foxton after her husband disappeared mysteriously; she becomes the Captain of the Baron's guard
  • Niahm O'Derry

    Niahm O'Derry

    A lieutenant in the Demorian army/police force
  • Quion Rake

    Quion Rake

    Dour and taciturn, this former mage's apprentice has recently been appointed as the Baron's Quaesitor
  • Wallace Gunn

    Wallace Gunn

    The Baron's forester and game-keeper
  • Wythri Majaera

    Wythri Majaera

    An outcast from her family, Wythri wields raw magical power -- with unforeseeable side-effects