The Chronicles of Foxton

Session 49 - Ambush!

13 Reaping – Beaver Creek
Hawthorne and the group arrive at the village, and immediately order Mayor Smith to evacuate. It takes some small amount of persuasion, with Niamh helping to direct them as they gather to flee.

The group sets up an attempt at ambush. Gunn hides with the Chimeric Owl-Bears in a barn to set an ambush. Hawthorne, Niamh, and Damien (who is hiding) set up a front line with the four Chimeric Wolves. Featherlight finds a sniper’s perch, Wythri finds a place to hide. The group, before anything starts, brings up protective magics to help give them an edge against the much more experienced monster hunters.

The wolves begin to growl as most of the group senses the approach of the undead Circle Of Iron. As the stealthily moving figures get close to the village Featherlight fires an arrow and Wythri a fire spell into the figure of Lars.

As Wythri pulls back she casts a defensive spell on some of the group, Featherlight fires an arrow at Freia, the only of the enemy she can get a clear line on through the orchard. Quion takes the opportunity to move towards the back of the parties facing to check the rest of the village. The group waits for the enemy to show itself in the dying light of the day.

Featherlight takes another shot at the approaching archer, and is growing concerned that she hasn’t received any return fire. Quion spots several shadowy figures coming up on the rear of the group through the deserted town, using a Wizard’s Whisper he informs Cici of the change in tactical situations, who is able to get a warning to Niamh. The group hastily repositions itself to take attacks from two flanks. The Circle Of Iron opens fire when they realize they’ve been spotted. J, the sneak thief, had gotten close enough to stab Quion, though Quion is able to avoid getting more than a scratch. Freia and D, the mage, both fire upon Isobelle, the archers arrow bouncing harmlessly off her shoulder pauldron, the fireball not so harmlessly scorches both Isobelle and two of the doctor’s wolves with her. The exceptionally quick archer looses another arrow at Isobelle, nicking her in the arm.

Before Quion can retreat J delivers an especially vicious stab to his gut. Wythri quickly casts an Entanglement spell on the casters of the enemy, trying Englebert and D up in glowing ribbons and bows, the dwarf summons a Fire Elemental to burn through the magical ribbons while D simply turns into a ghost and steps away from the enchantment. Isobelle gets herself out of the line of fire of Freia, and fires a crossbow bolt into an advancing Lars. Damien, still hiding in the well, waits for the ghouls approaching from the rear to get closer, one of which lights a torch and tosses it at the thatch roof of the nearest house. Damien takes that opportunity to appear and nearly cuts down one of them in one blow. Gunn, on the side flank where Quion was trying to run to, attempts to Entangle the hard to catch sneak thief, though his spell does not work. The wolves with Niamh on the now rear flank of the group engage the ghouls as they get out of the cover of the orchard, Niamh herself is able to Dispel the dwarfs Fire Elemental before it is able to burn away Wythri’s own spell. Featherlight makes a leap from the building she was hiding in to the next one over, as her hiding spot is now quickly burning up from D’s fireball. Freia, spotting the green elf as she lands on the roof, loosens an arrow at the elf that destroyed her good bow, hitting Featherlight hard in the head, the green elf tumbles from the roof with a gash across her scalp.

J switches targets to the possibly more dangerous nearby Gunn, but is unable to hit the druid. Wythri casts another entangle on the ghostly D, this one affecting the ghost realm itself and holding him fast. In response to Wythri both D and Freia fire at her, D’s lightning spell misses and Freia’s arrow catches the elf in the shoulder. Englebert brings up a blanket of fog to hide the ranged group of attackers from Wythri’s spells. Isobelle and her wolves concentrate on a single undead dog, as they respond by attacking the wolves, Lars moves into the melee but is unable to hit Isobelle. Niamh moves in and casts an enchantment on Isobelle’s blade to help against the undead. Gunn is able to dispel the dwarf’s fog cover, as Quion staggers over, and causes D to fall down from his position by pulling out a loose stone from the wall he is perched on, dropping him into a pile of rubble, and yells at Gunn to throw him the vial of pheromones. In the rear near the orchard Damien dispatches the ghoul with one last blow, the wolves continue to tear another apart as the last two move into to fight them.

Freia looses another arrow at Wythri, striking true. Only Wythri’s protective spell prevents the arrow from actually embedding itself in her head, the elf is still stunned and injured from the blow, losing concentration on the defensive spells she had cast over the group. Cici quickly pulls the dazed elf down behind the full cover of the stone wall.

The undead thief has a hard time getting to his feet amongst the rubble of the rock wall had used as a perch. The dwarf finally decides to simply hack at the ribbons with his axe. Isobelle and the remaining wolf both go after Lars, hoping to take down the master of the dogs, but they fail to coordinate and miss him Lars’ return strikes true, cutting Isobelle in the midsection.. Damien runs forward to join the other side of the fight as the other wolves finish tearing apart one ghoul and turn to set on the others, who are trying to take down the wolves themselves. The enemy mage uses a dispell of his own on Wythri’s binding spell, freeing himself. Featherlight’s arrow passes through the still ghostly D at the same time. Gunn and Quion work to outsmart the thief, Gunn pulls the top of the pheromone vial and tosses it to Quion, yelling at him to catch the healing potion, J catches it instead, laughing as the liquid spills over him. Meanwhile the undead dogs change targets to Niamh, biting into her as she casts a Destroy Undead spell on one of them. As the pheromone permeates the air the already agitated Chimeric Owl-Bears break free of the barn and two them immediately set upon J as Quion retreats behind cover.

Freia switches targets to the much more dangerous Chimeric Owl-Bears, and hits one nearly in the heart with an arrow.

J turns and retreats from the Chimeric Owl-Bears, who case him down and begin to rip the undead creature to pieces in their massive tentacles. Wythri raises up and lets loose a massive gout of fire at the building Freia was hiding in, collapsing the structure with a single blow. Meanwhile Isobelle is down from Lars’ attack, and the injured wolf bites into the nearly destroyed undead dog, Damien makes a reappearance from behind the building he’d used for cover and stabs Lars, who returns the strike easily. Gunn throws a druidic magic infused Blooming Seed Pod whose explosion of thorns does some damage to Lars and the dogs, killing one of them finally. The dogs continue to concentrate on Niamh, but to little effect, who stands defensively over the nearly unconscious Isobelle. Quion moves in and produces a packet of smelling salts to get Isobelle back into the fight quicker. In the rear of the fight the ghouls and pair of wolves continue to fight each other. D casts a spell that causes him and the dwarf to disappear.

Wythri blindly fires another spell of entangling into the area where the mages were. Isobelle rolls to her feet and strikes out at one of the remaining dogs, along with the other standing wolf, and nearly take its legs off as her sword is charged with a holy light. The last dog free attacks Niamh, who retaliates with another Destroy Undead spell. Damien and Lars continue to exchange blows, with Lars striking a hit. The stunned Chimeric Owl-Bear, with an arrow embedded deep in its chest, blindly charges forward into the fray, and lashes out at the last standing wolf, taking it out of the fight. From over where the wizard and cleric were is only Englebert’s yells of frustration, while the other two Chimeric Owl-Bears finish ripping the thief to pieces, and Quion retreats away from the melee. Gunn moves in and tries to toss the last vial of pheromones on Lars, only he trips on a rock, and in the confusion of the melee splashes it on Damien instead. At the rear the wolves and ghouls continue to fight, the wolves getting the upper hand.

Wythri attempts to cast a Dispel Invisibility over the area she threw the entangle, hoping to catch the mage and cleric. Isobelle is forced to cut down the enraged Chimeric Owl-Bear before it can do more harm to her allies. Damien changes tactics and grapples with Lars, hoping to rub at least some of the foul smelling attractant on him before the Chimeric Owl-Bears look for a new target, both of which lumber over and attack the grappling fighters. Damien is hurt by a lashing tentacle and Lars barely gets out of the way of a vicious bite. Gunn, realizing his error, charges into the melee, manages to rip the front of Damien’s tunic off and throws it in the general direction of the mage, or at least his last known location. The dog and Niamh continue to fight, it missing and her casting an effect Fire Elemental Arrow into it. Quion, having circled the burning house they were fighting near, attempts to pull a hurt and paralyzed Damien away from the fight. Featherlight’s arrow into the fight misses its target. Wolves and ghouls continue to tear into each other, the ghouls quickly losing the battle.

The fight has turned towards the Baron’s men as Lars, his dogs, and the thief are taken down, the wizard and cleric are nowhere to be seen, and Freia is either smashed and buried in rubble (unlikely) or fled with the others. . .



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