The Chronicles of Foxton

Session 50 - Post-Mortem

13 Firelighting, after fight
The group returned to Dr Rothbury’s. As soon as they entered the good doctor’s lands, the Owlbears wandered off. Dr Rothbury administered the antidote to Damien to unparalize him. Quion “briefs” Dr Rothbury on what happened while Damien recovered.

Quion questioned Damien as to why he did not tell anyone about his brother. Damien let Quion know that he did tell the Baron. Damien told Quion that he believed that his brother’s presence was an effect, not a cause. Niamh suggested that perhaps this all had to do with the legend of Grenwold.

Gunn, Featherlight, Quion, & Cici returned to the woods to trace back were Circle of Iron became undead. Wythri, Niamh, and Damien returned to Grey Haven to report to the Baron. Hawthorne and her guards left to track the Circle of Iron.

14 Firelighting
Wythri, Niamh, and Damien returned to Grey Haven after a few hours of rest. After Wythri was settled, Niamh and Damien reported to the Baron. The plan became to try to talk to Damien’s brother. Niamh reported to Captain Stormwatcher.

14 Firelighting to 21 Firelighting
Quion, Gunn, Featherlight, and Cici started at the village that Robert the Half reported first. Gunn and Featherlight determined that the Circle of Iron came from deeper in the woods. They followed the trail for about four days. The weather had been getting worse, starting to snow. While looking for a place to camp, they came to a clearing. Both Gunn & Featherlight immediately noticed that something had happened here. There were a bunch of carcasses of the original chimeras. Quion deduced that the Circle of Iron had come upon a large nest of the creatures and chased the surviving creatures to this stop and killed them all. It seemed they had set up camp here. Quion detected a residue of black magic in the area. He determined that whatever happened was quick upon the fight with the creatures. They rest up and head back to Grey Haven.

17 Firelighting
Wythri recovered her senses. Eldamoth tells her that the Baron had been entertaining the elves. Wythri receives a message from her brother inviting her for dinner. Her uncle started with small talk and then asked her about the undead situation she told her brother about. After telling them about the encounter with the Circle of Iron, most of the group laughs. Wythri’s uncle insults the Baron and his linage (nothing more that merchants) and Brillis. Wythri manages to hide her contempt. After Wyrthri retorts that house Aureus are merchants also, the subject changes. After dinner, Wythri’s uncle tells Wythri that her brother has suggested that Wyrthri be welcome back into the family. Wyrthi is taken by surprised and her uncle tells her to think about it. Wythri finds a way to calm her racing mind.

22 Firelighting
Quion approached the Baron and inquired what else he has not been told. The Baron told Quion that Candiwyn was safe with the Baron’s people. The Baron also told Quion about Damien’s past. Quion hypothesized that whatever the necromancer was doing, it would come to a head at the Yule when the moon disappears.



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