The Chronicles of Foxton

Session 48 – World War Z

12 Reaping
P12: J disappears from site, Wythri casts a spell of Blur to make everyone harder to hit. Hawthorne instructs the others to guard one flank while she moves to the left, hoping they keep in cover of the trees. D casts a Fireball spell at the group, Wythri, Gunn, and Featherlight are caught in the blast, Niamh tries to jump but is caught anyway. Freja fires an arrow at Isobelle, but misses. Damien sneaks off into the trees. Featherlight and Gunn recover from being stunned. Lars waits for his dogs and all of them charge forward. Quion establishes a mental link with Cici, and orders her to get on her horse and run back to the Baron, and then takes cover. Cici flees the scene.

P3: Freja moves around all and fires another arrow as Isobelle, missing again.

P4: J is still not found, Wythri moves under cover and casts a Fleetfoot spell on the group. Hawthorne takes a chance and runs across the battlefield to try and take out the mage, slicing his arm. Aenglebold takes to the field and goes to attack Isobelle, missing as he casts a dark magic spell. D casts a spell to turn ghostlike. Lars moves to attack Damien, who goes on the full defensive. Featherlight draws a bead on Freja and hits her in the shoulder. Gunn casts an exploding seedpod at Lars, hurting him. Lars hurls a knife in return, bouncing it off Gunn’s chest plate. Niamh closes with Damien and casts an Enchanted Blade spell on him. Quion moves over to Wythri and gives her an herbal remedy to increase her stamina for the fight.

P6: Freja fires at Featherlight, who attempts to dodge out of the way. The arrow hits her in the arm anyway, and arrow at Wythri and Quion as well, hitting only Quion. Both are hit in the shoulder.

P8: J suddenly appears behind Wythri at cuts her grievously. Wythri retaliates with a Flame Spell, catching him whatever vital parts the undead thief has. Isobelle disengages the stout fighter and attacks Freja, missing. Aenglebold chases after Isobelle, casting a Heat Spell, her armor starts to glow hot. D casts a spell to raise some of the villagers up as zombies. Damien makes a sweeping strike against the undead dogs, hurting the first, killing the second, slicing the third in the face, and missing the fourth. Lars moves in to attack Damien personally, hitting him hard in a vital area. Gunn invokes his Druidic Gods, rebuking the undead abominations. Niamh grabs the wounded Damien and drags him away from the fight. Quion recovers from being stunned.

P9: Freja, shaken from the Rebuking, fires at Gunn, causing severe damage, nearly killing him.

P12: Wythri blasts J again, missing him as the creature moves out of the way. Isobelle attempts to Rebuke, but the heat of the armor and her own fear distracts her that she stumbles over her words. Featherlight fired at Freja’s bow, cutting it in half. Aengelbold casts a cloud of fog around him, catching Isobelle and Freja in the area. D casts another spell, a line of lightning erupts through the trees. Lars holds his action. Niamh casts Still Sound on D, missing the area she intended to hit, but catching the dwarf as well. Quion encompasses J in a palisade of magical sticks.

P3: Freja draws a blade and attacks Isobelle in the fog, hitting her, though most of it bounces off her armor.

P4: J shatters his way out of the Palisade, though he is nowhere to be seen. Wythri blasts a spell in the general area he was standing, J screams in pain. Isobelle backs out of the fog, thankfully going in the right direction. Aengelbold simply maintains the armor-heat spell. D casts a Force Storm spell, catching most of the group in it, tossing them around. Lars jumped to his feet and joined the zombies, who advance. The rest of the group recovers from being stunned, or lie quietly on the ground unconscious.

P6: Freja moves out of the fog.

P8: Wythri casts a Dragon Wheel spell, a wheel of fire that rolls at Freja and D, burning both of them. Isobelle moves over to Gunn and Wythri, picking up Gunn, and orders a retreat.

The group pulls away from the fight into the woods, where they regroup and licks their wounds. They make haste to Dr. Rothbury’s instead of spending the night in the woods with the undead monstrosities.

13 Reaping
They reach Dr. Rothbury’s around noon the next day. They shout for one of his minions to come forth to lead them back to the house.

Niamh borrows the Dr.’s surgery room to fix up the others while Isobelle talks with the Dr. about his owl-bear chimeric guards. She asks how many he has, and if she might borrow them to put down the adventurers.

She also asks to take part of his healing while Niamh works on the others. His remedy comes as a chemical that burns, though the drugs in the tea alleviate her caring, if not the pain itself. Niamh also partakes of this healing once her spells finish with the others.

They talk about intercepting the adventuring party along their path, a discussion ensues. Isobelle sends a note off to the Baron explaining the situation.

Dr. Rothbury lends Isobelle three of the owl-bear chimera and some of his dogs.

They start to look at plans to intercept the undead Circle of Iron. Isobelle requests Quion find the spot they’ll most likely to be able to intercept the Circle, hopefully before they start slaughtering the village. Quion points out that the source of their undeath might provide helpful information – which Isobelle rejects due to the immediate threat of dying innocents. Quion also points out that the Circle’s activities may be a distraction tactic, again Isobelle acknowledges his words, claiming that is an excellent distraction and that she still can’t let villagers die without knowing the actual threat, if any.



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