The Chronicles of Foxton

Session 46 – Mr Adams You’re Undead Arrest

21 into 22 Reaping
Candor is at the Baron’s gate after dropping James with the church. Another cop from a different shift joins her, and gets a description of Mr Adams. Other cops join the group at other gates as well. And a few show up at the sewer. Stormwatcher shows up at the sewers as well, with sword-arms.

Candor hears an alarm at the church, and leaves the officer behind to mind the gate as she races off. There is a great deal of commotion, one of the acolytes tells her to follow him. She meets Father Crispin in his chambers, he appears pale and shaken as Candor arrives.

Crispin awoke to find someone in his room, he claimed to be injured and required healing. It turns out it was Mr. Adams, Father Crispin finds his fatal wound. Adams insisted nothing was wrong and the wound in his stomach was fine. He attacked the acolyte who came in and then fled. They discuss the events of the night so far, Candor finds out that someone saw him fleeing towards the High Quarter from the Church. Candor fires off a cantrip-flare for the High District and heads that way. The Church closes up to prevent further entries.

Niamh arrives at Greyhaven, and is let in immediately. She is taken to the main manor house. She finds that Eldamoth and The Baron have been studying the book that belonged to Mr. Adams – it turns out it is a history book of the Necromancy, on Grenwode. He was the first lich, becoming the Lich King. Finally defeated by St. Cuthbert. The book reveals that the Lich King fled to the Platinum Hills, even before the elves were here. He was finally defeated in this area. Lt Niamh tells them that Mr. Adams has come back form the undead, retaining his personality.

There is an afternote, stating that whatever happened to Grenwode caused a rift in the veil that fluxuates in and out of power. He believes right now that it is at a low point, and that it will get worse with time until it suddenly snaps back to normal, unless someone does something to make it permanent.

Niamh then goes on to explain the events around Mr. Adams.

Back in Foxton, the cops start to gather in the High Quarter. They discuss his possible routes. Candor believes he is operating on instinct, and since he usually heads out the Pilgrim’s Gate. They split off to search both the gate and the High Quarter. Will, Candor, Uri, and Tunnelmouse head to the gate. Liam and Lucas continue to search the High Quarter.

Liam finds a body in an alley, he has the livery of one of the wealthier merchants of Foxton. His guts have been pulled out of him. Liam and Lucas go investigate the merchants yards which are just on the other side of the alley. The back of the alley has a door leading to the stables, Liam goes in to see if any horses have been missing. One has, and he uses the Wizard’s Whisper than Candor had cast to warn the others.

Lucas finds that there is a wall in the hole of the city. He warns the rest using the Whisper spell, and he and Liam go out to track him. Candor meets up with them and a few other officers, while Will takes the rest and goes off to Greyhaven.

They all get the general idea that Mr Adams is heading towards Greyhaven and they head that way.

The Baron leaves several guards with Hugo and the book. HE goes out with Niamh to meet the oncoming soldiers and lich. The Baron cast a spell on the door, a protection spell. “I have no idea what this going to do but I’m sure it’s going to be nasty.”

When they arrive Will gives Niamh an update on the situation. They are pretty sure that the lich can’t teleport. Candor checks with a cantrip every now and then to see if any necromantic magic is approaching.

She sees a presence, it came through the gate and is on its way to the second gate.

Niamh sent some officers to the library, warning them not to touch the door. After they leave she realizes one of the officers saluted with his left hand. She immediately runs after them. The others suddenly realize Niamh doesn’t bolt, and give chase as well.

In the inner gate, they find two officers on the ground bleeding, magic holes in them. The door into the manor house is sealed off with a sticky gooey stuff.

Candor and Niamh teleport through the door and Uri and Liam chop through the magic webbing. They rush up towards the library. At the top of the stairs they see Adams cast a spell, yells damnit, turns around and sees the cops, and yells damnit again.

Candor takes a moment to cast a Wizard Armor spell on herself before they engage.

“Stay back, I’m warning you, I don’t want to hurt anyone else!” He shouts. “I can’t stop it,” And Adams casts a Wizard Bolt, hitting Candor in the chest. She shrugs off most of the damage. Niamh casts a Destroy Undead at Adams, hitting him solidly, singing him.

Adam’s strikes back at Niamh after Candor botches a spell. Niamh’s manual dexterity and reaction time slow down. The reaction time causes Niamh’s next attempt to cast Destroy Undead to fail. The rest of the team manages to rush to the area.

Lucas Valmont reaches the top of the stairs, and attacks Adams, hitting him in the arm with his sword. There is no blood in the wound. Tunnelmouse throws his pie at Adam’s face, blinding him with lamb. Candor regains her senses and casts an Enchant Weapon on Uri’s sword. Will bull rushes Adams in an attempt to knock him away from the door, though Adams doesn’t move more than a few feet. Liam rushes into the fray and slashes at Adams with his sword, putting a nasty gash in his mid section. Adams lashes back out at Lucas with black magic, draining life away. Lucas falls over, in pain.Uri charges into the fight and strikes him with his enchanted sword, striking him in the face with a mighty blow.

Lucas gets back into the fight and strikes out with his sword at Adams, taking him down to the ground after stabbing him in the foot. Candor holds Tunnelmouse back a moment, and casts an Enchantment on his sword, Tunnelmouse then charges and attacks the prone Adams “You don’t eat my pie!!” striking him in the face. Will draws his sword and hacks down at Adams, but misses. Liam slashes down and hits Adams in the stomach. Adams attempts to cast a spell through the beating, but fails at the casting. Uri smashes him in the face again, causing more damage. Niamh casts another Destroy Undead spell, burning away his arm, finally causing the undead to fall still.

Will searches him for jewelry that may be taslismans, a necklace with an aquamarine, a gold ring, and a pouch with herbs, some cash, nice belt buckle, and nothing else. Only the necklace is magical in any way. The Baron asks that the Draconians keep the body for Quion to investigate when he gets back. They also gather the stableman’s body and take it back to headquarters as well.

Candor believes the magic on the necklace is an imbuement, probably a mana-stone that stores magical energy for later use.



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